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  1. Thanks, Jim! Much appreciated! :-)
  2. https://www.dci.org/news/2018-dci-tour-by-the-numbers This DCI article from 2017-12-06 explicitly that both the DCI Premiere and Big, Loud & Live 15 will both be coming to theaters nationwide, however I cannot find any evidence of this on the DCI Schedule or the Fathom Events site. Any ideas?
  3. Does anyone know why DCI has done away with the RSS feed for the Field Pass podcast? I have always listened to this via my podcast app of choice (Downcast for iOS), however about midway through this summer, it has seemingly disappeared and now the easiest way to listen on the go appears to be SoundCloud. Which is fine but a little more cumbersome than I would prefer (no episode names, just air dates, make it more difficult to remember where I left off; when catching up on multiple episodes, they play in reverse order). DCI has an RSS link on their site with a number of confusing feed options, e.g.: "Select a Sport (for photo feed):" with the only value for selection being Blue Knights. What? lol There is no mention whatsoever of an RSS feed for the Field Pass. Anyone else puzzled by this?
  4. Looking for some great, hig quality pics for the lock/home screen on my new big, beautiful iPhone 6+ Can anyone point in the right direction? thanks!
  5. What time do Cadets start rehearsal?
  6. anyone know where the cadets are rehearsing today? thanks ! :-)
  7. ummm, looking for the names of people who are kind enough to give some live impressions... ::note to self, tweets are twitter::
  8. hey all. i skipped over all the drama in the middle and just want to offer up some more BD love. I'll preface this with the fact that I am in no way a die-hard BD fan (Cadets are #1 in my heart forever). However, I do enjoy many of their productions and the passion with which they generally play. With the performance this weekend in ATL, they really made me a believer in the show and showed why they deserve to be no. 1. I'm not sure I can pinpoint any one aspect of the show that really did it for me, but the whole (in my eyes) was definitely greater than any one individual moment (isn't that how a great show should be anyway!?). Clean, fun, fast -- I was very impressed and glad to see them at the top of their game with a great show!
  9. My (most likely incorrect) prediction is HNC by .4 or less. I'd like them to win by more, but I just can't see that happening... if they win at all that is. This season is SO exciting, I wish every year could be like this one!!!
  10. That's true. The show site, Jackson Liberty HS, is just about 3 years old. There is also Jackson Memorial HS, which is much older. Both schools are fairly large.
  11. Hey Kevin, are you posting pictures to Twitter using an iPhone? Just curious...
  12. c'mon now buddy. I mean, if you really don't want to know the scores before they are announced, then do not look at Twitter on your phone or anyone else's phone. It really is as simple as that. In this age of virtually instant gratification, I would fully expect the scores to be posted on Twitter, almost the instant someone found out. And it does not surprise me that the scores were there even before they announced them at the venue. In my opinion, this is a great thing. For people not in attendance, waiting with baited breath for the results, I think this is awesome. It seems downright silly to even suggest that DCI or anyone else should (or even has the authority) regulate The Cavaliers tweeting habits. If you are at a show and don't wanna know, DON'T LOOK. And tell your friends to keep their mouths shut, if you're worried about them ruining the surprise.
  13. I'd like to see the Cadets take a stab at Bill Frisell's "Have A Little Faith" (the album as a whole, not just the song). I think they could have great success with that material, but I wouldn't limit it to just them Anything by Gordon Goodwin. I know a few corps have reached out to his material recently, but I'd really like to hear "Hunting Wabbits" or "Count Bubba's Revenge" specifically. great topic here. love reading all the suggestions. Got into Jaga Jazzist on the recommendation from an earlier post. Thanks!!!