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  1. It seems Surf had a good run! I have my fingers crossed they "hold their own!"
  2. $2500 is consistent with other groups. Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps (soon to be back in Atlanta) has $2100 for tuition, an $80 one-time audition fee and then a $75 dollar fee for each camp Cumulatively that puts Teal in the same "ball park."
  3. What was really exciting about following Open Class this year was all of the "switching off" on the "leader board." With the exception of the BDB and SVC, some of it was anybody's game. Looking at the recaps, Revolution actually took 2nd in percussion with Capital Regiment and Oregon Crusaders taking 3rd and 4th in brass respectively. Also, at least one judge had Teal in 3rd for music. Add in Citations taking 1st in guard and you really get a sense that this was quite the contest. Congratulations to all of these peaceful warriors in OC!
  4. Kevin, Thanks for performing this service - it is a nice way to help us all feel a bit more connected to the event!
  5. VK in their finals and Troopers back in finals to - excellent!
  6. First off - I think we're just looking at a very mediocre journalist. So the article is written by the "third string." <laugh> As far as the Citations - there is a strong foundation relating to both the marching program and the guard program from their area. There are many people from both Boston and 27th Lancers that have gone on to teach people whom have taught other people, etc. The New England area is also the land of Peggy Twiggs and Georg Zingali both whom left a legacy of very well taught people who have passed it down. Citations clearly understand the value of a good basic block and how to relate that block to the technique they use in their show. A strong marching program often translates to an increased sense of pulse which, in turn, enhances ensemble. Teal is doing something right or they would not be in the top 5!
  7. I am just "tuning into" the show on the DCI fan network.
  8. I am a U. S. Marine veteran - we're one of the oldest active Corps I know!
  9. Well done - whomever "stepped up to the plate" it is a thing of greatness you do.....