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    Frontiersmen 1974-1975, Blue Devils 1976-1980; BDB staff 1981-1982; VK staff 1982-1983; VK Winter Guard design staff 1983-1984; Drum Corps West brass and visual judge 1983-1988; WGASC color guard judge 1982-1995; HS band music/visual judge 1983-present; High school brass coaching and drill design, 1982-2001
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    Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Vanguard, Cadets, 1974 Muchachos
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    As marching member, 1976 Blue Devils, as a spectator, 2017 Blue Devils.
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    1980...great year
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  1. And it’s a very small base at that. During our alumni get together yesterday, I asked someone involved with the organization closely, how many members they have that marched 2019. Answer is about 8...out of 162. That’s just an incredible turnover, but not surprising during a time where groups like BD were almost all 18 to 21-year-olds. Take two full years off, you’re not gonna have much left. The talent level is obvious, staff and design team still at the top of the activity. Where things get interesting is trying to upload the history, traditions, culture, and mindset of the organization into an empty vessel. That is going to be a process. It was heartening to see the excitement of the group after they came off the field last night. Was really proud of the performance they put on for a first show. To think that about 155 performers were simultaneously experiencing the excitement, stress, and sheer terror of a first performance with Blue Devils! Annnd pulling it off well enough to get a standing O from discriminating and hard-to-impress alumni like myself, and another who is on staff with another top tier brass program. All that said, they have such a long way to go but the initial iteration is a great start. I was chatting with a long time friend and staff member at rehearsal on Friday. They alluded to how this group has made huge leaps forward in terms of performance, and they expect more of the same all summer. I think it’s going to be a special bunch by August.
  2. Hi, I am hoping you could leave the New England Patriots out of comparisons. They simply don’t win often enough to be in the discussion. 😜
  3. Well, for starters they have ditched their System Blue horns and are on Conn-Selmer made horns. That has really adjusted the EQ overall for the horns. Chip Crotts also brings a more aggressive and in-your-face vibe to the horns, which I really love. Nice to see a Jim Ott-ish approach for the first time in about 45 years. I did attend the rehearsal and uniformed performance at Grand Terrace “blind”. General impression for me was positive but there is so far to go with the show. They are really at stage one in the active deployment of the show. Major ideas and concepts have been blocked in. Once they get past tonight’s show, then they begin going through this show with a fine tooth comb, a process that will last until they arrive at Indy. The program is a little disjointed and the flow isn’t quite where it needs to be but they will get the transitions ironed out, and refine the drill ideas. I anticipate some moderate changes in the drill, feels a little too “big linear” for me at the moment. There is no question the move to 165 members has had an impact though. The field seems quite a bit more congested than in the past, and I kind of like the negative space that a group of say, 135 provides. I’m not sure if this is a temporary thing and they’ll roll it back but if they don’t, hopefully this is as big as it gets. Any bigger, it’s just gonna look like marching band. At any rate, they are off to a good start. One thing for sure is, BD staff will make sure they challenge the kids to the bitter end. It’s no coincidence how many times they have pulled off a title win at the 11th hour. They are literally improving until they get on the bus for finals. That’s the essence of the BD aura.
  4. Interested...what side of 141? I'd consider along or very nears the aisle nearest the 50. Thanks!
  5. Could you explain the "rave club" reference? Not getting it.
  6. Finals, finals and semis, or all three rounds. Any quantity, what you got? Thanks! PM me.
  7. I don't know, maybe I got lucky but it was quite a bit better than the hot dogs. I'l generally grab dinner at Shapiro's anyway.
  8. There is a thing called DCA. You can march till the cows come home. No need to raise the age limit.
  9. It's a tough spot. Extending membership has its own challenges. Groups like BD, who routinely have ageout numbers in 20-30-40 range, are looking at another bus, and additional infrastructure/feeding/show related issues. I don't know if there is a perfect answer, though I'd be shocked if 100% of eligible would take advantage. Life goes on, as do every person's situation...especially when you're young. As harsh as it sounds, just let it be and move on. That's just the way life works at times, and there is no way to shield ourselves from the inevitable challenges of life. This is a perfect example of that. It's how you respond to the challenge and move on that is important.
  10. Lost in the "extended eligibility" discussion...what about kids just coming of age/experience/proficiency, that would have been in the mix for a spot in 2021? Now, the natural flow of available spots has been disrupted by the change in policy. Gotta feel good for those age-outs that get a second chance, but it's going to limit/destroy a year of eligibility for others. I really doubt that all potential age-outs will still march next year, as life goes on and forward, but I feel bad for the kids unintentionally caught up in the situation. Maybe they could bump, or ignore membership limits for one year, allowing an equal amount of spots to the "grandfathered" members? Just a thought.
  11. Yeah, there was a very healthy helping of angry shows. Pretty unfortunate, and I agree that we could use a broader palette of emotions from the activity at large.
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