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  1. It's pretty simple why Shaun left. He had the number two position at Vanguard and took the number one position at BD.
  2. To answer your questions. That was her from 89. The solo rim shot was in the original 74 field show and was performed by a 74 snare drummer. Ralph wanted to be involved but was unable to. Extra trivia: The 3 women on the 50 for the bottle dance were members of the original/first bottle dance line and were wearing original uniforms. I think I speak for all SCVAC members what I say we had a blast and only wish we could have performed at more shows this Summer. The highlight of this entire experience for me happened after our performance Friday night. We
  3. What about those of us that don't have the DVD? Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. Thanks for the response cowtown. As a drum guy I'm obviously thrilled with having Renick on the staff and would love to see them get another Sanford trophy. Just wondering where the issue might be in the brass caption. I would take a little less drum line features to move up the ranks....but only a little :>)
  5. After seeing the brass results of the past few shows, it looks like it's time for changes in the brass caption. BK beat them in content last night. I really thought bringing in JD Shaw was gojng to have a huge affect on that caption. Looks like SCV may be 6th in brass at finals. Is it the techs or is it the book they're playing?
  6. Seems like this would be a good spot for the "Vanguard" yell. The crowd yells "Vanguard", to light up the corps, which in turn "lights up" the crowd!
  7. It seems the Texas law has very similar wording to Indiana. I propose that DCI move the Southwest Championship from San Antonio to Denver!
  8. Should DCI boycott ALL states that have similar laws. 20 States have almost the exact same law on the books. They were all based off of the 1993 federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. If it's an issue in Indiana, shouldn't it also be an issue in Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia? Just some food for thought.
  9. One for SCV One for BD. Merry Christmas!
  10. Vanguard had a soprano that marched 8 years......and took a year off!
  11. I don't think we need to boo DG. We need to boo who/whom ever is responsible for creating the sheets that have lead these kind of shows being rewarded. Gibbs? Hopkins? Every director?
  12. I'm sorry you're right. Most people, when they really enjoy a show, don't even bother to clap. My bad.
  13. A baby tosser? Have the crowds started cheering wildly for this show? or are the Devils still getting the polite golf clap? If the majority of the fans in the stands think it's boring, then it's boring.