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  1. Nononononononono....all they do is stand around. SMH.
  2. Just saw a Family Night video. Baaaaad news for the competition. I'm normally loath to watch preseason videos, and I've hated virtually every one of them that I've seen over the past 5-7 years. EVERY time, I'm nothing but impressed by the time they get to SoCal, so I won't push the panic button. Trust the staff. Nothing at all to panic about at this point, from my standpoint. It's the best they've looked and sounded at this juncture since 2014...thus the bad news for the competitors. I'll withhold any criticism and just keep it to myself. The program is in its infancy, and it's just skeletal r
  3. That's awesome! Thanks for the details!
  4. LOL! What drives me nuts are blanket (untrue) statements designed to cut down another group. I don't ever mind having a discussion (as opposed to a trollish pissing contest) with anyone about any corps, their show, things that are good and not so much, etc.. I just can't take my judging hat off...guess it's just my personality but there ya go. It's not unreasonable be able to give a bit of critique without being mean, and also to not set people off, but I guess that's the nature of social media. Sigh. The top corps are all very good, and the differences are many times NOT clear cut. You're dow
  5. I marched five years with BD, worked in the organization for another two...and though I bleed blue, I was first a drum corps fan and still am. During my marching days, I'd typically drive to the local shows instead of taking the bus. I would get there a couple hours early, and would "do the lot", checking out other groups warming up. SCV's excellent drum lines were always there a good 3+ hours ahead, so I'd spend a great deal of time enjoying their warm-ups and runthroughs. If I could catch some horn lines, I'd do that too. I'm obviously proud of my home group, but it doesn't dampen my appreci
  6. There were actually three in '73 (SCV, AK and VK). Carry on, though...
  7. Typical Mars in May. It's the west coast version of "don't like the weather? Just wait a couple of hours".
  8. Ah, sort of forgot that. Thanks for responding. That's a bummer though. Was a good run for us. 1975 was more than a good run, and at least that made it on the album that year. I guess the prohibition was a forerunner to the licensing BS we deal with now.
  9. Someone sure that is World Open 1976? We (BD) won that show, and we're nowhere to be found...nor are Cavaliers or 2-7.
  10. How could anyone not like those old velvet paintings in the cheap hotels of the 60's and 70's?
  11. 12341234123412341234123412341234123412341234123412341234...
  12. Oh, on the funding side of things, found out many years later that Jerry, Giff and some other parents kicked in money to keep the corps fed at times, even as late as the years we marched. People get the impression that BD is so rich and such, and they do okay currently, but we were hand to mouth at times during those first couple of title runs.
  13. I believe 1979 was when we really got our act together with the food. I think we had better equipment starting in 1977, but not a rolling kitchen. What they have now is truly amazing.
  14. Nay nay! Hated the snail french horns. Loved the long piston rotor horns, and then the silver King horns we played in 79-80.
  15. Certainly understood. Question is, at what cost? Once the lawyers get their billable hours, just crumbs left. No good answers.
  16. Good question, though it's like anything's sold as a good thing to the client. Doesn't always turn out that way.
  17. LOL. If anyone thinks that the people making money are the composers/publishers, they'd be mistaken. Anything of this type results in the lawyers cleaning up, and the composers get pennies. It's sort of a running class action lawsuit...the lawyers (Tresona) are "helping" the aggrieved and exploited class actioneers (composers) fight back against exploitation by representing them. After all the billable hours, retainers, and whatever profitable mechanisms they can come up with (streaming service, in this instance) are backed out of the collected money, the "client" (see sucker) gets the crumbs.
  18. Varies slightly from show to show, but always around the middle of the pack. Nothing you can do about it.
  19. He's not allowed to retire yet. I taught him in high school, I'm still working so he has to as well... ;)
  20. Reminds me very much of a band I follow in Las Vegas, Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. They play it all, including a lot of Tower of Power and EWF tunes. Amazing musicians. They had been playing at either the Palms Casino or South Point for quite a while, but with renovations at Palms, they're currently on hiatus there. Well worth checking out if you're in Vegas and looking for some entertainment.