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  1. Why? It's someone's opinion. You don't have to like it, but it's his or her right to opine that Regiment's show is geared to finish 4th, 8th, or even out of Finals. Yes, most likely the person who posted that was simply being snarky and ornery, or maybe they were just plain "hating" on the show, but that's their right. Let them think whatever they want...after all, they could be right...Regiment COULD end up in 4th, couldn't they? It's taken me many, many, many, MANY years to get to the point where I just don't get all that bothered by people's opinions anymore. Learn from my misery over the years...start letting it go now. There are always going to be people who hate or dislike what you do, no matter how many others love it. In fact, it's usually the case that 99 people love something you do, but what sticks with you is not the praise, but that 1 person who doesn't like it. Ain't that a paradigm of the human condition... Just breathe deeply, clear your mind, and say "You have a very nice/fine corps." You won't believe how calming that mantra is. :P Love, hugs, and kisses... The Dalai Nikk
  2. Wouldn't the pinstripes have gone a lot better with THIS show motif?
  3. You know, it wasn't all that long ago that the Cavaliers' brass line was considered a joke. Back when I marched, I remember people used to say they played on Fisher-Price horns. The Cavaliers have certainly obliterated that type of joke in the past 6 years or so, and their hornlines have become incredibly strong and noted for musicality. HOWEVER... You're talking about different styles. And it's silly. Yes, hornlines are judged (and let's not talk about the inherent silliness of judging music), but it's really a crap-shoot of opinions, biases, and personal preferences. Could you honestly listen to the smooth, blended sound of the Vienna Philharmonic brass section and rate it against the powerful sound of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra brass? How about NY Philharmonic during Bernstein's tenure, with its edgy, sometimes abrasive yet powerful sounds? Different styles. You prefer the Cavaliers' style, and why shouldn't you??? You marched there! To NOT prefer that style would be crazy for a former member. I, however, while enjoying the Cavaliers' brass resurgence of the past 6 years, prefer the Regiment's sound. No, it's not always going to be the most balanced or blended, but I happen to like that sort of edge in my drum corps. Which brings me to my next point. I prefer that edge in my drum corps...would I prefer that sound in my wind ensemble? In my symphony orchestra? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But then again, neither am I asking them to run around the field at tempi in excess of 160bpm. I like the challenges that Regiment takes with their music, as well. Maybe it's bias (I don't think I'll ever be able to shed myself of it completely), but I happen to think that Regiment's horn books tend to be harder than the Cavaliers' horn books. I am sure plenty will disagree, but that's just my opinion, and you're not going to change it, so let's agree to disagree. I have every confidence that by the end of the summer, Regiment's going to be just fine. People are getting worked up over a Mini-DV recording on a digital camcorder in June, in a horn arc. There are so many impediments to capturing the sound of a drum corps with the above situation that I don't even know where to start...in fact, I won't. Everyone knows that the clips posted are not representative of the sounds we will hear. And if you're not aware of it, then it's not worth discussing the point. You say that their volume destroys their clarity...I respond...maybe. Maybe it does...NOW. But I can't recall a Finals performance with Regiment where they were loud enough to destroy all clarity...at least no more than any other corps (and leaving out individual moments of over-intensity that I am sure most people can point out). You also mention their articulation...which is funny, because I have always felt articulation is a weakness of the Cavaliers. Again, we will have to agree to disagree. Hmm....when listening to a loud extended chord, individual parts should not be heard. Then again, that's just my own bias after teaching for many years...and are you saying that this is Regiment's standard operating method? Are you saying that no Regiment chord is anything but noise? That's kind of what it sounds like you're saying, unless you are referring to that particular set of video clips...in which case...I've already said all I want to say on it. See...here, you've lost me. I'm a music educator. I've got two degrees under my belt, and am working on a Ph.D. (not that THAT means anything...trust me, I know a lot of Ph.D.s that couldn't play themselves out of a paper bag, but I digress). I also taught and was very successful with it. And while I am a pretty die-hard fan of corps, and a proud alumni of the Regiment, I can freely admit that "Music Education" was only about 20% of my education in drum corps. Most of my educational experiences had more to do with learning the values of hard work, camarederie, friendship, perseverence, etc. There isn't a lot of inherent musical value in playing the same 11 minutes of music over and over again...mind you, there is SOME....but if you're worried about music education, try teaching high school band and orchestra sometime. The brass stylings of the Phantom Regiment will cease to be that important to you, I assure you. I think that "Music Education" will survive the apparent "assault" that the Phantom Regiment is waging against it... B) In any case...what this really boils down to is preference. You have a preference for your corps' style of playing. It's been drilled into you, you've marched alongside your brothers who had it drilled into them, and there is no shame in that preference...but it's not my preference. At least not in drum corps circles. So...very merrily...we shall have to agree to disagree. Because neither one of us is wrong. (And neither one of us right either).
