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  1. Controversy? Waffles? History? 1995? Let me think. I'd already been out of Drum Corps for over 20 years by 1995. When I think History of Junior Drum Corps, I think of the great 1965 VFW Nationals in Chicago and the Cavaliers of that year, seeing the Troopers for the first time at the 1964 World's Fair in Queens, New York or marching in my first "big" show (The 1965 New State American Legion Championships) in a little class "B" corps called the Queenaires where I first saw Saint Joe's of Batavia and St Joseph Patron Cadets which I joined the very next year. I played French Horn in the All City Orchestra (Horn in "F") and for the Music & Art High School orchestra and learned to play a bugle with the same name (with a a single piston and a slide!) as I marched so when I still think Drum Corps, I think in the key of "G" - I think of a 12 minute show with a beginning a middle and an ending. And I think of a time when even though our country was going through great turmoil, the teenagers in Drum Corps all over America in our quiet way paid homage to our country every weekend in every show with a simple thing called the Color Presentation. To me there's no controversy, just history. We can learn from it - or not. Then we can eat our waffles with satisfied smiles.
  2. OK - The Bon Bons were a good looking group, but we saw the Saint Ignatius cuties all the time. You have to remember that we (the Brassmen) were pretty much taught by the same crew. They were like our sister corps. Over the course of four or five years, we watched the girls of St. Iggie's grow to be some really good looking young women. Talented, too! But when you take it in a truly historical perspective - I've been looking at video of the young ladies in today's corps and by comparison, they all look like they should have aged out last year - maybe it's the make up - maybe they're all trying to look like Christine Agulerra or something, but the girls who are "marching" (sorry practically noobody marches anymore) in the 21st Century just don't have the crystal clean girl next door look of the girls of the sixties and seventies.
  3. 1969 Brassmen World Open Off The Line Lynn Mass I've got a bunch of pics from over the years but I can't figure out how to post them on this blog. Got a hint?
  4. Just a hello and an invitation. I'm an ex French Horn and Mellophone player from "Back In The Day." I'd like to remind all those new to Drum Corps that there is a history to to this great activity and that no matter what your political view on the subject, we should not lose sight of it. All the best to all of you. Puppet