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  1. Are you out there?

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    2. hockeycaps


      That sounds great. Yes, my Paypal should be either my email or cell. Definitely send anyone my way for prelims.....I have 2 tickets. Thanks again.


    3. BDCorno


      Just sent $$$. Thx, talk to ya Thursday. Safe travels. 

    4. hockeycaps


      Thank you! Safe travels to you as well!

  2. Interested in the semis and finals tickets you have. Can Paypal you immediately. Probably getting too late to mail and make it in time, so could pick up from you at Indy if you'd like. I'm staying downtown and get in very early Thursday morning. Let me know if you'd like to sell them to me. Thanks! David.


  3. Hey, a bit confused. Did you sell the seats? If not, definitely interested. Can paypal immediately if you do. Thanks. Lemme know.

  4. Interested in the three tix for finals, assuming location and price is good.

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    2. 1977Kingsmen


      I am in Iowa could you pleas call 1-319-743-5529 thanks Tom

    3. BDCorno


      Give you a call in a couple...

    4. BDCorno


      Nice chatting, Thomas. Just sent $297 to you.

      If you're wanting to watch some video, go to YouTube and find my channel, Cairnman100. I've named the shows in odd ways to escape the DCI police, so don't worry. :)