  4. It hardly matters. You still have a very nice corps.
  5. I don't think Regiment has built up enough "coin" yet to take down the Cadets. I say: Cadets 75.5 Regiment 73.1
  6. Dude, leave the politics out of it...that's not why his sig is annoying. His sig is annoying because it's huge and loud and multi-coloured, not because of its content. Sorry, but I hate it when things get political in non-political discussions. Woot woot woot Woot!
  7. What you're seeing here is actually a very interesting case study in bias and preference. I don't mean that in a bad way, either: although the word "bias" has a negative connotation to it, each and every one of us has biases that affect our every day life, from our preference of breakfast libations (coffee vs tea vs orange juice) to our taste in drum corps. A lot of corps fan, particularly young ones (but not limited to them), are conditioned to dislike another corps or that corps' sound/marching. It's sometimes overt, but most often it's just something picked up subconsciously. It happened to me, and I remember it quite well, though at the time I had no idea it was happening. Marching in a corps that had a natural in-state rival, we told jokes about the Men in Green all the time. We ragged on them, made up songs about them, had fun with rivalry...but what that did in essence was condition me to dislike the Cavaliers. Not an out-and-out hatred of them, mind you, but yes...a very definite dislike. And it wasn't until I had been aged out a few years before I realised it. Tell you what...the Cavaliers have been one of my favourite corps the past decade, as anyone who has read my reviews on them can attest. But it took me a long time to take the competitive blinders off. I reckon that a lot of folks would find problems with ANY recording purported to be Phantom Regiment, just because of those biases. (You can also apply this to a number of other corps, of course). I suspect that you could take the brass sections of the Top Five orchestras in the country, have them play a J.D. Shaw arrangement, and some pundit would still say something about them being "too bright," "out of tune," and "immature sounding." I am of course carrying this to a ridiculous extreme, but you get my drift. Yeah, well...like I said...I think that deep down inside some of the critics are well aware of the limitations of the recordings that were posted...not to mention the fact that the season hasn't even started yet, therefore things are still going to be rough for a while. But I really think that with some people, you're never going to play well enough or march well enough or drum well enough...some people's biases never leave them. And it's been a tough lesson to learn for me, but we have to learn to ignore it or deal with it. Ah, you see? There was no need to go there. I actually think that the tidbits that the Cadets have revealed have been quite good. I'm not going to get into comparisons between the two corps over a preseason brass recording, but I didn't have any issues with the Cadets' outtakes, I thought they were good. Speaking of biases, you've obviously got a strong one against the Cadets. You stick around long enough, and you pick up on everyone's preferences. Jayzer marched Cavaliers recently...you can't expect him to embrace Regiment right now...he's still got competitive blinders, and probably will for some time if he's anything like I was. Neither TSRTS13 nor leadsop97 strike me as being Regiment fans...why are you so upset about it? And why take cheap potshots at Cadets? None of these guys, as far as I can tell, are Cadets or Cadets fans? Frankly, it's to be expected that people will critique recordings of any corps, but especially Regiment because we're suffering from a lot of hype and excitement over last year's top three placement. The sooner you learn to just let the snide comments or critiques roll off your back, the happier you will be reading these kinds of threads. :)
  8. Congratulations. I am offically bestowing upon you the title of "Most annoying sig ever." Woot. P.S. UGA sucks. :P
