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  1. Due to a scheduling conflict, I have two tickets available for the 2022 Drums on Parade - Madison, WI at Bank of Sun Prairie Stadium at Ashley Field (07/02/2022,7:00 pm CST). Seats are in Section C - Row 9 - Seats 25 & 26. Location is in the upper C section and closer to the 40 yard line. Section is currently sold out (as are most center sections), so I can't post a more detailed seating chart. Tickets were $45 each. Will take any reasonable offer. Tickets are mobile and can be transferred via the DCI website. Reply here if interested or send DM.
  2. 2000 marked the second consecutive appearance in semifinals for Pioneer, and the highest placement in corps history.
  3. You can search the loan data and see which organizations received loans. BDPA and DCI did, but I didn't go much past there in my searches. https://pppreport.org/
  4. It has nothing to do with being social justice warriors or being woke. It has everything to do with listening to the members and alumni of the organization, and responding in a manner that is appropriate given the circumstances. When you have alumni of the corps going on social media and detailing experiences that do not represent inclusiveness and equality, it would be a dereliction of duty if the corps administration didn't take a harder look at policies, procedures and the overall culture.
  5. Looking at the DCI Policies & Procedures Manual, here are the two bullet points for WC corps that directly pertain to scheduling: Perform at a number of DCI events that serves the best interest first of the corps, as well as that of DCI, and as agreed upon between the corps and DCI. Must attend DCI World Championships There's a lot of wiggle room in that first bullet point, but my personal observation is that DCI has been relatively flexible when it comes to scheduling with respect to the best interests of the corps and its members. That said, a lot of times its the corps themselves that are pushing to get into as many shows as possible. Not just for the appearance fees, but also to maintain competitive/scoring inertia.
  6. New or re-emerging corps are generally limited to a relatively short regional tour in their first year, so the lack of payment for those few events isn't a huge factor. They would have already had to demonstrate to DCI during their evaluation process that they had sufficient operating funds on hand in order to be approved for the tour that they're going on.
  7. $2,600 multiplied by a full slate of 25-30 World Class shows helps put a dent in the operating budget, but definitely isn't intended to be the only source of revenue for a corps.
  8. Open Class corps do get paid for appearances at World Class shows, but it's significantly less than what the WC corps receive. The standard rate for a WC corps is $2,600 per event. Open Class finalists get $1,800 per event, while non-finalists get $700 per event. One exception - new or re-emerging corps in Open Class receive $0 per event in their first year.
  9. The way that finals week in 1996 played out will always be a tough one to forget. I remember being cognizant of the fact that Nite Express was only a couple points behind us the last time that we saw them at the Canadian Open... and that we wouldn't see them again until DII prelims. There was a genuine concern that they could close that gap. At the same time, I also remember also being aware that we were within 5 points of Blue Knights at DCI Mid-America. There was a scary thought that we could get the opportunity to perform every day of finals week, and that Saturday night's show might not be an exhibition if all of the stars aligned and we could somehow make up those 5 points to BK. I don't recall ever being overly concerned about Les Etoiles since we were consistently ahead of them by 6 or 7 points, even in the week prior to finals. It was almost unheard of for them to make up that large of a gap in one week to beat us by .2 at DII finals, and then go on to beat us by 5+ points at Quarterfinals a couple days later. I poured over scores a number of years ago and am fairly confident saying that was one of the largest comebacks/point swings in the modern era of drum corps.
  10. When Pioneer was going through our meetings with DCI at the end of the 2018 season, one of the criteria that we were required to meet in order to remain World Class was an operating budget of no less than $750,000. Anything less than that and they didn't feel that a corps could operate at a World Class level. At the time, we were told by Dan Acheson and Kathy Black that the majority of the World Class corps had operating budgets in excess of $1M, and that the couple that didn't were working with DCI to increase their revenue to get there. Take from that what you want, but the operating budget of a World Class corps has definitely increased in recent years.
  11. As Garfield mentioned, corps have to submit the most recent copy of their 990. If an organization's accounting period follows the calendar year, they have to submit their 990 to the IRS by May 15th. That means that DCI could potentially get a relatively fresh copy right before the season begins and spot potential issues. However, if the corps is using an accounting period that doesn't follow the traditional calendar year, then the 990 must be filed with the IRS by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the organization's accounting period. That means that the most recent 990 available could potentially be quite dated when the corps takes the field for the first time in a season. Outside of the 990 requirement, the Policies and Procedures Manual has a whole section that addresses the potential triggers for an organizational review:
  12. Now there could be some questions as to who was on the committee at the time the proposal was being drafted. Google comes up largely empty, but I did find references to Rick Valenzuela being on the committee in the press releases about him leaving Regiment & joining System Blue.
  13. If you refer back to the 2017 DCI Strategic plan, it would appear that the "Member Affairs Committee" would be the ones responsible for creating the proposal... which was then approved by the DCI Board and instituted for 2020. I will also add that the vast majority of the new criteria were included in the materials/requirements that Pioneer received during the evaluation/reinstatement process in the fall of 2018. That would lead me to believe that the development of this new structure/criteria was already largely complete (as the timeline in the above plan would suggest) at the time that Pioneer was suspended and going through the evaluation process.
  14. That is an accurate statement. You can read a tidbit more here under requirement #1: https://pioneer-corps.org/news/837-pioneer-alumni,-booster-friends-meeting-recap.html
  15. As others have stated, Pi Percussion (formerly known as Pioneer Indoor) had loose ties to the Pioneer corps in the early years. Adam Hill served as Pioneer percussion coordinator/ caption head and arranger, while also serving as director of Pioneer Indoor. Over the years, that group became more independent of the Pioneer corps and ultimately made the decision to sever all ties last year. The new Pioneer Indoor group will be comprised of members from the Milwaukee/Chicago region. Some of those members were a part of the group that performed in parades & Drum Line Battle this summer. Others are still being recruited. More information will be available in the near future.
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