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  1. Pacific Crest was the highlight of the day for me. I was not expecting to be nailed to the wall by them A real revelation, and I hope a sign of more to come in the future.
  2. I didn't have the time to slog through the whole thread here, but I am interested to see just what audio signals are bouncing around LOS. I have a scanner I use to listen to IndyCar drivers at the track. I may bring that along tomorrow and check out what kind of signals I can pick up
  3. When did DCI first award gold/silver/bronze?
  4. Last year some Cadet alums started a tradition of lending our old corps jackets to a current member to wear on tour. I've learned that Kelly gave hers to a mellophone for this summer, and a friend will see to it that her jacket continues to be worn in the future. A nice way to remember a sister we lost too soon, and a reminder that its not about placements. Ultimately drum corps is about people.
  5. A fair point. But given that thess shows are judged a couple dozen times over the course of the summer, judges would soon know where and when to look.
  6. The rules for Indiana indoor percussion (and perhaps WGI, havent read those rules) requires that any sound with "rhythmic intent" be generated or triggered by a performer. I think that's a good balance. Anything verbal has to be played syllable by syllable
  7. Suggested Rule of Thumb: If there's likely to be someone in the audience who remembers the event first hand, don't do it.
  8. I can tell you first hand that the alumni are engaged like never before. Not just giving money and volunteering, but soliciting input and ideas for the organization's future. Last February YEA held an alumni summit, inviting alumni of all eras to spend the weekend discussing the corps situation, and what steps need to be taken. Out if this came teams of alumni assigned to specific areas, and asked to come up with concrete projects. (I'm personally involved with long range planning.) The alumni are gelling unlike any other time I've seen sin e aging out in '88. Through this I've been able to spend some time with Vicki, Scott and Doug, and I have every confidence in their capabilities and commitment.
  9. That was one of those runs where BD makes it look easy. Really impressive.
  10. Yeah, I feel similarly. I'll give them all the credit and respect in the world for their execution. But for me, it has the feel of a production number from a 1970's variety show.
  11. Just when I think DCP might finally be a decent place someone comes along and reminds me it is, in fact, a sewer.
  12. Methinks BD was just shown up by The Columbians. Really enjoyed that, feel so badly for those kids they had to go out on a standstill
  13. Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics with times that wouldn't even qualify for the national team in 2019. Yet he remains one of the all-time great Olympians. The accomplishments of today don't diminish the achievements of the past. Time makes one long continuum that ties us all together.