  9. I finally found a copy of my "Friends" parody featuring drum corps...for some reason, the DCP server had lost the post, but...I found it re-posted on -of all places- the Blue Devils board. Woot. I guess I'll have to adapt this thing if Devils win another ring this year: <cue intro music> So no one told you corps was gonna be this way... (hut hut hut hut) Your corps is broke, you choked, you sound like BOA.... It's like your show is stuck in second gear When you haven't won a shiny ring in oh, many a year..... I'll be there for you... (when the rain starts to fall) I'll be there for you... (When your girl back home won't call) I'll be there for you... (When we hang out at corps hall) Cast: Blue Devils = Joey Tribiani SCV = Rachael Green Cavaliers = Chandler Bing Cadets = Ross Geller Regiment = Monica Geller Madison = Phoebe Buffet Bluecoats = Gunther Boston = Janice <Intro Scene: Central Perk Coffee Shop> Blue Devils walk in, looking sleek and confident wearing a ring on every finger. SCV: Hey BD, how's it going? BD: Terrible, I have a date tonight but I can't figure out what to do with my 11th ring... SCV: (sarcastic) Gee, that's a shame... BD: (unaware of sarcasm) I know! I finally got desperate and well...found a place. Cavaliers: Um, Joe...you only have 10 fingers...what else could you put a ring around that is long and...(pause), OH DEAR GOD NO! BD: (big smile) Oh yeah baby... Bluecoats: Coffee's up, "lord of the rings." Cadets: Joey, why would you do that, why, why, why? BD: Where else was I supposed to put it? PR: Well, did you ever consider not wearing ALL of your rings at the same time? Cavaliers: Could you BE any denser? BD: You guys are just jealous because I have so many rings! Madison: Yeah...that's what it is, Joey. Come on! There is more to life than rings! There is entertainment and excitement and melody! Cavaliers: Joe, won't it....um...really hurt if you, um...become....well, what I mean, is...(looking around for help) SCV: Joey, wouldn't it hurt it you saw a girl, um...(looks around also) Cadets: SCV, take off your top. SCV: No way! Madison: Oh for crying out loud, *I'll* do it. (Madison takes off her top) BD: Alright...THAT's what I'm- ouch....hey, wait a min- OUCH! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!! Oh man! I need the visual equivalent of a cold shower.... Boston: (entering the coffee shop) OH.......MY.........GOD. BD: (looking relieved) Yup, that did it. (Commercial Break)
  10. Inflated in the Midwest? Since when? It's usually the scores out west that tend to be very inflated, while scores out east tend to be ultra-conservative. Usually, the Midwest scores tend to be just about right.
  11. I don't recall...did the Bluecoats beat Phantom Regiment at some point last year? What is the recent history between the two over the past, say, 3 years? I think I remember Bluecoats beating Regiment during the 1998 season, and I know for a fact they beat them in the 1987 and 1988 early seasons, but I also have a fuzzy memory of 'coats beating them in the past couple of years...am I wrong?
  12. It just goes to show you how much damage the "down" years of 1998-2002 did for Regiment's reputation. Because when I marched, in the early 1990s, if there was one thing Regiment was known for other than our brass line, it was our marching technique. I think we won (or placed 2nd) in visual technique 3 of the 4 years I marched, and I know that they won or tied Visual in both 1989 and 1990. I may be misremembering but perhaps they were top two or three in Visual in 1987 as well. But the new generation of drum corps fan forgets that, for the most part, since it was so long ago, and they just remember Regiment's struggles with visual aspects in the late 90s and early 00s, and it's easy to assume that it's always been this way. I wouldn't be surprised if people feel similar "surprise" toward the high expectations for the Madison Scouts...as far as many drum corps newbies know, they've been a "second-tier" corps for a long time. I am a believer that anything can happen in any given year...look at 1989, for example. There was absolutely nothing from 1988 to indicate that Regiment would make a surge and go undefeated half the year, and make a run for the title. Look at 1993....ditto. Look at 1996...ditto. Look at Scouts in 1988. Look at Cavaliers in 2000. SCV in 1997. Madison in 2005. The list goes on. I know that the argument goes: "Those other corps have been performing at too high a level and their staffs are intact." Yes, that is a HUGE advantage...but while the staff is intact, the membership does change...and if you don't think that membership has a lot to say in how a show is performed, then you're fooling yourself. The odds are highly against Regiment, SCV, Bluecoats, Scouts, and every other corps not named Cavaliers, Cadets, or Blue Devils. But...you just never know. And I choose to believe. :)