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  1. Really unfortunate to hear. Hope they can get it worked out, always thought of them as a great organization.
  2. Well finding out that 3 DCA shows were cancelled makes all the sense now. Kinda sucks for TBT though.
  3. yeah I agree, scores are scores, based upon that performance. so if they're ready and they perform well, they'll earn a good score. That's how it works right? Is there any reason it's so late though, out of curiosity...
  4. I've always found sibelius easier to feel really bad your writing drumline stuff in Finale sounds like total garbage and gives no constructive feedback in terms of listening and adjusting.
  5. I was thinking about that as well, lol. Also notice on the recap Gold tied visual score with CV with a 14.10, but that wasn't announced
  6. The quality of the horn was not the same. I say "out-of-tune" because it's #### hard to get them to play in tune across the entire instrument.
  7. Believe me, i know, we just did 5 this week!
  8. IMHO...I would hate to pay to be a member of a corps and only have 2 shows...
  9. I never said it was... I asked if the talent level of these corps suddenly jumped or if the new scoring is the reason...
  10. *Sorry meant 7th/8th...but in reality I'm referring to Madison and Crossmen doing so well.
  11. I agree, I bought my students in my band program the System Blue (I use to kinda hate King mellos..) but these system blue mellos are ridiculously awesome.
  12. It had a lot to do with the cost. G bugles were getting more rare with the ever advancing Bb/F instruments used in modern bands...In fact now I think Dynasty and Kanstul are some of the only places you can still even purchase G Bugles. Corps realized hey...if we switch to Bb we now have something that is worth a resale value. (notice how all the corps resale their instruments after a season or two so they can repurchase. Once that happened, a lot of the smaller corps and DCA corps started buying old DCI top class G bugles like hotcakes, lol. Also, lets not forget that Bb/F instruments are SO much better in tune. (uh oh, i just gave away my age as to being younger!)
  13. Wait wait wait, you mean it actually matters how well they perform at finals?!
  14. I think that a lot of the camp and clinic stuff they do takes some time away, but at the same time...that is a super valuable resource, and as an educator, I LOVE that they do that. Too bad I'm on the east coast so it's not like i could send my students. But why does it matter anyway? So they do less shows. They still score high right? (that's another topic in itself, I know!)
  15. yeah that's actually pretty awesome. Never seen them in person before! (well...I might be in the lot so I not see them this year either but who knows)
  16. Yeah despite the hot weather, (I hear the host corps already put in a request for cooler weather for next year), it was a great show. Can't wait to use that water cooler for next camp to cool down!
  17. So obviously...we've had a crazy year so far with the scores...corps who weren't even in finals are placing 6th! So the the new judging format really having that much havoc on the activity in its first year of implementation...or are these corps really just 'that' good this year? **Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the upset, I welcome it!
  18. Their Facebook page claims they're just updating servers and everything is fine.
  19. 1. Cavaliers 2. Crown 3. Blue Devils 4. Cadets 5. Phantom 6. Bluecoats 7. Santa Clara 8. Blue Knights 9. Blue Stars 10. Boston 11. Madison 12. Spirit
  20. I've heard there's a new corps trying to start up in the North Carolina area... It doesn't have anything to do with Carolina Crown or the DCA group here, so I don't know much else besides that... Either way, it'd be nice to have a new Open Class corps to give those who maybe can't quiet make it out to Rock Hill to be with Crown. Anyone else have any word? Maybe we'll hear an official annoucement soon?
  21. KK is an awesome individual. It's rare you come across someone as determined and dedicated as she is.
  22. During Basics... someone messes up.."who was that?! take a lap" 2 minutes later someone else messes up.."take a lap!" another two minutes go by and the orginal person screws up.."oh my god, just get your #### and go home!!!"...5 second pause..."I'm just kidding..TAKE A LAP!"
  23. the only flaw is that crowns indoor performance ensemble starts this winter doesn't it? I can't remember if crown actually endorses odyssey, but the staff is in on it, lol.
  24. I personally thought the 100 degree weather at texas when i was with crossmen this summer was alot better than the 90 degree days in north carolina where i live. It's just a much more stagnant, sticky air in NC (humidity i assume)