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  1. Sixty-five years after its radio premiere on CBS -- which was 13 years after the original charter of The Holy Name Cadets -- today's launch of the online book, "Story Of The Cadets" recreates "You Are There," by blending history with modern technology, taking an entire organization on a historical time warp, and reporting the great events of the past. In reading, seeing, and hearing -- through audio clips of interviews, music, and story-telling -- of the organization's founding, its history, and its present, "Story of the Cadets" becomes a "you are there" way to relive the storied, multi-cham
  2. Again this year, there are 8 color guards on the Field VERSUS Floor "Best of" list ... that begins its rollout today.
  3. It was the greatest night of drum corps ever! Never in the history of ... First night of the season ... last year's top eight units. And in movie theaters for everyone to see. What could go wrong with this perfect marketing opportunity for Marching Music's Major League? "Just imagine you are in hell. This is about several ways to get out." The usually genial, and upbeat Jeff Fiedler (Santa Clara Vanguard) went all sarcastic and snarky in positioning both his corps' performance and the entire Tournament of Champions endeavor. Let's get this out of the way. It was Texas Toast dry-hot and winds
  4. IN A SIMILAR VEIN: It was payback time, apparently; time to settle the score, level the playing field: designer vs. the Internet. Expressing frustration that audience members and ... watchers did not let the work proceed at its own pace or free from criticism, constructive or otherwise: "Twitter and Facebook and blogging just trump you. It's very hard to create. It's incredibly difficult to be under a shot glass and a microscope like that." "When you're trying to create new work, and you're trying to break new ground and experiment, which seems an incredibly crazy thing to do in (this) env
  5. A detailed process, that can lead to outstanding outcomes. If they do. Here is my distillation of some very good thinking on the subject.
  6. But it's not Field&Floor... and vice versa. This company is not affiliated with Field&Floor, the blog ... well, save for grabbing the name.
  7. 2011 is now in the rear-view mirror, too. Some great stories from the season, "bracketed" here.
  8. ... The "floor" folks are taking steps in what feels like a very right direction.
  9. Appropriating the "Guiding Principles and Values" of the federal government's Fiscal Commission co-chairs report for both field and floor: We have a patriotic duty to come together on a plan that will make "field and floor" better off tomorrow than it is today. -- Neither drum corps nor color guard can be great if we go broke. Our activities will not grow -- indeed, their future is in jeopardy -- without a plan to move through the changing national economy. -- Throughout American history, sacrifices have been made to make our nation stronger over the long haul. That's the same promise tow
  10. " " by Rufus Wainwright ... as interpreted by the Boston Crusaders.My fervent wish.
  11. I like it old, I like it new ... but I really do like ... and honor ... and respect the "relevancy" of drum and bugle corps. And I had it brought directly to heart just yesterday.
  12. Here for the parsing are Field&Floor's personal bests from 2010: in the annual mash-up, drum corps V color guard
  13. Here for the parsing are Field&Floor's personal bests from 2010: in the annual mash-up, drum corps V color guard
  14. This is a bigger issue than many folks want to admit; here is how I weighed in after other such incidents in marching pageantry.
  15. GIVE US THE CHANCE ... to come through? If it's good enough for the ballet, surely it might help ... drum corps? Curious, and essential reading, to consider with the topic at hand. (With links)