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    I need more space. It's been 36 seasons.
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  1. LP...I spoke with the cats from Great Lakes about that loan ####. All is good. If you ever have anything like that happen again, let me know immediately. Sorry that you had to go through that. Good luck with that DCA stuff next month!

  2. Just visiting...nothing important here...

    1. larry p

      larry p

      Thnx. Camp B4 championships was great. We are in great shape.

    2. larry p

      larry p

      Thnx. Camp B4 championships was great. We are in great shape.

  3. Yo....drum corps planet! Still cranking out the drivel? That's OK by me! Fight nice...it's only drum corps. If you're in Suzhou, drop me a line!

  4. Scores Shmores.... Still got it! Even in the Eastern Hemisphere! Go Govies! Go Spandy! Go Drum Corps!!!!!!!
  5. Good to hear from you, Jerry! I hope all is well! When I visited Chicago in July, I saw some of the old crew from our Imperial days. No one has changed...we're just all looking more and more like our parents . (Sorry, public broadcast. Not an IM. Go drum corps!)
  6. The whole thread read really smoothly. Looking forward to tomorrow morning's cast of finals. Great job, guys!
  7. Hello from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China! I started at the beginning of the thread assuming the show was over and was pleasantly surprised to see it still in progress. Too bad DCA is always held during the rainy season in the NW, but it still sounds like a great time. I miss drum corps!
  8. Cool! I live in Xiangcheng. I've been teaching at SIFLS for the past two years. I'm going to Zapata's for some tex-mex buffet. Nice speaking at you!
  9. No surprises here. Time for lunch. ...until DCA Championships, DCP! 再见
  10. Scores shmores, my drum corps friends! I choose the Bucs and the Govies as my favorites for the titles. Whatever the judges decide...it doesn't matter (unless they agree with me). Good luck to all my drum corps friends. See you next summer when I am in from China next.
  11. Thanks for the broadcast! It sounded like a great show. I'll keep my eyes open for drum corps here in China, but no promises. Although I did hear some kid practicing trumpet in one of the dorms two days ago, so I'm on a mission to find him or her now... It's Monday at 10:30AM here and they do not celebrate Labor Day, so it's back to work!
  12. Hello all! Smoothy from Suzhou, China checking in. I worked with the Govies brass line this year, but had to leave ten days ago for my new job here in China teaching math in English to Chinese students in an Aussie school. Sounds like class A prelims rocked. A good luck shout out to my midwest brothers and sisters in the Kilts coming up. And of course good luck wishes to my sister Mary's corps, the Bushwackers! Great job on the commentary, guys!
  13. Just saying... It's not like this really matters. Have fun at your gig this weekend.
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