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  1. As a competitor: 1st: Toronto CNE (Argonauts) Stadium - 1965 Shriners Last: Aquinas? Stadium Rochester - 1973 DCA Best: Ottawa Civic Stadium Worst: Baltimore Memorial Many arenas and indoor theatres etc. 1st parade and DC outing was in Montreal in 1963. Still performing today in Alumni.
  2. Well I am in Spain now and presently trying to get back to Canada, not because I fear contracting the Covid-19 virus, but because I will be more comfortable at home during a lock-down than here presently under lock-down. My Spanish isn't quite as good as my English or French. 🤒
  3. Unfortunately the acoustics are not that great. A round hall is not very good for acoustics. Good enough, I guess for pop stuff, since the amplification can control some of the bad effects. I saw/heard La Boheme there and was not impressed by the sound. Stage was set up in the centre of the hall and the singers walked all around. They were miked, so it was disconcerting to see them move, but the voice not follow them! Humm, sound familiar?🤨
  4. They know about virus' and use statistics incorrectly to "prove" their point of view. Seriously!
  5. Then this one isn't very good at it. His premise is wrong, therefore the conclusion is faulty.
  6. Virologists aren't necessarily great in math nor statistics (a branch of math). I'll stick with qualified number crunchers who have nothing to gain.
  7. Thanks for the good wishes. You will notice that I talk about a Health Care system, NOT an Health care Insurance. The distinction is more than semantics and more than subtle. It is a mind set and way of thinking when it comes to Health Care.
  8. Still in Spain on the Costa del Sol. Just went to the grocery store, where we only allowed to access the store solo. Social distancing is enforced here in the store and other public places. There is no panic, no run on groceries, toilet paper etc.. Nothing is in short supply, including the excellent wine. Of course all restaurants, bars etc are closed and we are pretty well confined to our our homes etc, except to shop for pharmaceuticals, food or to go to work. If one feels any symptoms, one calls a number and people are dispatched to your domicile to sample. Authorities don't want people going to clinics and hospitals simply because they have some symptoms. Of course all of this relative calm and order is partially due to the excellent health care system in Spain which allows coordinated care with no cost to those who need it. If ever I needed the care, I would be treated and the cost would be born by my health care system in Canada. Just waiting, in my rented condo for my flight back to Canada soonest, where I will put myself in 14 -day quarantine upon arrival.
  9. If one can afford it. Many are not treated or evaluated because of the cost - lost time on job and medical bills.
  10. Only the expat Irish celebrate that here in Spain.🤨 We are in "lock-down" and I am just waiting for my flight back to Canada next week. Thanks for the thought though. 🤒
  11. Irrelevant to this discussion, even if I agree. I do think that DCI et al. should simply cancel the season and no special accommodations made for age outs etc.. That's life and young people need to learn that also.
  12. Why? Besides I don't have those figures handy and I am going to bed now - It is 0005 hrs 17 March in Spain where I am presently!
  13. Yes,but not the 3% figure oft cited! There are 3215 deaths reported in all China. Let's use 60 % the population quarantined as a denominator (100,000,000 x .6 =60MM). That is not even .01%. Now apply that figure to the American population (.6 x 360,000,000) and we have 21,600. Isn't that strangely close to the number cited for the yearly death rate from the flu inthe US?
  14. Exactly! The only real ratio that can be used is the death rate vs population. Using that, the China numbers don't look so bad. If one doesn't want to use the entire population as the denominator and it is claimed that 60% of the population will contract Covid-19, then use 60% of a country's population as the denominator and establish the % death with that. You will see that the % is pretty small, but then that doesn't sell news.
  15. Its just math, no citation necessary. The number of fatalities is known, but the number infected is estimated. Therefore for the same number of deaths, increasing the number of infected (the denominator) to another large estimated number, reduces the percentage. Since the number of infected is just pure speculation, but the number of dead is not, any percentage is pure speculation, including the "so-called" present % cited by many. The denominator or number of infected has been underestimated by all countries, since nobody (country) has tested all of their citizens.