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  1. I agree, the sound in Lucas Oil Stadium sucks.
  2. Looking at the forecast for DCI finals night; a high of 80 and no rain. I doubt the Lucas Oil Stadium roof will be open, but it sure would be nice.
  3. I know Sine Wave would liked one or two more performance opportunities!
  4. Judge 3 scores were fairly consistent with judges 1 & 2 for Star, Ghost Riders, Mass Brass and Golden Eagles, but 15 to 20 points off with the other groups! Just sayin'...
  5. I have seen many DCA mini-corps performances. This past one may have been the best over-all, from top to bottom all the groups were great. I was just wondering, SineWave made a decision to not have a drum major/conductor...has that ever been attempted in the DCA mini-corps competition before? I was wondering if anybody noticed.
  6. We rearranged our line-up and we would like to add one more baritone player. The charts are fun, the members are serious and we promise to be entertaining. If you live near Chicago and/or can make about 1/2 dozen rehearsals email Don.
  7. ContraLou, Thanks for the "props" dude! I know we have met previoulsy through our mutual friend, Dave Scott. Good to hear from you. Kos (aka Donk)
  8. Thanks for the advice. We have been in contact with DCA, talked to other mini-corps partipants, and have checked out all the requirements and regulations and I think we're good to go. All that is left is practice and more practice. And a third tuba player!
  9. now we are digging up ancient history...also the Chicago Connection and the Franklin Park Colonels!
  10. Chicago-land’s SineWave Brass will venture into DCA mini-corps competition in its inaugural season. Led by music arranger, Chuck Naffier, SineWave’s ranks claim Midwest Jr. corps alums from The Cavaliers, Madison Scouts, Des Plaines Vanguard, Royal Airs, Blue Stars, Colts and Norwood Park Imperials, who will be performing selections from the Broadway musical, Jersey Boys. For more information about SineWave, or if you are the third tuba player we’re looking for, email Don.
  11. The stadium seating was comfortable. I think the black curtains helped improve the acoustics. The sound down low was OK. The middle sections the sound got lost. The sound up high (3 rows from the top) was surprisingly good, although any crowd reaction overpowered the sound down on the field. I didn't like when the crowd got up to cheer in anticipation of an impact point rather than letting the impact create the reaction. The sound got worse the further away from the 50 yard line much more rapidly than in an outdoor venue, I would not want to sit outside of the 25 yard line. Tickets are too expensive. Adding $7 per ticket purchased at the stadium was rip-off. I liked being within walking distance, but downtown hotel parking is just as or more expensive than stadium parking.
  12. It's DCI's job to promote the corps. It's the corps job to recruit their own members.
  13. I know why, but if I told you I would have to kick my own ###. I think 120 other brass players would say the same thing.