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  1. Thanks for your concern. I don't really need anyone to come running to my defense, I am not a helpless female. And I do care to hear your opinion. This is a forum, and if people don't discuss things, then it becomes boring. As far as something deeper than dislike of the guard, it isn't that I don't like the guard, I just wish they were as exciting as they have been in the past, particularly 89-96 when I thought they had a top 5 placing guard, some years even top 3-my opinion. I think they are good most years, but not amazing. I can't think of a year as of late, that I didn't think Cadets, BD, Cavies, Crown and Coats haven't put on a better performance guard wise. I enjoy SCV guard better, but realize they aren't always quite as clean.

    Now if we were talking percussion, I thought Phantom probably had 2nd place this year above Bluecoats, but the judges felt otherwise. But this discussion was about guard, and my opinion, I think they have been overated the last 4 years.

    As far as the play on words, it wasn't mine. And I think I mispelled it. I believe they spelled it Phooked. Maybe one of the members of PR hornline can clarify the word and its spelling? the next time I talk to my brother I will see if I can clear it up.

    I'm not defending you Melissa. When you start talking gibberish about conspiract theories and "fixed" placings you just ruined any credibility you "might" have had. When you use that sort of stuff to rationalize your opinion...just kinda makes your opinion questionable. That's all

    Have a nice summer.

  2. As a financial fix, it didn't completely solve the matter. But if you haven't noticed, the top 3 corps at finals usually have the longest lines at the souvie stands. So I think by placing PR in the top 3, regardless of where they deserve helps them out financially, and DCI realizes that there are a lot of PR fans in the audience, and may help them out at shows the following season if they aren't inactive.

    Another thing, almost the only people who disagree with any of my statements are people that have marched Phantom in the past, no one else seems to disagree at all. The one thing I did notice when my brother marched Phantom, is that alot of the staff and members claimed they got ******, when they didn't get the placement they wanted. Well, if in the past they felt this way, the last few years should prove to be a make up call.

    As for the guard this upcoming season, I can't wait to see who they get on staff. Maybe they will be better than Bluecoats this season, as they unloaded some of their staff to Bluecoats, and the new staff will hopefully be much better. I would love to see some of the spark in the guard like we saw in the early 90's. I thought those guards were much more exciting, and hope they can bring back this kind of energy in future years.

    I have a feeling the reason people haven't been running to your defense Melissa is because of your approach. As other posters here have said, conspriacy theories are just that and to use these theories to justify your opinion of Regiment's guard, well, just doesn't speak well for you. If you're calling people out...then name names... Oh and as for your "play on words". That's just poor taste

    You have the right to voice your opinion...as do I. Care to hear mine? I think this goes deeper than a dislike of the guard...

    Am I close?

  3. What position are you in to answer questions for this organization. I do know you were with Phantom Legion at one time. What are you so afraid of here? You seem desperate to close this thread, and it seems in fear of anymore discussion happening.

    Tom has been involved with the Regiment in many ways, shapes, and forms over the years. Appreciate what he has to say as he at least speeks to the topic with a voice of reason. I put more stock in what he has to say then most of the speculation/conspiracy theories everyone else is cooking up. :tongue:

    I get the impression Tom is asking the thread be closed because he no longer feels the need to beat a dead horse. Is that wrong?

  4. OK, I'm sure several of you will take offense to my even asking. Tough. You let me march there, you get to put up with me. I only ask cuz I love.

    Can you all help fill in the blanks on Phantom Regiment's special financial needs over the years? It seems like this recent type of thing comes up with relatively regular occurrence. I remember hearing something about December 1988 (?) right before beginning the fabulous 1989 show. Again in about 1995/1996? Last summer brought need for a new car for tour. This year brings out the need for $122k which was really a settlement for over $400,000...blows my mind!

    I'm interested in hearing more about this group's financial needs over the year. I don't mean gas money or money for groceries or staff salaries, etc. I'm talking about big expenditures like food trucks or equipment trucks, advance vehicle, bad debt, etc.

    Also, anybody have details on where / when this money became loan/debt, etc? I know it traces back to the 90's--when? How much per year, etc. $470,000 is an awful lot of money for one group to tear through in that short of time. What was it spent on?? Any fraud on the part of previous members of the Board, etc? That's a heckuva lot of money in any case.

    Here we go again...Silverperson...If you're that interested as an alum go to the source. Stop stirring up garbage and do something constuctive. Like HELPING drum corps.

  5. Wow...tough crowd. Mike, look at my profile. I think I have my particulars listed there. Just cuz I've done something musical since my DC days doesn't mean I'm going to use "SUTA" in my screen name the rest of my life.

    However, I frequently use the serial # from my DEG (G) for codes, sign-in's, etc. Geek that I am. And band-O to me is a term of endearment...I refer to myself pretty often from my pre-corps days as "King Band-O." I was.

    Buses...yes. Dallas has more school buses coming in than corps buses. Can't be that hard getting buses from the bus barn. Or terribly expensive. Actually, try convincing me that it is more time consuming to book a couple or several buses than putting on a show...or hosting a corps. There are a whole mess of band directors who take their kids to these shows as enrichment or whatever. And, yes, to many of them it's just time away from M&D, or time in the back seat of the bus, or an opportunity to talk...I've sat near them, too. But if the only reason you do something is for the money or convenience of it being at your school (which I'm sure it's not, Mike), then I would have to say, sorry, there are literally thousands of other directors out there who would gladly bus their kids to the Cotton Bowl instead of Mesquite Memorial Stadium, or fill in the blanks for your locale. I'm proposing change, I realize. And I also realize how much we humans like change...I'm one of you, remember.

