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  1. It’s going to be hard to compete for corps that only have 250 horns.
  2. I heard a rumor about the Couchmen, but apparently the source has been sitting on it for years.
  3. In every sense of the word, I think this thread may have come to an end.
  4. Did anyone say they thought it was funny and supported it “because he was a Blue Devil”? I think it is an interesting story about how badly drum corps people want to march. Also, the Blue Devils themselves didn’t look the other way, they kicked him out. People that disagreed with that decision were critical of BD staff. People who agreed with it were critical of a BD member. So I don’t see how that makes them “untouchable”.
  5. I’m thinking there is only one top 5 corps with a female director?
  6. I care more about getting all the information that helps me make the right decision than I care about anybody’s PR. If posts are by Spirit staff, that tells me something about a philosophy currently present in the organization, which is valuable to know. If posts are from outside of Spirit, that tells me something about the victim’s detractors which is also valuable to know, and doesn’t say anything about Spirit’s philosophy so it doesn’t harm the organization in my eyes. My support for the victim is solid and genuine because I did not automatically believe her accusation and simply refuse to hear anything else. Instead, I used my brain to draw logical conclusions based on all the information available. That includes the scanned letters and angry posts that largely discredit themselves with illogical claims, obvious bias and disturbing malice, as well as the victim’s response to them, which was, by contrast, calm and rational. There was mention earlier of another side to the story, but if what we have seen is the strongest argument anyone on said other side has, that pretty much negates that claim. I would also note that the mature demeanor of the victim strongly contradicts the attacks on her maturity, and discredits the individuals who made them. I wouldn’t know those things if the information had been suppressed.
  7. You might be surprised whose minds can be changed. Not always, but sometimes.
  8. I don’t know, I’ve never been a fan of suppressing speech. I want people to be free to tell us what they think and us to be free to address those thoughts. Silencing them won’t change their minds, it just limits our ability to try to change their minds.
  9. And it sounds like your left hand is now weak forever.
  10. I would not be too quick to assume who someone is as a person based on nothing more than an interpretation of a DCP post. I know from experience how wrong such assumptions can be.
  11. Add to that the victims often don’t want to throw it all away either. As one example, some of GH’s accusers were very reluctant to come forward because they didn’t want to hurt the Cadets name and all that it means to so many people.
  12. It says you haven’t been around DCP much the last couple of years. This is a discussion board and works best if people are free to think aloud here, even if they have thoughts that seem misguided or assumptions that appear incorrect. That gives us some idea how others see things, at least initially, and the opportunity to provide them with facts or alternative perspectives that cause them to reconsider. In the instant case, some excellent points were made in response to Suta’s post that might not have been considered otherwise. These may help us better understand the circumstances that victims face, which is a good thing.
  13. How about “Marching Music’s Non-minor League”?
  14. It’s not the best slogan I’ve ever heard.
  15. Well they lose that lifeline if DCI dies, so maybe they overplayed the status quo hand.
  16. I sure don’t take it as self-important. I think it is an honest assessment that likely represents how a lot of valuable DCI supporters have begun to feel.
  17. I’m not sure why first hand knowledge is needed to name the corps if it isn’t needed to accuse them of doing it at that corps. But perhaps you meant to just say you heard they did it again there. Are they not still at that next corps? Are they not still at that high school? It seems like we should be concerned about their presence there for sure if they are, and maybe even if they are not.
  18. It sounds like a mnemonic device, like Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Bugs
  19. Is there a reason you don’t name the next corps?
  20. These are good points, but why make a distinction for gender? Don’t you think a 14 year old male student can be a victim?
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