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  1. I think the real sturm und drang begins when we learn how Scouts plan on turning the ship around.
  2. Personally I thought the show idea might have made more sense 5 years ago.
  3. When have you ever known me to be brief??
  4. People keep saying that year after year, but at least in Scouts case (and maybe all corps ranked 10 or less) it doesn’t make a difference. Face to face or otherwise, the precision with which DCI judges rank a group, in different locations, under different circumstances and conditions and without regard to whether one group practices more effectively or God forbid have either a bad night or great night performing, is truly astonishing not to mention statistically unlikely.
  5. Probably the majority of unrest is coming from the 70's-90's veterans who apart from the two world championships were never that far out of the running. Personally, I don't care if some non alumni doesn't like the idea of superman suits because it wasn't meant for you...ever. Every corps has its own tradition and way of characterizing itself. That was ours, it was our way of saying to ourselves when we suit up we are heroes. Don't know what your group did, but I am fairly certain others from outside your group may have found fault with it. Madison is down now and real concerns are being felt about what needs to be done. But truly I am not really interested in some non alumnus coming along and tossing salt on the wound. There have been precisely 9 corps in the 45 yr history of DCI who have been champions, Madison did it twice. We cant help it some one with an axe to grind doesnt like Madison's long time status of being one the favored corps in DCI even when they're down. There's plenty of constructive criticism for the Scouts right now, why some resort to envious bullsh*t is beyond me.
  6. I too was taken aback by mfrontz contention that Madison is just starting a 10-year rebuilding project. First of all, based on what is he telling us that is the path to success? Who else has done a 10 yr rebuilding project? The only corps who really fell out for a length of time and are back is Blue Stars...and their rebuilding took much more than 10 years. And as Plankton correctly noted, this administration has been there for 10 years already. What were they doing if not rebuilding? If we're talking about corps who were nothing but built themselves into powerful contenders then we're talking Crown and Coats. Again it took much longer than 10 years for them. What about Star? They were around very shortly before cracking the top 12. Spirit of Atlanta did it in one year and by their 4th year was top 6.
  7. My opinion is that for lack of a better description, the traditionalists have given way to the pragmatists. The uniform was read by the alumni as an honest attempt to go all in to improve placing.
  8. The Madison Alumni were largely supportive of the costume last year, a reaction the organization was fairly unprepared for.
  9. Ok, this made me just go and revisit RAMD. 90 minutes I will never get back.
  10. My recollection is that Stuart was treated like a Cassandra, the figure in Greek mythology who was cursed by the gods to know the future but also not to be believed. I’d say he’s been vindicated.
  11. For the sake of clarity, nowhere in Tennyson’s poem “the charge on the light brigade” are the 27th lancers mentioned. In fact the 27th Lancers were a new unit formed sometime in the 20th century. It is true that in the Crimean war which is where this charge of the light brigade took place, there were Lancer units as well as Hussars and there was a Hollywood movie made about it which I think featured Errol Flynn, and perhaps that is where Bonfiglio got his idea for naming the corps the lancers.
  12. Yeah, I don't envision DCP stopping talking about this. Let's face it this could be the beginning of an existential crisis for DCI. Cadets are going to suffer badly from this.
  13. Agree this was a necessary move but am kind of surprised at the tone of the alumni who think it's just a matter of moving on now. I think this will be playing out for some time before any healing or moving on starts to happen. Clearly, Hopkins accusers will derive some measure of satisfaction. What of others who haven't and may not come forward? And what happens when this possibly spreads to other DCI organizations? There is a possibility everything about DCI changes in the near future. You have something this massive happen and it's effects may be felt for some time. Madison is still trying to return to top six 16 years later after the exit of Scott Stewart.