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  1. You haven't been to the Olympic Stadium in Montreal for the worst sound. πŸ€” Since even the best of indoors is bad, I won't attend any DC presentation at an enclosed stadium.
  2. Thanks. Fran sent me a personal note responding to this, saying pretty well what you have said.
  3. Are you saying that you haven't seen all of these shows live? I find that hard to believe. Or, are you saying that these are you favourites? BTW,beside the 1972 Blue Stars, I have seen all of the others live.
  4. Agreed, but then I don't attend any indoor DC contest, because the sound is so bad. Even if held in San Antonio, which definitely is much more interesting than Indy, I would not attend. The last DCI chamionship I have attended was 2007 Pasadena, which definitely is way more interesting than Indy.πŸ˜‰
  5. Yes to Blue Stars. Drill was terrific and fit the music.
  6. If you mean 'habillement' or clothes, then you are correct. It covers both costume and uniform. Costume is a broader term, which includes uniform as a subset. If I were to wear an army uniform to a costume party it would be considered a costume. I don't understand why costume is considered pejorative. DC has always been donning costumes, they just happen to be military uniforms for the most part.πŸ˜‰
  7. Either on the road to Buffalo for our last contest or on the road back to home near Montreal after some 7-8 contests during our annual DC tour which would have started in Little Rock AR. Sigh, not this year.πŸ€’
  8. As a humble Canadian, I cannot (will not) comment on this!😷
  9. Well I guess that I am even older than you. As a process engineer, I first used Fortran 4 with punch cards. Moved to APL later. Still have my Texas Instrument Ti 81 or is that 61?πŸ€’
  10. I didn't know that you were a doctor!πŸ˜‰ Oh crap, its the engineer in me.
  11. Naw! Engineers designed robots and every body knows that engineers aren't human, but super-human!πŸ€’
  12. When I said Bb-F bugles I meant that all the bugles were in the same key Bb, with the single piston giving F, thus analogous to the G-D bugles, later G-F. I am not talking about comparing old arrangements rewritten for new instruments comparisons, but real comparison between a Bb/F line and a G/D(F) back in the 1960-70's. Back then nobody heard the difference nor commented on them. Because of the chromatic limitations of the one piston bugle, arrangers had to use the higher end of the bugle range to get effects they wished, which tended to make the sound brighter and characteristically "
  13. So lets compare those G bugles to 1960'-70's Bb piston/rotor bugles. Scout House for example. Nobody ever noticed the difference back then. In Canada (especially Quebec) Bb-F bugles were used by many corps and those corps also produced that special "Drum Corps" like sound. It was the arrangements for limited bugle ranges that gave the unique D&B sound, not the key of the instruments.