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  1. Question #2 would be why CNN ran with it. Maybe that's what I'm more interested in. I mean, everything's out here now. I don't need to know about sources & leaks. Just how and why a story made it to CNN.
  2. Speaking from the Carolinas, if Crown doesn't win, there will be many people feeling blue. Coats or ponchos will be needed to avoid being soaked by the tears.
  3. Does anyone have any insight as to how this article FOUND its way to cnn.com, anyway? It's not like Anderson Cooper is keeping his ear to the pavement in front of Lucas Oil Stadium. Leak by a non-G7er?
  4. Tank

    Cadets to stay in DCI

    Yeah, the current concept has nothing to do with leaving DCI. Many fear the slippery slope the current concept could create.
  5. Village at Sandhill, "Columbia", SC
  6. Tank

    If G7 breaks away

    Or, take the example another direction (now that I have more time): If multi-million dollar contracts weren't involved, how many guys would like to play for the Yankees AFTER they announce that they are going to have a series of 162 Home Run Derbies across the country instead of competing in the AL East and potentially playing the (actual) World Series? Would the history/legacy (Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Yankee Stadium-sometimes) of the Yankee organization be enough for players to join this meaningless exhibition instead of playing Major League Baseball games for Boston or Philadelphia or another team?
  7. Tank

    If G7 breaks away

    No, but they might not want to be (hypothetically) traded from the American League to a college summer league, where they will no longer compete in Major League Baseball games. THAT is the long-term fear.
  8. From Jeff's thing (presentation? press release?): For poops and giggles, I looked into it. The Cadets: 12,730 "likes" (I presume this is what they mean by "friends"-taken from the Facebook links on corps' webpages) Blue Devils: 38,924 Cavaliers: 34,635 Phantom Regiment: 42,693 Carolina Crown: 23,937 Santa Clara Vanguard: 26,528 Bluecoats: 7,144 This doesn't address repeats, either. And, what percentage of people "Like" one or more of these corps AND DCI??? (If FB friends is our benchmark statistic now, makes you wonder what the G3 of Phantom, Blue Devils, and Cavaliers are doing with "scrubs" like the Cadets and Bluecoats.)
  9. If history is any indication (corps size, electronics), the stars are coming.
  10. Tank


    One could argue Cesario has already done that. "Taking a bath in chocolate"? Oy.
  11. Tank


    Yeah, I'd have to go with "highly unlikely".
  12. So using this logic (and I realize you were just running with someone else's point), it sounds like the G7 Cirque du Whatever concept would likely draw the exact same (and same number of) fans into its fold (less any one alienated by the presumed G7/DCI split).
  13. I have, admittedly, selected a few choice quotes: Let's back it up here. Wasn't that magical show in Allentown, the one that drew 1800, SUPPOSED to be a prototype of this new Cirque du Drum Corps show that was supposed to draw in the hundreds of thousands??? I may be crazy, but I think the upcoming "actual drum corps show" in Allentown will draw a few more than 1800. Hint: I'm not crazy.