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  1. Yes, I received the survey. It is genuine. Questions were more about attendance at either or both Friday and Saturday events. Also, asked for comments and I commented that I would rather a "big" all day Saturday competition than the two night formula. As for mosquitoes scares and event cancellations - give me a break!
  2. Esoteric is french? Je ne pense pas! Avant-garde is though. But then, french is passé, n'est-ce pas? Except for gourmet cuisine, bien sûr.🤨
  3. Yes they do a "homecoming" show in Sherbrooke. Can't wait to see them.
  4. Well I am an engineer by profession and I love numbers, but in this case I will use a few words to rate top three: Bloo - feel good on Emotional, Intellectual and Aesthetic Its an all around "feel good" show. BD - feel good on I and A. SCV - feel good about I.
  5. They (27th) must have been 250 MM! Great presentation, but what I remember was PR playing "Claire de Lune" with the full moon as a background.😉
  6. But surely you couldn't really judge the GE (guard) from that video! Yet you said that BD "knock it out of the park". The most one could see are rifle tosses, which were quite good, BTW.
  7. I have no problem with the application of a bass note one octave lower than the bass note of the bass line, as long as it is not very noticeable, just sort of felt. The problem is that the speakers themselves are not capable of reproducing those notes loudly and therefore start to distort (mostly doubling) and really muddy the sound and then that becomes very disturbing. Use of the synth as a separate instrument and not re-inforcement is a problem for me.
  8. I don't see how any body can make any judgment about the quality of horn lines or GE etc. from those "awful" recordings. Comparing to another recording medium (Flo) isn't much better. Live comparisons are the only way to judge.
  9. I haven't heard the "new" ending, but I can say that the so-called powerful ending (which I have heard live 7 times) was not an ending since it lacked a true climax and resolution.
  10. Where and when you have music, you have math. Even more so in a competition.😃
  11. Yes. AB 1st with C 2nd, AC 1st with B 2nd, BC with A 2nd, then A 1st with BC 2nd, B with AC 2nd, C with AB and of course ABC tied! 7 in all.😉
  12. So far I haven't heard them all(not heard BD, Crown BAC nor BK), but of those I have heard live, I rate them as follows from best to less best: Bluecoats, Cavaliers and Blue Stars. The worst are: Cadets, Crossmen and Vanguards. Heard them all outdoors and can't imagine how they will sound indoors. Looking forward to hearing the rest at Allentown. I refuse to attend DC indoors!
  13. Actually there are 7 different outcomes for ties in 1st and second positions among 3 corps.
  14. Among three positions, one can only tie in the top two.😉