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    No strictly an "interest", but I am coming to the States in August 2010 on a reciprocal university exchange through the University of California system. I'm hoping to get some good marching experience there and go on to compete with a DCI corps in 2011 season as a rook-out.

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  1. Edit: This has been sold now. I'm not sure how to take this down. Admin? Used Yamaha mellophone (YMP204M) with case - Asking for $500 Case: This has been damaged slightly. It still closes securely and works fine for transportation and storage. Mellophone: Multiple dents, broken third waterkey, all valves move freely, valve caps open with ease and all the slides are free. Inclusions: Two mouthpieces (imitation kanstull m6, frank holton & co. 7c trumpet mouthpiece) I am the second owner of this instrument and received it with a number of dents and loss of some of the silver plating in
  2. That's my band! Yup, lot's of cross-pollination in terms of staff, and that includes brass, not just battery. It's not "just" teaching either, depending on the level of the staff involvement, the staff can develop strong relationships with Gary. Also, having been around the people who march at RCC, a lot of them will aim for (and some will make it) BD because it is one of the more "local" corps. Even if it's in northern california and RCC is in souther california. It's still closer than the cadets or crown!
  3. Boy oh boy am I glad to hear I won't be fighting my body for months! Thanks for the advice everyone. I know what you mean by taking in the experience.. being fast-tracked at RCC has meant I really don't remember much of the season at all. I also just went out and ran my 2 miles :) I guess I should make that a habit. Am I going to be in trouble if I took 18.5 minutes to run that? Also, I don't think the mello counts as a heavier instrument. True?
  4. Perc2100, thank you for the insight into the activity we call drum corps. As someone about to dive into a season of world class drum corps, with only one fall season of marching under the belt, I really appreciate knowing what to expect. Part of me now wants to aim for physical exhaustion at the end of every day, so I can acclimatise for drum corps. Am I being silly?
  5. lol. When I told my horn teacher I was coming to the states to drum corps, she says to me "Have you ever seen drumline? Watch it, just to get an idea of what you're getting yourself into"
  6. Thanks 84BDsop. I guess I'll pack this one up and just wait til I get there.
  7. Yes I'm back, did you miss me? Just wondering, do corps that don't make finals usually stick around to watch finals? I thought I'd ask, because as an overseas visitor coming to march drum corps, it would be really strange to finish early, have the corps disband and then realise that I didn't have anywhere to put up before I head back home. Also, for all those on dcp who've helped me with my numerous questions in the past, thank you so much. I'm going to be marching with the RCC marching tigers this fall and we'll see where we go from there
  8. lol. I could almost see the 0.00 mile coming. I'll work at it :D Ah good, a half hour 5k gives me something to aim for. I absolutely know what you mean by sooner rather than later. And how it's easier to maintain than rake back fitness. Fun times. It'll probably a case of butt-whooping either way, just a question of degrees. Also, I had to think for a moment when you used km instead of miles. Out of curiosity, does anyone use metric over there? I ask because I'm going to be doing engineering at college and I have a feeling it's going to be paaaaaaaainful. Not as painful as the 0.00 mile th
  9. Ah good question. World class for sure. I think the actual corps changes every 2 months. I'm going to be living in socal, so it does make sense to stay in California. At the moment I'll probably be auditioning for scv and bd. Pc if I'm way out of the league for scv and bd. I referee touch rugby a lot in our summer (youtube "touch football" if you're at all interested), so I have at times been running for 3 and 6 hours at a time. That is 20 minute halves with a couple of minutes of breaks between halves and games. I'm guessing/hoping that will help for fitness/endurance, but I don't think I c
  10. *sigh* As someone who stands at 4'11" and is coming to the U.S. to march drum corps (and study for a year) this thread does concern me somewhat. Just getting that off my chest. But I have to agree that height differences don't look too good : ( Something else that caught my eye - timed miles. What would be a good time to be aiming for?
  11. If you want to speak in absolutes and say that person is only a professional when everything in their life is tailored to the highest level of dedication and performance in their chosen profession, then sure. But if I may just speak for myself, I don't want my occupation to be the entirety of my life and I think it is important that our professionals are multi-faceted. It would certainly help with getting our various industries working together more efficiently. Time to close methinks.
  12. Does that say SPF 70+?! I could definitely use that stuff in australia. We're the ones with the ozone hole after all, humph..
  13. Hmm, let me reiterate that, for the purposes of grades only, my home university GPA is preserved whilst I am attending UCI, contingent to whether I pass or fail. For the purposes of being a competent engineer upon graduation, yes, missing 3 weeks of lecture and tutorial attendance at a junior level is an issue. That said, my personal experience is that there is little which cannot be made up for by more diligent personal study at home. If this self-study is guided by a willing professor, then I would consider trading off 3 weeks of college attendance of move-ins. This is probably a cultural
  14. I'm not even a rookie, so excuse this question, but what is the box?
  15. There do seem to be some interesting experiences with professors who want to fail their cohort and those who just want to push them through. I will have to assess my situation once I'm there, no point guessing all my professors will be axe-murderers. Donny, I am very grateful that Pioneer is an option and I hear great things about your corps, but it is corps like Phantom Regiment which first inspired me to pursue drum corps across the seas and I intend on giving them a shot first. I see Alex's point completely - I would be spewing if I was cut so that another member could miss 3 weeks of reh