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  1. Typically, the ED’s primary responsibility is to make sure the organization runs well. and they answer to the BOD. You would have to read their specific by-laws as far as how they designate specific jobs. How a drum corps does financially and competitively are two different things (though they typically correlate). It sounds like control programming and design control was given to Will, likely because he wanted to do it, and from the sounds of it, nobody else really did? From an outside perspective, you could see small attempts to fix the problems over the past few years; new caption heads, ed
  2. I hadn’t seen this yet. I think that’s great news!
  3. Couple things... RV is the Executive Director. I have said this before, I just don’t really understand why people are “calling for his head” because of their competitive success (or lack of it). He is ultimately responsible but not the person running that side of things. His job as ED is to find the right people to run the competitive portion of the drum corps. I suppose we could argue that changes were necessary several years prior to now, but, he gave Will a chance to grow into his role when no one else would step up to the plate. I think that Will brought a lot of value to Regiment, an
  4. One thing to keep in mind: this was a brand new stadium. I do know this has been an issue for some corps at all venues, but this could be the reason it was so rampant last night. The established venues have several known wireless frequencies with little interference.
  5. See... I don’t buy that. They manage to hit the road with a drum corps and complete a world class tour year after year, they’ve never cut their season short and just told kids to find a way home, they have uniforms, equipment, their own building, vehicles, etc.; so many things that make up the guts of a drum corps. Someone else just needs to take over.
  6. Someone commandeered an old thread and has been discussing the matter for a few days, pretty widely known.
  7. OC I really like this show. Lots of detail went into this overall show design. The MMs seem like they are really buying into the concept and are performing really well. They’ve cleaned up a bit but still have quite a ways to go, especially basic visual elements (cover downs, jazz runs, etc). Brass is sounding much stronger. Percussion has always been great for OC. What a great ending!!
  8. I agree with you, just falls a little flat compared to others in their range.
  9. Genesis sounds great and they move so well. What an enjoyable show!
  10. Well said. Nowadays, with social media and forums like this, people are so quick to carry a torch and demand change, but I don’t see the same amount of people lining up to volunteer on tour or donate any amount of money to these lower tier (for lack of a better word) groups. I’m not trying to excuse or am even saying this is the cause of this specific case, but similar situations arise because of a lack of support, monetary and otherwise. As far as this specific incident, all of these allegations are serious and require action. Stopping tour and calling in reporters isn’t exactly what I w
  11. Cascades have some great colors - I love the ingenuity of the guard costumes, and the combination of colors on the field. Beautiful!
  12. Cascades: featuring their subwoofer. i really like this show and have seen it live a few times. they might have one of the loudest subs of the night outside of the top 6. the corps gets stronger every day and i just love what they’re doing (but could stand to balance their sound system a little better IMO)
  13. I certainly hope not, because that isn’t the answer to their problem. Not fair to these kids at all. I agree, great run for them and this is my favorite show from Pioneer in a long time.