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  1. We found that out in Dayton and Chicago in 1989, as we discussed in another topic. "You want to compete in DCA? Get in your car and drive." That hasn't changed.
  2. There's another option: The Midwest/south could organize its own circuit and championships. This has been done twice in the past, with the RCA and ICA circuits. The problem with those two attempts was that a very strong DCA existed at the same time. The east coast corps had their reputations already established, years ago. They were the corps to beat, if one had the product. Understanding that I have always competed out east (with ONE exception), DCA today isn't as strong as it was in those days.
  3. The most fun two corps in 7th place could have! πŸ™‚
  4. That was 1989 DCA finals and it was FUN! I wore one of Cru's Phantom of the Opera face masks! We were trading uniform parts, flags... what a good time that was! Then in 1990 at Cru's show, we tied again!
  5. 1990? We were in 8th place (SCA) Any drama up in the top box didn't apply to us. LOL!
  6. Flourishing? In what way? Chicago 1988 and 1989: there were more people at a soccer game next to where the DCA sanctioned senior drum corps show was being held. Dayton 1989: More people in the corps on the field, than fans in the stands. I don't think that's flourishing. I don't think that even showed a potential to "flourish". I think those shows were failures, in terms of exposure and revenue.
  7. 1989 Chicago show: There were more people attending a soccer game at the field next to where the drum corps show was.
  8. You with Westshore and me with Steel City, in 89. Steel City went to Chicago in 88, as well. Michigan in 90: Steel City and Minnesota Brass. Both Chicago shows were not well attended, Dayton was pitiful. Michigan show in 90 was alright....
  9. I know exactly what you mean and who put us in the stands that night. There's a tree at the Econolodge in Allentown with a scar on it, where a limb used to be. πŸ˜‰ I've calmed down considerably, since then.
  10. Ohio Brass Factory, Alliance Ohio. 1980 to 1983: Four years in a row, sitting in the stands eating hotdogs and watching DCA finals instead of competing. Four years in a row just south of 12th place. How do you convince your corps members that this is a good way to spend a weekend? The corps closed its doors after a 13th place finish in the 83 season. A corps that was very well funded and managed. A corps that was loaded with talented folks. A corps that might have opened the Midwest up to DCA competition, years ago. DCA was a hard nut to crack, in those days. Anyone from OBF that wanted to compete in DCA, went east. Yes, I was one of them.
  11. I tried to respond, but something went south on me.... I'll try again. stand by. πŸ™‚
  12. Why would a corps from New Jersey spend a truckload of money to travel to say.... Ohio or Georgia, to compete in a regular season contest? Why would they do this when traditionally, they've been able to have a full summer contest season and a championship finals right in their back yard? Is there a reason to spend that money? what are the benefits? If I was a corps director of an east coast DCA corps, those are the questions I'd be asking. Carpool 45 miles up or down I-95 to a contest, or charter two busses and go to Georgia for a contest that's held on a Sunday? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they'd be going to the contest that's only 45 miles away.
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