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  1. Correct answer but - 1979 North Star or 1978 Crossmen come to mind as well.
  2. I think basically everyone who is against electronics is going to be doing that. Madison just happens to be the first to announce that they are looking for a synthesizer player. I am a Madison fan, and although I haven't soiled myself over this I was surprised. I thought they might not go this direction since they never jumped on the narration bandwagon. It's not the end of the world. I'm sure Madison will incorporate the synthesizer tastefully and sparingly.
  3. Looks like the Blue Stars are going to continue their successful climb. Good for them!
  4. As much as I enjoyed being able to see Drum Corps all summer from home I don't think I would enjoy BOA so much.
  5. Man, I thought I was well equipped on tour when I marched. I had clothes, drumsticks, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a 1 inch foam pad to put under the sleeping bag. I even managed to pack a Buddy Rich practice pad in my suitcase....
  6. If I were half my age I'd be aging out this next season.... Yes - It's still a youth activity. This thread is absurdbbbb....
  7. I'm betting the Scouts will use the synthesizer for effects only and not turn into the Cadets. Thank God for that.
  8. I thought the reason for using pit amps was to allow the musicians to play with proper form instead of pounding the keys like before. This should have also allowed for a smaller pit. I would think that 6 or 7 people in the pit would be adequate these days. OK - add one more for the stupid synthesizers...