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    yeah.. but I think this is a family site so I can't go into it
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    Anaheim Kingsmen '72 - ermmm.. i mean my babysitter had a tape
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    almost any Phantom performance
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    1864 was a very good year
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    oh man... there's a lot. Drum Corps is pretty obvious... outside that I like to travel.. I have a place in rural Ireland and can spend a few weeks sitting by the fire with good books and good wine.. I like basketball (Lakers, Clippers, Sparks).. don't mind a few drinks with friends (did I mention I'm Irish?).. I'm interested in real estate but it's not my profession..I like to hang out in Palm Springs doing not much of anything.. like playing with my dogs (Mister Monty and Jack Attack), French Bulldogs .. I like spending time with my family when I get a chance to go back to upstate N.Y... crossword puzzles (whoa - what a live wire I am!)... NetFlix movies (so I can pause to go to the bathroom).. ya know - general stuff.

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  1. can anyone tell me the time, date and location? thank you
  2. man alive... I and the posse (7) are going to skip this show for now on. We were on the list to be notified when seats go on sale (at long last because they are about the last seats to be sold every year) and we were bought them at 9am on sale day, less than 1 minute in. We paid full price and were all set. Yeah... our seats were on the 25 yard line but the center section on both sides was completely full so these folks have to be pre-selling to their buddies WAY before they actually go on sale. we're going to pass.
  3. most do Ghost, but they're generally not updated in a timely way ... I did see via your link that SCV updated. Thank you
  4. I'll be going to (2) shows in Northern Cali, (3) Southern Cali, (3) Texas and all in Indy. Even more exciting to me is attending rehearsals and creating some excitement for the upcoming shows (Periscope, Twitter, Insta and FB, under Mick_ogk if you want to follow the clips/snaps) but man alive, it's like pulling teeth getting corps admin. to keep updated information on rehearsal sites. You'd think they'd want to help promote ticket sales. If you have any info related to rehearsal sites, please post it, or a link to it, below. Thank you -
  5. I wrote to FloMarching and asked if they were going to do single-camera or multi-camera and Victor (customer support) wrote back and said, 'Hello at the moment we do not have that information. We will have more information soon please check the website at a later date.' Does anyone here know the answer?
  6. fun project. It's not always easy finding out the corps rehearsal spots. some don't post them online which is probably prudent in a way but for me, watching rehearsals is half the fun, even if they're going over the same bit 20 times. You may have to contact some corps reps. and ask for the itinerary.
  7. what a fun and insightful gift to give. will you be tracking their road trip or their destinations?
  8. I've written to the organizers 3 times now but *crickets* it's about 6 weeks past when the tickets are usually released. anyone know anything at all?
  9. Ya know... last season without exaggeration, I alone spent over $6000 in tickets for DCI, flights, rental cars, accommodations and provisions. For ALL shows I recruited at least 3 other people to attend with me, some willingly, some unwittingly(all were happy to have done so after). So I didn't think it was too much to ask that I get a simple answer to the email question, 'When are the Oceanside, Pasadena and Riverside tickets to be released' because I've been assigned to get the tickets for the three shows for three groups --- ALL 26 TICKETS ! No response after email 1 None two weeks later after 2 Not an 'I don't know' or 'get lost' after email 3
  10. Dang. I'd really like that (full recaps published). I planned my 'tour season' (this from a 57 years old who hasn't marched in nearly 4 decades - lol) around 14+ shows and bought the media package, so yeah, I'm invested but without the recap sheets to pour over I feel disengaged; distant. I was actually thinking about limiting my shows for next year pretty considerably and this decision (not to publish recaps) has played a more leading role in that notion than I would have anticipated. In short, I AM an outsider but don't like feeling like one.
  11. it has to be demoralizing for the kids
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