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  1. Lots of good guards out there, but sorry...BD has content and difficulty and exposure that nobody else does, and it's not really all that close. Vanguard really good too, but not there.
  2. Yep was at Indy. They flew her in on Wednesday morning. Had about a day's worth of rehearsal before prelims. Wonder if everyone remembers the brown-out of the pit (thus all the audio cues) at that show, then the penalty assessed due to a rule created by two groups and their warmup spat. Fourth place at prelims didn't look good, but I knew they were going to win. Was a powerful show that maxed out on exactly the right day. Probably the most surprising and satisfying title in many years.
  3. Update: after assessing the damage, looks as if the tent took some damage but is being repaired. There is some water damage (imagine that) as well, but overall it's not as bad as first feared. They're apparently back up and running. Good news!
  4. Are you out there?

    1. hockeycaps


      That sounds great. Yes, my Paypal should be either my email or cell. Definitely send anyone my way for prelims.....I have 2 tickets. Thanks again.


    2. BDCorno


      Just sent $$$. Thx, talk to ya Thursday. Safe travels. 

    3. hockeycaps


      Thank you! Safe travels to you as well!

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  5. BD's souvenir booth and product got destroyed in the storm last night. They're assessing the damage now, hope they can get replacements in less than a week. Wonder if there were other groups that had similar issues.
  6. Interested in the semis and finals tickets you have. Can Paypal you immediately. Probably getting too late to mail and make it in time, so could pick up from you at Indy if you'd like. I'm staying downtown and get in very early Thursday morning. Let me know if you'd like to sell them to me. Thanks! David.


  7. Of course the term "rookie" means something a lot different than say, back in my day...but it's pretty much the same for all the top groups. Experience with another corps (or band, for that matter) isn't a bad thing, but it's hardly a panacea. Having the tools and capabilities to win an audition is one thing, but it doesn't prepare you for the kinds of things you'll be asked to do. I thought this BD360 video was pretty good, and reflected the challenges facing new members:
  8. Ummm, there is only one finals ticket that I see. I’m in for semis and finals myself. What say you, hockeycaps?
  9. Interested in the semis and finals tix. But if you have someone that will take all three, I’d step aside for them.
  10. So as you can see, it’s a very veteran unit with the guard. Smart show theme, leaning on the strength and experience there. CC (Chris, the head drum major) is a lonely guy. I sort of know the feeling, in my ageout year in 1980, I was the senior member of the horn line by two years. Only one left from the first two title runs. Have to say, it is a testament to the staff and to the kids that they’re running this strong with 60% rookies.
  11. Rest of the corps: color guard 22-13-6-3 battery 14-2-0-1 Pit 6-2-5-0 drum majors 0-1-1-0-1 BD corps totals: 89 rookies 36 2nd year 22 3rd year 5 4th year 1 5th year (head drum major)
  12. Brass line: trumpets 13-8-3-0 mellos 13-2-1-0 euphs 15-4-5-0 tubas 6-4-1-1 TOTAL: 47 rookies 18 2nd year 10 3rd year 1 4th year
  13. What amazes me is how well the percussion are doing, with only 3 veterans out of 17 battery members.
  14. One can only hope. Not sure what it feels like...2016 or 2015. Hoping for the latter lol. Same type of situation....BD are the underdogs with a very young corps. But they could surprise. That was one sweet victory.
  15. Yep. GE is king with the current system. You either have to win it, or be pretty #### close if you want to shot at a ring.
  16. They have to achieve at least a virtual stalemate in GE and brass. That's a tough mountain to climb, but it can be done.
  17. Could you be more specific? :0) Hope you find what you're looking for!
  18. QUALITY. Simply performing a show to a high level technically, and executing the notes, steps, movement and equipment requirements of the show isn't quite enough to bust into the "great" category. More times than not, and with few exceptions, BD meets those minimum (for them) standards. Elevating the program via intrinsic performance qualities is what really makes a great BD show "pop". That's what many miss...and to the detriment of their enjoyment of a great BD program. It's hard to appreciate from afar, and that's why I enjoy attending their rehearsals at Indy. When all that QUALITY comes o
  19. *You* might take another look... Maybe you'd learn something.