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  1. I was looking for the actual text saying what and what is not allowed, photography-wise, at dci shows, but can't find it... regardless, there is NO videotaping allowed, and usually the lense on your still camera should be under a particular number of inches... I always bring a tripod, which greatly helps get better shots, and almost always, at least one person makes a point to verify that I am only shooting still photos.. guess the tripod makes them think "movie" automatically. Allentown's site doesn't list specific restrictions of any sort, as some of the other sites do... glass bottles are
  2. The guard uniforms are dark blue, top to bottom, I believe a velvet material... looks like a black belt around the waist, with a silver buckle. They are definitely different than what they were wearing at the first show, which was the typical all black when their real uniforms aren't ready yet.
  3. That is THE best story I've heard in a long time!!! :)
  4. Volunteers still being sought by Santa Clara Vanguard A Corps to help out on "Miss Amana" (the food truck - no cooking skills needed, as there are tons of other jobs that need to be done, from washing dishes, to chopping, to just about anything) especially for this week and next, Monday, June 4 through Friday, June 15th (possibly also on Saturday, June 16) in Angel's Camp, California (through Sunday, June 10) and then again in Fremont, California (Monday night, June 11 through the rest of the week.) (Hours helps is needed are from 6:30am through to about 11pm) If you can volunteer some of yo
  5. Our daughter has marched Mandarins, SCV A Corps and now BD A corps... I often wear drum corps tshirts, and last summer I was in the post office, sending her a care package (she was then in SCV), wearing a Mandarins t-shirt... the guy several places in line behind me stopped me on my way out to say he wished Mandarins luck, and that he'd marched Freelancer's. We talked for a bit, which got others in the line interested in the conversation, and someone else had marched some other corps, although I don't recall which one... I didn't recognize the name at the time. Also last summer, my husband's
  6. I too would love to hear the Victory concerts as APDs, and video clips as well. And when there are two corps playing together, and you see the members intermixed with each other, that adds a hugely positive emotional impact to the evening. The activity of drum corps makes the world a much smaller place - those kinds of events make it even smaller.
  7. I too would love to see that. I think people are interested in seeing ANY corps, not only the one their child is in, or their allegiance is the closest to, just because it's fun and interesting to see "a day in the life" in any aspect of this activity. Every corps has their own sort of "story to tell". And if not for an entire week, how about even just a day or two?
  8. Agreed! As I was approaching the entrance to the Pavilion with tripod and a big camera bag visibly in tow, as staff approached me, I worried that they were going to tell me "no videotaping". Much to my happiness, all she said was "no glass bottles or aluminum cans allowed." I filmed right out in plain sight, as did many other people, and in fact was even allowed to stand behind the guys who were doing the professional audio recordings. When BD staff approached me, and very politely so, asking me to please not post footage on YouTube, I was happy to comply. If everyone keeps getting so up
  9. I replied to someone in another thread about air beds, and forgot which thread I was in.. here's some things I posted that may pertain more to rookies, so I'm pasting it in here... Something that may be handy for rookies is some info about laundry day. If you can handle the weight of pre-measuring a cup of laundry powder into small ziplock baggies and packing some "bounce" dryer sheets, you can avoid the lines your fellow corps members create when buying theirs at the laundromats. You've never seen a laundromat in action, until you see it in Drum Corps action! Also, rolls of quarters, or 35mm
  10. For those who have no use for two airbeds or can't find anyone to buy the second one, Target has "Eddie Bauer" brand that look basically like that AeroSport that they usually sell for about $50 for twin, $80ish for queen (although not all corps will allow people to take larger than queen, so check before you buy). It runs on 4 D-cell batteries. Lots of people have that bed, and if your batteries run out and you don't have time to buy new ones, you can borrow someone else's, inflate yours, take them out and give them back until you get a chance to buy 4 more. They only take about a minute to
  11. I believe their show is called "Eureka!"
  12. Sacramento, California. Went last year too, and had a GREAT time! Almost as good as being at a show live. <almost> Taking relatives from Japan, who have never even heard of drum corps - no way I'm missing my daughter on the big screen just because of company, right???? ... they seem really excited though. As for when it's over, Cavaliers go on (west coast time) at 8:01, so should be over by 9pm if not sooner.
  13. There actually was a thread on this already... I just copied a lot of stuff from it to pass on to a huge group of our corps that's going to Madison, so here is a lot of what I collected... Madison dining guide: Great Dane Brew Pub: Urban Pizza (across from Camp Randall Stadium) Lombardinos Claddagh Irish Pub Culvers (Lots of locations, good burger/semi-fast food place! National chain, but started in WI!) h
  14. Do you know which corps is in 17th? Southwind or Mandarins? Do you know what time SCV goes on?
  15. Only the top 17, unless, like last year, there was a tie for 17th between Seattle Cascades and Mandarins, so there were 18 corps aired in the theater. Just as a piece of interest, they also tied the NEXT night too, so there were 13 corps at semifinals. Needless to say, they didn't tie a third time!!