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    Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Vanguard, Cadets, 1974 Muchachos
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    As marching member, 1976 Blue Devils, as a spectator, 2017 Blue Devils.
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    1980...great year
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  1. With all due respect, SCV on top there? They really didn't have much at all. Very well constructed program, great GE, excellent performances, but they weren't in the top half of the top 12 in "drill".
  2. BDCorno

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    This is one of the bigger problems. DCI and all the corps are separate organizations. DCI's only power play available is to suspend a group's ability to compete in DCI sanctioned shows...and that may even be dubious. "Non-tour" events (pretty much any event that's not a regional or TOC) could potentially allow a sanctioned group to perform. It's not quite like the NFL or NBA in which there are such large amounts of money involved that a league would have that kind of leverage. It's very obvious that DCI has taken a "hands off" approach while the activity has partially cleaned up its own messes in the past couple of decades. Too often though, bad actors such as GH and at minimum, very poor managers such as Blenski were still involved with the activity. DCI could have applied pressure and achieved some change, but I doubt the type of pressure they could apply would dislodge any of these types, outside of ones already on their way out. Each group is its own corporation, with leadership, boards of directors and other officers. Unless DCI groups decide to incorporate formal and legal oversight of their organizations by DCI management, it's probably going to end up that change will happen by internal means, peer pressure (social media) and/or bad press. It's a sad situation, but it's reality.
  3. BDCorno

    Blue Devils 2019

    While I agree with the thought, it actually is the biggest problem in the world. Getting outraged, then creating bigger outrage via social media, in response to otherwise trivial indiscretions is the way of the world now. The world has lost the ability to "blow things off" that have no real impact on life. EVERYTHING is in play, and it's only getting worse.
  4. BDCorno

    Blue Devils 2019

    True or not, WTF with the pic? I thought BD was feeding the kids.
  5. BDCorno

    Blue Devils 2019

    Photoshop. No way does a person with the left leg of a 95 year old march with BD. Heavy pixellation at the left wrist, perspective on the carpet is all over the place...not buying it. Even if it isn't, the chances are just about as good that someone got a BD top to make this pic.
  6. BDCorno

    One Finals Ticket Needed.

    Still looking?
  7. BDCorno

    Blue Devils 2018

    Well yes of course, never on their own accord. They’re fortunate to be in there, and though I’d have loved to sit in, I’m sure the Colts determined that being there on a workday was too dangerous. Hopefully we can get in there Saturday.
  8. BDCorno

    Blue Devils 2018

    ALWAYS open to the public.
  9. BDCorno

    CLAIMED Procrastinators special! 2 Semis Tix - Friends of DCI Gold

    I'd be inclined to take them off your hands. Will be around the show tomorrow? Could meet you around 5:30 if available.
  10. Just skip the dentist and play any drum corps with singing. It's like a root canal without the trip to the dentist.
  12. Yeah, if I had to run in those, I'd have chafing for years...
  13. Hahaha! No, it's not the same thing and my reference was NOT flawed. BD show concentrates on the stories of the characters in the painting. They take a literal painting backdrop and build that. The Tower of Babel thing is more figurative, and I don't see it out of their show. If they went to some huge and tall stage at the end, that would be cool...and maybe it will happen. Two great corps going at it. I like all of the top three. They all have their pros and cons. Not my favorite BD show lately by a longshot, but I haven't seen live since Riverside. I'll never count them out though. I love SCV's show, but was mostly getting across that it should be okay to NOT have a theme. You attending this week? Maybe I'll buy you a beer.