    And here's another point that comes to mind...do fans come to shows to see the corps...or to go to Homer B. Fuddbutter stadium? I mean, Ratcliffe (sp?) Stadium in Odessa, TX is home to the Odessa Permian HS football team. 6 or so state championships. Big-time place. I don't care! Not my school, not my team. Go see a show there? No thanks. If that's the only show within driving distance? Well, maybe. But not because of the stadium. I've gone to the Alamodome the last two years, but not b/c it's in the Alamodome. Ugh. Too cold. Reverb. But all of the corps are there, and I haven't been able to get to finals in recent memory, so San Antone it is.

    Anyone who thinks that a crowd won't go see corps b/c of the stadium its in check your logic. Rose Bowl didn't seem to hurt attendance. Neither did Mile High or Foxboro. Now, maybe we cut down on the number of shows in any particular region in favor of one at the BIG house (locally). Boston area, if memory serves correctly, has a pretty good number of shows. Warranted in that area due to the love for DC. Madison region, too. But only so many corps to go around can only make it around so far. And I would say that demand outpaces supply at this point. Several of you seem to be hanging on pretty tight to the idea of "your" local shows. Sorry, I have to take a step back and ask, "Is the idea of 'local shows' going to GROW DCI or STUNT its growth?" Now, we can each have our own opinions on that and argue/discuss those all day. But I maintain that bigger stadiums is the way to go.

    And here's one more point, I think I've made somewhere else before, that I'd like to hear counterarguments to. I would put forward that if DCI is performing in NCAA and NFL stadiums almost exclusively, DCI and the corps take a leap forward in prestige, recognition, etc, even to the point that potential corporate partners take note when DCI comes knocking. "Oh, the BIG stadium DCI--yeah, thanks for calling us!" Instead of, "DCI? Yeah, you guys perform in HS stadiums, don't you?"

    Again, we're talking about a scarce resource in the number of corps, and this whole topic sprouted forth from the idea that there aren't enough corps available to fill enough shows that every single local show from the 1970's when there were 400 corps can maintain "their" little local show! Sorry. Not my decision that 300+ corps aren't around any longer.

    Think NFL, guys. Not my stadium argument but actual NFL football, now. Where are the franchises located? Yeah, yeah...Green Bay...little bitty population that it has...exception. Yeah, yeah...LA...no franchise...2nd biggest market in America. The franchises are, in general, located in the BIG markets, and they've got BIG stadiums as a result. If they played in some rural area or mid-major market, it might be a bit different. The NFL goes where the money is, and in general, that's where the population is. DCI needs to think about their touring model, alright. But I have no problem with national tours...did them twice, little problem. But national tours and local shows are kind of contradictory, and that's my point.

    That, and if you put it in high-box stadiums, you can record it and broadcast it on the web, or at least make it available for download. Harder to do in a HS stadium with lower box (due to smaller capacity) and crosswinds (due to open ended designs). Don't think open stadiums is a problem? Should have heard Cadets at Dallas last summer...Hop running down aisle telling the board operator to "yank it!" when one of the mic's was picking up nice, strong Dallas crosswind. Didn't have that issue in Alamodome couple nights later. Yeah, yeah...indoors...didn't stop DCI from doing mid-season DVD in Atlanta.

    Make mine a Dan Farrell bobblehead and I'm in! Would Hop's be in all black and bowing? :P Uniform bobbleheads...there's another idea!

    And Mike, the corps can still use your HS to rehearse.

    I'm sorry you're so ignorant

  6. Berlioz is pretty widely recognized as having written the first 'program' symphony in Symphonie Fantastique...stoned out whack that it entailed. Premiered in 1830.

    Yet Beethoven's 6th Symphony, the Pastorale, was Beethoven's early version of what would become known as a program symphony and premiered in 1808...same concert as the 5th, actually!

    I've always heard about PR's 'programs' in Spartacus as the 'first' DCI program...though I'm not an unbiased source.

    And sutasaurus...speculation is a wonderful thing...and so is your continued participation in pointless threads. :)

    Right back atcha Silvertrombone B) May you have a great big helping of Van De Roost's Spartacus for desert tomorrow. b**bs b**bs b**bs

  7. No, but seriously...if we removed all 'pointless' threads, exactly how many would remain? And if 'pointless' threads were outright banned, how much DCP traffic would depart as well? Then what would we sit around and discuss all day...89 Regiment???

    Small ideas are expressed with few words.

    Pointless due to the fact no music selections have been announced. Period...end of discussion.

  8. haha...funny that a Rockfordite would be complaining about PR repeating stuff, right?

    Who asked if I knew what they're doing? I don't. But look back around page 6...I think I was the first to call it: "I'll bet they don't even use the music of Spartacus." A la Faust...there was no Faust in Faust...would be kind of interesting/funny/weird/unique to do Spartacus as the theme only with no Katchaturian (sp) in the production, huh?

    I asked you....

    What a pointless thread.

  9. Hey as a Regiment alum who performed Gershwin in the 70s, I certainly appreciated what JD and the corps did in 2005. Highly entertaining and just plain fun.

    I have a feeling we may get a smattering of the original ballet music with, let's say, something more contemporary. I'm not really a huge fan of Phillip Glass but 1000 Airplanes on the Roof rocked my world!

    Gimme more! b**bs

  10. I have hesitated to post my opinion here due to the fact it will probably be written off by most people due to perceived bias.

    In the same way that they've re-used the crab wedge and leg-kick, I think that in re-doing a classic show Phantom is admitting that they're not really sure what new concepts they can bring to the show-design table anymore.

    I just think it's a shame. Classical music is such a huge genre, and I just can't believe that instead of choosing one of the thousands of great pieces out there they would opt to redo a show they've done not once, but two times in the past.

    Not a word has been said about what the corps is playing and you feel it's a shame the Regiment can't come up with anything more creative?

    Man what a tough audience.

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