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  1. This was the first year I came back to Flo in 2 or 3 years. I bought the last month's worth of service for $30. I left 3 years ago because of the terrible, frustrating service during the shows. I have no reason to doubt all the extreme negative experiences people have shared here but my experience was actually pretty good. There was some pixelation from time-to-time but I would say I got good picture and sound 99% of the time. The only difference on my end was upgrading to 200/20 internet speed and being hard wired. I don't understand why the same service interruptions remain af
  2. I know this hasn't been the hottest topic on DCP this season, but I'm glad I took some "snapshots" in time. I had forgotten how the early season placements stacked up. For instance, the Cadets were early season in 7th before finishing in 9th. I had forgotten that.
  3. Good point. I never worry about early season performances because in June all the kids are just trying to remember what notes to play and figuring out where their dots are. Drums are always "dirty" and lines are seldom straight. No big deal, even the "big boys" are going through the same thing. If I could go totally subjective I would say Cavaliers grabbed me the most. That's because I'm not Cavie's biggest fan and yet their performance level drew me in. Mid season I thought they were on a 6th place island, they couldn't catch anybody and nobody could catch them. Cav's picked u
  4. That's why I said they started the year "around 12." I didn't want to nitpick 12th because we know all the early season shows are frameworks and as such are incomplete at that time. Let's take your 13th place assessment and start there. I think they climbed to 11th, then settled in 12th easily making finals. If we use placement as a criteria they never rose nor fell far from their eventual 12th place finish. Had they jumped a couple of corps into 10th I would consider that a marked improvement. Otherwise, they basically finished where they started. I don't think any of the corps
  5. I don't understand this, and I have heard others say the same thing. I love Phantom, but they started the season ranked around 12th and finished that way. Their product was improved from June, but so was all the other corps. +++ Great synopsis on each corps BTW. You put a lot of thought and effort into your writings. Thanks!
  6. There is already another thread with multiple responses on canceling Flo.
  7. Crown & Bloo tied for #1 in music. Or was there something else? That was it. That's incredible with the doubling of judges and halving of scores to have a tie in anything!
  8. Favorite show tonight was Bluecoats Favorite ballad was Crown My Flo broadcast only had a slight hiccup twice in five hours. The last three corps broadcast was flawless, sound was excellent. Desktop Windows computers, hard-wired at 200 mbs.
  9. Nice that you have a 77" OLED. That seems like the ultimate way to watch, short of the Blurays coming out in 4K. What's the problem with your sound? Is it from your TV? I have a 3.2 Klipsch horn driven system with my computer which I built around the idea of listening to drum corps. It sound good on my system, really good tonight.
  10. On my PC feed it says I'm getting 720. As long as I don't make the picture full screen the picture is sharp. Audio is excellent tonight, too. My 4K Vizio PQ65 Quantum "upscales" to 4K but the implementation isn't very good from what I've seen
  11. I've been on the PC the last month with Flo. Did this Roku problem happen just tonight? I've been of the opinion that if a feed is good anywhere then it must be good everywhere, but thanks to some info written earlier, I stand corrected. I'd like to move my watching experience from my PC's 32" monitor to my 65" TV next year but the comments on devices like Roku leave me in doubt.
  12. Let us read what I wrote and not add your opinion on what I did not say.
  13. No, read again. I commented on the JUDGE being on the FIELD becoming a part of the VISUAL SHOW.