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  1. Shapiro's is DA PLACE. Traditional pre-finals dinner. Went there last year before semis as the chocolate cake for dessert, and was in a food coma up until the final six.
  2. What are all you people smoking? If Cavies end up ahead of BAC, I'll eat my hat.
  3. Actually, BD did Bird and Bela 25+ years ago, and snippets back in 2012. Just for clarity.
  4. I have zero issues with my Roku Stick.
  5. Well shucks, Crown Phan. I might have three tickets, but they're not for people with stopwatches and a huge blind spot. Oh well...
  6. It's going to be a long process as they solidify and dial in all the effects and intent of the show. Anyone who would count out BD, based on their show this time of year, does so at their peril. The process of building their show is methodical, well planned and executed. So many times in the past few years (INK was a perfect example), have sat there at midseason wondering if they'd fix this or that. "In BD staff we trust" should be the motto. SCV has the momentum, sympathetic "crowd favorite" status and corps to win it all, but they're not going down without a fight from the Blue Crew. They're
  7. Seems to be plenty of that going around with those that don't like BD for whatever reason. Make no effort at all to open the mind to what's really going on out there. Simplify and dismiss the show as shallow, lacking demand and inferior. Blue Devils consistently put on well-constructed shows with highly competitive and usually unique demands on the performers, whether percussion, horns or color guard. The dance features in the show are mind blowing. Difficulty of the horn book is highly competitive, and they take chances in terms of range that some top groups eschew. The drum line has already
  8. That is what he said...that is what saxfreq1128...said.
  9. So you're looking for Friends of DCI sections. Might be tough. Can tell you that DCI has no more anywhere in those sections, because I bought the last five yesterday. You would have to be a FoDCI to have access to them anyway. Best bet is keeping your eyes peeled here and on the DCP Facebook page.
  10. Thank you! People simply don't see these things. As they say "the Devils are in the details"...and it's really true. To better describe the move, you have most of the horn line on the far left in a large, spread block. They start with a line of trumpets and mellos near center. It starts undulating like an octopus arm, and progressively picks up people from the block, eventually collecting everyone. So the line gets longer and longer. Constantly changing directions and perspectives. Hella hard stuff. Another great example of what you describe is the drill that followed the ballad, all the
  11. He's been only marginally involved the past few years, but he has been around. Chatted with him at length at Grand Terrace last year. It was time to retire. 45 years with one group is amazing, and he has so much going on elsewhere, it only made sense.
  12. Yeah, you won't find a more welcoming bunch.
  13. Well, BD won percussion last night, along with color guard. Brass second, but right there. Getting beaten in GE fairly soundly at the moment, which I disagree with slightly, but they're still tinkering with the program. SCV seems more complete, at least until their closer. It's an impressive and in your face show with many big and trendy unison movement features. The tuba/percussion ditty that's reminiscent of the Grambling/Southern genre sousaphone grooves is kind of cool, and the kids in the audience just lit up. Lots of appeal in that respect. It's going to be a battle all season. Truly an
  14. I'll be there at about the same time. If I'm lucky I'll get back by 1930, grab some dinner on the way up and make it by run throughs. Sadly, wanted to check out BK but being out of town, and with the alumni hang taking me away early Saturday, I won't have a chance. I'm sure all the usual suspects will be at GT to watch tomorrow. See ya there.
  15. I'm gonna try to make it. Working in PHX, driving home tomorrow nite. May go directly to the rehearsal.
  16. Doing their normal routine. They're pretty methodical about it. Most of the show is blocked in before Stanford weekend. They usually "start tour" midweek before Stanford. They'll typically do a once through of the program, refining and focusing ideas. Also time for the first real cleaning to occur. I'd say this is a time of year when they improve about a point a day. The difference in the BD of DCI West and the SoCal swing BD is pretty dramatic. They'll normally push 80 by Riverside. Tomorrow (Friday) is a System Blue camp. It doesn't really interfere too much with the schedule, but a ton of k
  17. I get ya. I'm excited too. Just like the old days, when I marched. Steel sharpening steel. It only makes both groups better, and that's good for DCI.
  18. 20 seats across in the center sections in the 100's. Seat numbers run counterclockwise, so from right to left as you look at the field from the stands. So seat 1 in 139 is on the outside, seat 1 in 141 is closer to the 50.
  19. "...but SCV’s got their boot firmly placed on BD’s neck" While we're at jumping the gun...BD has won 2 of 3 from SCV. They're both fantastic, but frankly I think the corps that ultimately prevails is more up to BD than SCV. Oh, and popular opinion/sentiment. That's a powerful thing. Like '16.
  20. True! Especially Gymnopedies back in '12!
  21. They employ a very different process than we would have used in the past. Back when I marched, they'd come out with the drill sheets and teach you the drill. You'd learn it, then clean it. Jay and crew "block" ideas onto the field, similar to the way a choreographer would build something onstage. Once the ideas are located "in the vicinity", then they start detailing the hows, whats and connecting ideas. They will add layers of movement and content on top as they work sections of the show. The actual placement of bodies eventually gets formalized (some time in mid-July for everything), and the
  22. Anxious to see it! SCV and Bluecoats have done a good job keeping things under wraps. You know, in years past I'd want to see, and look for early videos from spring training. Now, I just don't care. I'd rather see it after all the sausage making (probably not a good example these days in drum corps lol) is done. Let's get on with it!
  23. Drill writer will be different. Of course, it's not like Gaines is some kind of step down, mind you. Completely disagree with the "very few people" comment...from what I'm seeing, they seem to be the odds-on pick, at least among the non-homer crowd out there. They are certainly positioned well, with the second place last year. Musical program appears to be a monster. Love Metropolis 1927, great tune.
  24. Enthralled by the Mellos, and you didn't see it coming? They've had a rippin' mello line with some pretty sweet parts for about five years now. Always a treat. I'd hold the phone on the title prediction though...seems to be a strong year brewing in the top six. Gonna be interesting.