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  1. 54 minutes ago, totaleefree said:

    I see we are not doing Crown's show in Winston Salem again this year.   Which means the long night driving from ATL to Huntinton WV.   Last year it rained and stormed the entire trip. I think we hit every construction zone in the state of TN. Then we had horrible accommodations, the worst I saw on the tour.   It was my first night driving, as I had been on the food truck earlier    An experience to remember for sure.

    Welcome to the tour from he*l

  2. 56 minutes ago, Boss Anova said:

    The current  Percussion arrangers ( battery , FE ) at the Boston Crusaders  at the very least “ have a shot at winning the high percussion award “ for the simple reason that they both together have already done so . ( Cadets ) Ancona can assist in that future quest to perhaps do so again . 

    Perhaps. But they will be going up against the Rennick dynasty.

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  3. 6 hours ago, boxingfred said:

    How you feed your corps is directly related to how your corps performs. Also, 
    -cooking for the different types of dietary needs is important. ( vegatarian, Vegan, gluten free and various food alergies) 
    -Ordering food within a budget, 
    -Planning and scheduling a menu, 
    -Inventory of the food, 
    - Incorperating leftover into snacks
    -Using the food before it expires. 
    -Cooking things that taste halfway decent. 
    -Recruiting, training, and working with volunteers, 
    -Cleaning the food truck and cooking utensils. 
    -Disposal of trash and oils 
    This is just a few things a food truck manager has to deal with. Oh! Have the corps change a meal time or split a meal time between sections at the last minute. And doing this with a positive motivating attitude. In 116 degree temps!

    I got more if you want to hear it! 

    Thanks for your perspective. I spent four summer vacations on our food truck making sure the members had balanced, nutritionally sound meals. It never really warranted an announcement on DCP, it’s just what we did to keep the MMs healthy and well fed.

  4. On 9/21/2022 at 11:17 AM, rcawth said:

    No no no. Just the theme for all the audition material branding. Although it is fun to see all the speculation on here and Facebook. Also, while I'm here: Drum Corps’ Leadership and Design Team Returns

    This was Robert’s response to the show theme idea. Someone suggested the new branding looked a lot like the online game Firewatch 


    If you read the intro it looks like a really interesting concept for a show. Troopers, don’t sell off that oil rig just yet, you could get a second year’s use out of it!

  5. 39 minutes ago, ShortyRock said:

    Assuming DCI is still doing them, does anyone know when the Finals/Semifinals recordings would be available to purchase?  I can't remember the normal timeline. 

    Looks like DCI stopped selling audio/blu-ray recordings after the 2019 season. I’m not holding my breath on a “2022 Collection”. Perhaps individual corps will produce their own? I, personally, would rather give my money to the individual corps if they produce recordings.

  6. 1 hour ago, jjeffeory said:

    Is it funny?

    Not really. Very WGI focused which is not a bad thing, but I prefer a separation between WGI and Drum Corps.

    FYI “Inbetween” all you have offered in many threads is a haha emoji…..not particularly adding insight to multiple conversations. It’s time to speak up.

    Donning my flame proof suit.

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  7. 1 hour ago, PRomoter said:

    Pretty sure it’s time to move this discussion to another thread. 

    Just saying that maybe it’s time to break from the mold and stop expecting corps and DCI  to follow/award the monkey see, monkey do paradigm.

    Not hating on anyone here, just wanting to see other captions get awarded more than what they are today.

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