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  1. Clocked the brass playing times Santa Clara Vanguard brass plays a bit under 8 minutes. Blue Devils plays about 6 and a half. Seems to me both have a fair amount of content. Blue Devils are cleaner at this point but content is certainly comparable.
  2. JD left Jupiter and is back as an endorsing artist at Conn-Selmer.
  3. Zanbyrnes

    Lebanon Leisure Lounge

    Facts? Nothing but heresay and innuendo. Irresponsible at best.
  4. Zanbyrnes

    Lebanon Leisure Lounge

    Hmmm, 1 year (2009) certainly means "continually. " C'mon now, srb30a, you're just being silly. And as far as these rumors you've heard, Rupert Murdoch called and wants to offer you a job.
  5. Zanbyrnes

    Lebanon Leisure Lounge

    Well, srb30, I think the crowds disagree with you.
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    Lebanon Leisure Lounge

    I saw Paul and JD at the first show of the season hugging and talking like old friends. Certainly not indicative of any rift. I just think you're making assertions that are not true. I agree with Alvin, that you seem to have an irrational axe to grind. I love this year's show very much, I'm sorry you don't. It's a great year for drum corps in general. -Z-
  7. Zanbyrnes

    Lebanon Leisure Lounge

    Well, some of us Regiment alumni enjoy what Farrell, Shaw, Thompson bring to the table. That team has brought some emotional and passionate offerings over the years. I happen to know that JD and Paul are still good friends so those rumors of a rift between them are unsubstantiated. So just chill out and enjoy the beautiful music. -Z-
  8. Zanbyrnes

    Stanford Observations

    Phantom has some of the richest, darkest sounds on the field this year. Yeah, those Jupiter horns are really hurting them. Silliness...
  9. I've seen several PR rehearsals and, from what i've experienced, they only require the running when someone has done the SAME mistake over and over. I would be surprised if the member was running as a result of the first time making a mistake. But the 3rd or 4th time.... I do know that during their Brass Boot Camp, the members want to adhere to a "no tolerance" policy when it comes to making repeated errors. $.02 Z
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    2004 Phantom Ballad

    Oblivion Progression Ebm7 | Ab9 | DbM7 | Gb7 | Cm(b5)7 | F7 | Bbm | Cm | Bbm/Db | Bb9
  11. Hey, For those of you in the Columbus, OH area. JD Shaw (brass arranger at Phantom Regiment) is in town playing the Strauss 1st Horn Concerto with the Capital/Bexley Orchestra. The concert is at 7:30 at Capital University. Should be awesome. -Z-
  12. Isn't J.D. Shaw from Hutchinson, KS, home of the Sky Ryders? Z
  13. Just saw this on Regiment's website: Phantom Regiment wants you to participate in its production of "Rhapsody." No, you don't need to go on tour. You don't have to pay dues. And you definitely don't have to be younger than 22. All you need is a rainstick. As part of the "An American in Paris" theme, the entrance and introduction to Phantom Regiment's show involves rain and umbrellas. The corps provides the umbrellas; you can provide the rain. Here's the deal: -- Go to Phantom Regiment's souvenir trailer before the show and buy a rainstick (two sizes are available). Feel free to buy a T-shirt or baseball cap to wear as well! -- When Phantom Regiment appears in the tunnel and begins to enter the field, gently turn over your rainstick. -- Continue to make the rain noise until the umbrellas on the field are lowered. -- Cheer really loud for Phantom Regiment. Let's create a downpour for them!!! -Z-
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    Longest Solo?

    Speaking of arias, the mellophone solo in Nessun Dorma during Phantom's '91 show was pretty long.
  15. It is interesting that a lot of people seem to be on the bandwagon that Phantom's drill is not as hard as other top 5 corps and that this will hurt them in finals. Yet it seems that the other top corps are having musical problems in terms of continuity and depth of musicality and this seems not to hurt them one bit...