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  1. Thanks, I was starting to lose my bearings. 🙂
  2. Only on DCP, where most threads with nice intentions end up morphing into “forum behavior”, could a thread on “forum behavior” end up morphing into people being nice to each other. 🙂
  3. Good choice. I got my wife a shirt that says Rose Apothecary.
  4. Ha I always assumed his were not the opinions of the actual poster but more of a character he created for the purposes of entertainment. As such, I never took him too seriously and enjoyed his posts for their creative ridiculousness and whimsical turns of phrase.
  5. This. There have been so few people here the past year or so that a small group of posters have been able to destroy the kind of diversity of opinion that made it valuable in the past by smearing anyone who dared to think differently than them. I am hoping as drum corps’ return brings more people back to the forum with a common interest to discuss it can again be a more open and welcoming environment that treats everyone with dignity and respect.
  6. That’s interesting. The last movie I saw was 2019 in 1917. I guess a sci-fi film on a wartime budget didn’t make enough of an impression to bring me back to the theater.
  7. I started using the ignore feature for the first time a couple of months ago and life has been better ever since.
  8. That was kind of the point I was making, in maybe a little too sarcastic way. 🙂
  9. Where can I see BD’s 2021 program this year? Based on your post I have high expectations. I can’t wait to see how groundbreakingly original it is.
  10. If they came looking for brains, they are going to be disappointed.
  11. That’s great for now, but once the government realizes a gigolo isn’t a type of woodwind, it may be a different story.
  12. That’s one reason why I advocated for people to understand the actual facts, so they could make the best possible decisions about balancing the risks involved. It didn’t go over too well.
  13. Yep, child abuse won’t stop until we stop exposing young people to musical instruments.
  14. The 2030’s. Especially the later part of the decade as The Academy first leveraged creative use of AI-enabled UAVs In their ascent to the gold. Those shows would later provide for many pleasant memories in the lean years of the post-apocalyptic 2050s. Oh wait, you still hav- Never mind.
  15. That’s the way to go. Even if you are drunk off your ### and loudly belt out the wrong words off key.
  16. Nice! Unencumbered by judicial influence, I like my chances of being entertained.