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  1. Bob P.

    Then vs Now

    Well summarized. I will contend that the level of expertise and creativity in arrangements in the '70s was at least if not greater than today, due to the "primitive" instrumentation then. It is amazing what some of the arrangers did. Creativity is best expressed when there are restrictions, not when there are no restrictions. The "music" today (and not just Drum Corps) is but a sound track to the visuals. Closer to the OP subject, while we can discuss if the scores would be the same yesterday or today, the relative merit of the corps would still hold and the best that year would still win.
  2. Are you also walking away from watching movies, going to the theater, attending sporting events etc.? Remember "common sense" is not really that "common", but usually more myth than fact.
  3. Doing a modified mid-west tour, so new to us will be Lisle, Minneapolis, Mankato, DesMoines and Dekalb. Repeats will be Whitewater and Dubuque, although at least 20 years ago! Leaving from Montreal.
  4. That's not a ballad but a dentist's waiting room background sound. Come to think of it, some drum corps "music" is like hearing a dentist's drill!
  5. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    78 LP is an oxymoron. What you really want is an Edison cylinder. That is closer to a valveless bugle.
  6. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    I am overwhelmed by your cutting sarcasm and wit and will therefore stop the pendulum, since a pendulum needs outside energy to keep oscillating. I expect you to not be the "outside energy".
  7. Trouble is that they would try to get the pedal notes using the synthesizer and the poor low bass capability of the loudspeakers. The equipment used now is good at playing mid bass loudly, but doesn't go much lower than 60 hz, when the pedal C is at about 16 hz. All we would be exposed to is very distorted woofers doubling try to reproduce 16-40 hz notes.
  8. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    The Churchill retort although witty, is NOT Sarcastic, as he meant exactly what he said, not the opposite. Sarcasm always implies, sometimes more obviously than other times, the opposite meaning. Sarcasm in a type of irony and not usually funny, as I first stated. I never made any claim that my pun was witty, just a good example of a pun - nice to see that you got it!.
  9. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    That is a well known retort and contains no pun, so I don't see the relevance. Puns are easy, wit, as illustrated above, much more difficult. A witty pun, now that is worth pundering.
  10. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    One must not mistake Puns for Wit. Salut
  11. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    It seems that you have a firm grasp of the obvious. I have never found sarcasm to be funny, just a poor substitute for true wit.
  12. Bob P.

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    The radical of x is always smaller, same as the square root of x. And V-V=0. So I don't get what we are getting at here?! Talk about pretentious symbolism.
  13. Bob P.

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Looks like a mid-west tour for us - Lisle, Whitewater, Minneapolis, Mankota, DesMoines, Dubuque and Dekalb. Luckily Chicago area has excellent gourmet restaurants. Plus Allentown, of course! We refuse to do indoor contests, so San Antonio and Indianapolis are out and have always been out.
  14. Bob P.

    Electronics question

    A home battery backup system could easily run all the electronics for 30 minutes. The whole setup could easily be installed on a wheeled skid and be just like another piece of equipment wheeled out. They aren't that big, but they are heavy. But whatever solution used, there should not be any special treatment for corps if technical glitches come up Live by electronics, die by electronics and I don't mean by non grounded equipment.