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  1. I would wanna leave the show to go to a hospital to get more babies to throw! I cant imagine the feeling of being there live!
  2. Did anyone see them today in Nashua? Reviews anyone?
  3. How did spartans guard look? Lenny Machado does indredible things with his crew every year!
  4. contrajedi8 Posted Today, 08:12 AM I heard they folded. I doubt it... Bob Barker is the new tour director this year.
  5. Bus loading was pretty good. Packing bags and such, had to cut a few minutes out before you leave, but its better than some other jobs.
  6. .... did this my freshman year in high school....
  7. A wee bit off topic but not really.... I had forgot to bring my dot book to a outdoor rehearsal one day before tour. i knew my drill fairly well at this point so i was doing ok. One of the visual techs came up to me and asked to see my dot book, when i told him i didnt have it he said to me how are you supposed to march your Dots without your Dot book. He was not impressed when i told him you march form not dots. some tension ensued... A very interesting argument tis is. Dot vs. Form. Back on topic. THe shirt is awesome!
  8. spartans 07. After finals i knew something really really special had just happened. I got off the field and the corps met in the parking lot, WHen Larry, our brass instructor told us "congratulations, you finally finished the show" I dont think ive ever been more proud of myself. Since that day, i have been working to be the best i can be and recreate that feeling, unfortunately i dont think i can, but i can certainly fondly remember that day in pasadena, im crying right now as a write this. Thank you for bringing this up. Im in college at the moment, working towards a music education degree, and this reminds me of how much harder i need to work! Thank you Drum Corps!
  9. Im going to maine because! im not particularly fond of hurricanes! a noreaster is bad enough! We play through the whole games, snow or shine. Its is quite common to have games in blizzards up here. I will see about using the mouthwash. Thanks for the ideas. Anything else anyone can think of would be great
  10. quick story.... my HS band went to the maine state house to play the national anthem, the lady announcing us called us the lawrence high school choir, lol. back on topic. i think the cadets is great. keeps everything under one umbrella
  11. can this be closed? just wanted to get the good news out
  12. I am hoping the citations have made enough of a name for themselves to bring in the kids on their own, i think!
  13. Theres some old threads about it, but there was a huge shake up with staff after the 07 seasons. They bombed in 08 (14th place), didn't field in 09. All those staff members are returning after leaving back then. It was said by many of FMM's that the staff made that corps, and when the staff left, they left. Anyways. This is huge news!
  14. Just recieved this as a Spartans alumni. This was sent to my facebook! "Spartans Alumni Network: I wanted you to be the first to hear the great news: The Spartans will be returning to the competition field in 2010. To that end, the administration has put together the start of a great Teaching Staff. Leading the charge will be me as your Executive Director and as the Corps Director will be Richard Rigolini. He will be in charge of our drum corps operations along with Ann Prendegast as Operations Director. Our design team consists of Gilles Ouellette, Chris Dufault, Lenny Machado, and Peter Furnari. Plans are already underway for recruiting, fundraising and show design. Although there are many details to come (please watch for updates) I wanted you to know that the Spartans are back! For all of you who have helped and sent messages of support, I thank you. We did it, we are back! PG LaFlamme "
  15. So before hand putting mouthwash into the valves. Use the mouthwash like you would blue juice? or should it be added ### the valves start to freeze up?