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  1. Crud, just saw this. Wondering how long after the broadcast time it will remain available.
  2. So valid vaccination vaticination is better than vapid vaccination vaticination.
  3. As one who has, on a number of occasions, tried to add a spoon of wine to DCP, can confirm the first point, and suspect per the second point that increasing the wine input would never achieve the desired objective as there would always be a spoon of sewage coming from somewhere. Have decided to instead drink the wine straight from the bottle so as to avoid any impurities.
  4. I hear you. I bought underwear online one time. One time.
  5. I’ve never gotten any of these. Maybe they have sophisticated algorithms that project our likelihood of believing crazy things based on what we have posted in the past. 😛
  6. I’m sure he has some supporters, but I suspect a lot of his followers are just there for the entertainment value.
  7. Hard to believe after all theses years of impeccable judgement.
  8. I thought it was replaced with a copy of a $40 million Ivan Blinko.
  9. One thing perhaps worth noting is that the word “uniform” is often associated with a sense of genuine belonging, and the word “costume“ is sometimes associated with only imitating something, as with a Halloween costume or costume jewelry. Also, I think if the garb completely changes every year, it weakens the brand with which people associate the corps, and the members lose something of a connection to fellow corps members from other years.
  10. It does look pretty fragile in some of the recent pants styles.
  11. It wasn’t missed. As a victim of abuse myself, I can assure you that my wanting us to respect the guidelines and respect each other is not for the purpose of “blaming the victims”. This is supposed to be a drum corps forum. If we can all take shots at political figures and then claim it’s OK because nobody can prove we meant it politically, then everyone will do that every time, the guidelines are effectively obliterated, and so is all hope of having fair and reasonable discussion of the topics that threads are supposed to be about. Important topics, in some cases, like abuse in drum corps.