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  1. Hi DCP, I just wanted to let everyone on here know that we're trying to make things work for next season. It's unfortunate that we were unable to have the corps come out this year, but we will try as long as it takes to bring this corps up and running. If you want to lend an active hand in volunteering and you live in PA, email me at Thanks, Rob
  2. Only 10 hours left to take part! Rewards still available, and a challenge by CanadaCorps to get another $100 by this morning. Who's in!?
  3. We're already a chartered program of two non profit organizations, whose protection is enough for DCI's standards, as Sue, coordinator for new and emerging corps, told me it was. KickStarter contributions are not tax deductable, and I have made absolutely no claims. All donors are informed of this on KickStarter's site when they sign up. I don't see what your qualm is. If you had a question, you should have asked. Email and messages work fine, and I've made mine very transparent and viewable, as well as all information on the corps and our progress. Any other drum corps would not let you have such privileged information, especially at our young stage.
  4. Yes, we received a full reimbursement of funds stolen. As far as an investigation into who stole the money, we haven't received any word from the bank on that. Thank you for asking, though!
  5. With only 4 days left, can we get to $1,500? Just $100 more.
  6. Hello DCP- We've been raising funds to buy our corps members instruments for the upcoming season. So far, since November, we've reached $1,400 in funds raised. In order to purchase a supply of horns, we need to raise $600 more. We are now down to just one week left. If you've ever wanted to be able to lead a corps onto the field, or conduct a hornline or drumline, or have your name inscribed on a horn or drum, you have the chance to do so, by selecting one of the rewards listed on the Kickstarter page.
  7. There are only 7 Days Left to contribute. Lets knock down $600 in the next week, DCP!
  8. We have for sale some 2 valve bugles ALL voices and 2 DYNASTY bass drums

  9. I'm going to bump this back to the front page. 9 Days Now! We really need to get to $2,000! Every little bit helps.
  10. About the board... Our board of directors is an important thing, and we are trying to fill it with knowledgeable "Corps" people as well as some established names in the community. However, it is not the most important thing, and I will admit that I've been perhaps a little lax in recruiting members of the board. Currently, I'm using my staff, many of whom have worn financial and logistical hats before, as the de facto board. I have a list of people that I compiled of people that I want to use in each position. Unfortunately, between both the recession and their time commitments (many of them are big high school & college band directors), most of them have declined an invitation. There was also a question of whether or not the business would succeed, which, of course, will linger with us until our first year is won and done. The moment we hit the parade route or the show turf is our penultimate moment of redemption and success, and this is what I've been telling the kids to focus on. Some other things we're working on: Fund Raising Membership Retention Membership Paperwork Membership Recruiting (Specifically for the Hornline) Budgeting & Planning Capital Investing Accounting Adjusting the 5-Year Plan Compiling a Complete Staff Bio for DCI Building Ties with the Mayor Developing a Risk Management Policy Maintaining Records of Income/Expenses Collecting Money Owed (By Another Corps) Putting Together Presentations for Facilities That Don't Care Attempting to Purchase Instruments with Limited Funds Maintaining & Building Staff Retention & Satisfaction Marketing Products & Campaigns to Possible Donors Setting a Calendar & Getting Up-to-Date Information from Organizations Holding Events Asking for Cheap Charity Donations of Pieces of Old Equipment/Silks/Etc Setting up a Logistics Schedule for Event Days Gathering Recording Equipment/Editing/Posting Video/Clips/Music/Pictures Mediating Between Arrangers & Visual Design Posting Updates & News to Supporters & Members Collecting Music Licensing Agreements Settling on a Date/Time for DCI On-Site Evaluation Building a Booster Club (Parents/Volunteers) Finding a Site for Outdoor Rehearsal Setting up Emergency Procedures Ensuring that all Staff/Volunteers are Cleared and Have Appropriate Training (First Aid, Child Abuse, Etc.)
  11. There are only 10 days left to contribute to the Imperial Sound Drum & Bugle Corps. With the money already available, we are able to buy a drumline. However, unless we reach our $2,000 goal ($600 more), we will be unable to supply our hornline with instruments. Please consider contributing to our cause. No donation is too small and Kickstarter accepts all credit & debit card transactions. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted. Please consider our many rewards, ranging from a CD to conducting the hornline and leading the corps out on the field. Only YOU have the power to put more corps on the field! So far DCP, you have not disappointed me. You have proved the community is, not only a class act, but also, a group where members aren't afraid to take action to support local, youth-based, educational drum corps. Just $600 more, and we succeed in bringing a quality education to the next generation.
  12. Hi everyone, I hope you're all excited for the upcoming 2011 season. Our kickstarter fundraiser is nearing the end, with ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT!!! If you haven't taken a pledge yet, now is the time! Come on DCP, 25 people have already raised more than $1,000. That's $40 for every person!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a set of bugles/brass and drums. Willing to pay between $1,000 to $2,000 in cash. A matching set is preferred, but we'll take a mixture of brands as well. Thank you.