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  1. We know the history of rule submissions done by him. When they passed it might not have been him that proposed it that year, but he's guilty for opening pandora's box.
  2. That's right. They didn't amp us in 1994. Amping vocals today is still garbage.
  3. Yeah, you misread my post. I've been in touch with the activity all the way to finals night last season. I brought new fans to a live show and to the theater show. People say hit them where it'll hurt most - take their $$$ away - and it looks like that's all I can do at this point. Dude, when you've worked your ### off for six years and spent THOUSANDS of dollars doing it, and some of the same people who were around then are making these decisions now to change the activity that pretty much created you as an adult.... it affects you.
  4. I'd sure like to see a trombone player march and play let's say, a blue devil's baritone show with today's drill. No f'ing way. Aren't designed for outside stadiums? Are you high? Exactly how many high school and college stadiums are domes?
  5. Jeff, I marched from 1990-95. I went to all three nights of DCI championships in 97, 99, 01, 02. I've witnessed finals 10 times, which is probably more than most of the people who post on this board. I donated to my corps about ten years ago so a guy could march for free. I own various corps cds and the legacy dvd series and 00-06 and 08. I have not purchased merchandise since. Sure, I've been to a few local corps shows in the PacNW since I aged out but only to see specific corps that I knew would be worth my $ and I've taken drum corps noobies to see some of the theater shows. I wouldn't have paid money to see BD's 'Yowza', or Cadets narrated shows, or some other 'garbage' (and I use that term focused entirely on the design teams putting a product on the field that, for me, is not drum corps, NOT the kids performing). I don't believe that Internet petitions hold weight. DCI will just look at show attendance numbers and theater numbers and think 'aha, we must be doing something right, let's make it more band-like!' After all, every single ludicrous change lately has been to bring in 'more fans' or 'make it more entertaining'. I wasn't a big fan of marching band when I was a student after I did corps. The DC activity is unique because it is NOT band. DC is bad a$$, like Sameul L Jackson. Woodwinds are not. No one has ever had their face blown off by them. Or by people talking/singing. I think people forget that. Yeah, if I read that 'x corps' has trombones, french horns, sousaphones, on the field in any fashion, I think I'm done forever. I'm 40 years old now and I just can't support an activity that has changed so much and become band. DCI won't lose just my $, but any potential guests I would have brought... they won't come to a show if I don't go. I doubt they'll even know one is playing, if our area gets one, let alone the movie theater show. Thanks for letting me rant.
  6. I didn't say Hop proposed this did I? But his previous pushes to change the activity have led to this. It's called a domino effect dude. You open Pandora's box and it changes everything forever. Other than the Bb change I can't agree with any other rule change. Amps, other instruments, vocals... it's ruined the activity for me.
  7. French horns don't project outside and trombones are slow for fast moving notes and are visually awkward on the field. Neither provide anything positive.
  8. Once again, Hopkins and his progressive changes through the years have led to this becoming a reality. Say goodbye to corps folks! If my corps uses trombones or french horns ever I will cry. I am ashamed at the board of directors and leadership in DCI to let this happen.
  9. Before we go and purchase them for gifts, are they edited? I've read about previous years being blacked out or edited some. Looking for replies from people who own them and have watched all 12 shows please. Thank you!
  10. Never. DCI won't exist long enough.
  11. Agreed 1 million % My list of missed is only groups I marched with or saw live. I can't miss something I never saw or knew. Star VK Marauders Magic
  12. Anyone who likes amps and thinks drum corps is just band is not on my staff.
  13. My ideal finals weekend is simple. Camp Randall (Madison) or Centurylink Field (Seattle).
  14. Toughy. Both are great to listen to. In the end I went with 2008 for the crowd reaction. I still hear 'Jingle Bells' at the end of the 1996 show. I could swear there's at least one baritone who plays it.