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  1. I don't know, maybe I got lucky but it was quite a bit better than the hot dogs. I'l generally grab dinner at Shapiro's anyway.
  2. There is a thing called DCA. You can march till the cows come home. No need to raise the age limit.
  3. It's a tough spot. Extending membership has its own challenges. Groups like BD, who routinely have ageout numbers in 20-30-40 range, are looking at another bus, and additional infrastructure/feeding/show related issues. I don't know if there is a perfect answer, though I'd be shocked if 100% of eligible would take advantage. Life goes on, as do every person's situation...especially when you're young. As harsh as it sounds, just let it be and move on. That's just the way life works at times, and there is no way to shield ourselves from the inevitable challenges of life. This is a perfect exampl
  4. Lost in the "extended eligibility" discussion...what about kids just coming of age/experience/proficiency, that would have been in the mix for a spot in 2021? Now, the natural flow of available spots has been disrupted by the change in policy. Gotta feel good for those age-outs that get a second chance, but it's going to limit/destroy a year of eligibility for others. I really doubt that all potential age-outs will still march next year, as life goes on and forward, but I feel bad for the kids unintentionally caught up in the situation. Maybe they could bump, or ignore membership limits for on
  5. Yeah, there was a very healthy helping of angry shows. Pretty unfortunate, and I agree that we could use a broader palette of emotions from the activity at large.
  6. My 2010-2019 rankings: 1. 2014 Felliniesque 2. 2017 Metamorph 3. 2012 Cabaret Voltaire 4. 2015 Ink 5. 2019 Ghostlight 6. 2010 Through a Glass Darkly 7. 2016 As Dreams are Made On 8. 2018 Dreams + Nighthawks 9. 2013 ReRite of Spring 10. 2011 The Beat My Heart Skipped
  7. I have a pair of seats in a fantastic location for SEMIFINALS and PRELIMS: Section 139, Row 16, Seats 15-16. Seats are right at the 40 yard line, excellent height and proximity to the field for both visual and sound. $89 each for semis, $59 each for prelims.
  8. As a stand-alone remedy, I'd agree with you. It had better be part of a larger plan to reorganize, revitalize and repair functional deficiencies. Opening up the pool of potential membership candidates is absolutely a step in the right direction, based on recent challenges in that area. Only time will tell whether this is part of a plan, or a desperate, "swing for the fences" move.
  9. Yeah, alumni whose opinion I respect were very impressed. Good sign, this time of year. Programs usually develop slowly, mostly skeletal during June, and really kick in when they get to the Midwest. Can pretty well tell, by the time they hit the RCC show, if they're legit. Would love to see a video, but might just bite the bullet for another week and see it in uniform on BloMarching, then in person in two weeks.
  10. Boy, that simple description brings it all back. Baking all day in the sun at Mars, then chilly, wind-whipped evening rehearsals...annnnnd the sand fleas, mostly dirt field and ankle-breaking cracks and dropoffs. Good times! 😄
  11. With all due respect, SCV on top there? They really didn't have much at all. Very well constructed program, great GE, excellent performances, but they weren't in the top half of the top 12 in "drill".
  12. This is one of the bigger problems. DCI and all the corps are separate organizations. DCI's only power play available is to suspend a group's ability to compete in DCI sanctioned shows...and that may even be dubious. "Non-tour" events (pretty much any event that's not a regional or TOC) could potentially allow a sanctioned group to perform. It's not quite like the NFL or NBA in which there are such large amounts of money involved that a league would have that kind of leverage. It's very obvious that DCI has taken a "hands off" approach while the activity has partially cleaned up its own messes
  13. While I agree with the thought, it actually is the biggest problem in the world. Getting outraged, then creating bigger outrage via social media, in response to otherwise trivial indiscretions is the way of the world now. The world has lost the ability to "blow things off" that have no real impact on life. EVERYTHING is in play, and it's only getting worse.
  14. True or not, WTF with the pic? I thought BD was feeding the kids.
  15. Photoshop. No way does a person with the left leg of a 95 year old march with BD. Heavy pixellation at the left wrist, perspective on the carpet is all over the place...not buying it. Even if it isn't, the chances are just about as good that someone got a BD top to make this pic.
  16. Well yes of course, never on their own accord. They’re fortunate to be in there, and though I’d have loved to sit in, I’m sure the Colts determined that being there on a workday was too dangerous. Hopefully we can get in there Saturday.