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    Blue Devils'81, Anaheim Kingsmen'78, Golden Statesmen'76
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    Blue Devils, and Anaheim Kingsmen
  • Your Favorite All Time Corps Performance (Any)
    Anaheim Kingsmen 2007
  • Your Favorite Drum Corps Season
    When BD wins.

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  1. Nuthin wrong with being a dinosaur. You will turn into one one day too. Embrace the suck!
  2. DCI disappeared long before this question ever got asked. Now its just a question of when the name changes. Here’s to the good old days. Miss ya Pooh Bear. Miss ya Ronny. Miss ya Trooper. Save me a spot guys. Damon
  3. Was 1 of my favorites as well. Too bad I didn’t win. But we did get high horns. Wow that was 41 years ago! Miss ya Pooh Bear. 2007 was fun. Damon
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