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  1. That's not just Canadian spelling, but the world English spelling - only Americans spell center, honor, color etc. that way. Also, the USA is about the only country left in the world not using the SI (metric) system. Just joshing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Gosh, stranded in Canada - what could be worse, eh? Well arrested at the border by US guy and sent to one of those detention centres we hear about could be worse. US guy probably thought that you were smuggling marijuana into the USA! Its what we Canadians go through every time we go to the USA. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. As I said before, if the 840 is considered an interstate,then you have to say that there are 5 interstates, not four, "intersecting" at Nashville, since there is also the I-440. Still, I agree that Nashville is wonderfull spot for finals.
  4. Agree on Albuquerque NM and Saskatchewan, but would make that Regina instead. Better stadium.
  5. Using that logic, Nashville has 5 Major Interstate intersections! There is also I-440. Agree on Nashville for a Regional.
  6. Yet. MikeRapp has not chimed in since my original query.
  7. Well you should know that the I-65 is the route to Indianapolis from Chicago, then to Nashville Or, I-57 to I-24 to Nashville. My query about the 4th Interstate was more rhetorical, since I do know that there is no 4th Interstate intersecting at Nashville and I live in Montreal.
  8. I-840 is not an interstate, but a ring highway and therefore does not "intersect". Actually the I-24 is really the odd one. Even number Interstates (I-40 and I-24) run East-West and don't usually intersect Normally only 2 Interstates can intersect at one place (city). Having four is virtually impossible. At any rate, notwithstanding the lack of indoor facilities for DC, I really think that Nashville is a great spot for DCI finals. And whats a little warm weather?
  9. Yes the 65, which I meant when I said 64, my bad. So what is the 4th? There are the 65, 24 and 40, all of which I have driven.
  10. Agree on all of the above, except that I can't seem to identify the four intersecting interstates. There are the 64, 24 and 40, but what is the 4th?
  11. And every one of those cities has world class gourmet dining - yes even Minneapolis. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. So there is no personal accountability here? "Check the field"!- wearing footwear renders that moot. Why not check the road to the practice field too, since there is a chance that the member might go shoe-less to the field? Lawsuit because a member didn't protect him/herself from the sun? Please.
  13. And have a minimum SPF sun lotion and hats, I suppose, when the sun is strong!? Let them make their own mistakes and learn.๐Ÿคจ
  14. Even St. Elmos doesn't interest me - a nice looking steak house, offering large steaks with large prices - nothing original or "gourmet" about it. San Antonio at least offers some worthy goumet restaurants such as Biga on the Banks and Fig Tree.
  15. Rochester dining scene, while not in the Michelin star quality, does have some interesting fine dining. Williamsport does have one restaurant which offers fine formal dining -Peter Herdic Restaurant on W 4th St. I still prefer Rochester to Williamsport, since the dining is better and it is close to the Finger Lakes district and its good Inns and B&Bs.