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  1. Yeah, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than championships being rained out in Pasadena. August in southern California is drrrrrrrrrrrrrry.
  2. That was hellish indeed. I would have loved to have performed in a venue like Indy that week.
  3. Money would certainly be a solution to the debt that they're now incurring.
  4. Money certainly isn't the panacea that some are trying to make it out to be.
  5. If I were to rank them based on personal enjoyment: 1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018 2. The Cadets 2011 3. Phantom Regiment 2008 4. Bluecoats 2016 5. Carolina Crown 2013
  6. 1. Blue Devils 2. Cavaliers 3. Blue Knights 4. Blue Stars 5. Pacific Crest
  7. What's even more hilarious, is some of these same people spewing vitriol (both on and off DCP) were saying they'd be okay with a BD win this year, well, until they actually won.
  8. I feel like this has been said every year, even back when I marched.
  9. Sitting next to some Bloo alums. Right after their score was announced, they turned to us and said congratulations . Class act. Too bad some fans can't be. To be fair though, I mostly heard bloos rather than boos.
  10. I'm in awe of the performance levels this year across the board. All the corps were amazing tonight. They should each be proud. What a great season.