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  1. Only if you are deaf! Which I am definitely not. In fact, avoiding loud and percussive sounds, has helped me retain my still excellent hearing. While I love the sounds of yesterday's corps, I do not miss the over-blowing and distorted loud sounds of those "old" out of tune G bugles, especially indoors. Wailing FH, excepted, of course.
  2. Just a bad joke. Indoor shows is the antithesis of what Drum Corps is (was) about. Park and blow (especially by Cabs) is especially painful indoors. Also, one can't really see if the guard is doing something, which, at least, more alumni are featuring.
  3. I think that they already do that, but from a football game point of view and when the games are played. And, if the contest had started at a more civilized hour (maybe 7 PM) the sun wouldn't have been an issue for the crowd.
  4. And we won't be able to call that "real drum corps"!
  5. Bob P.

    best corps names

    The VICS of Montreal Qc. From the Victoria Rifles in Montreal.
  6. Bob P.

    Williamsport 10-day

    Something like the difference between a Bb and an A# on a violin - one comma!
  7. Those were just remarks about competitors' music, not the quality, except, of course, the music of Stockhausen!
  8. Bob P.

    Williamsport 10-day

    And it doesn't look like there is a hurricane in sight!
  9. If one wants motion and music together at a "concert hall", then attend a ballet. The big difference, of course, is that the music for a ballet stands on its own, as it should. The same cannot be said for present drum corps "music". I see today's DC music as a soundtrack for a visual presentation and is, for the most part, uninteresting, as witnessed when listening to the Mandarin standstill in Allentown. But then I haven't found the latest soundtracks for the latest films very interesting either.
  10. Oh I heard it alright - but I also noticed that not one mello was marching during those Mello Sustains. It would have been much more impressive if they had been moving,
  11. Count me as one of those people - I will not attend an indoor DC show. The reason that I went to Pasedena in 2007 was because it was supposed to be the last outdoor DCI final since Indianapolis was supposed to start in 2008. Turn out that indianapolis was not ready for 2008 and the Bloomington IND outdoor venue was used instead. I would have attended that, but couldn't. So Allentown is my finals.
  12. And probably melting the "chocolate" street lamps in town.
  13. Bob P.

    Full Shows for Prelims

    That is my recollection also - I was with the Dips in '72 and '73. I don't recall '70 and '71.