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  1. some of my favorite ballads: 1993 Cadets- Hymnsong on Phillip Bliss 1993 Phantom- Fire of Eternal Glory 1999 SCV- Barber Symphony #1 (I think) 1990 Cavaliers- All Things Bright And Beautiful 1994 Blue Devils- My Spanish Heart (my pick for best of all time) 1984 Garfield Cadets- Maria (okay, it was the opener, but even so....) 2000 Boston Crusaders- Con Te Partiro 1994 Cavaliers- Humming Music (I think) 2001 Cadets- Vide Cor Meum 1989 Phantom- "Going Home" theme from New World 1982 Blue Devils- Pegasus I could go on but that's a nice start
  2. And so my drum corps summer ends tonight in a sullen rainshower in upstate NY. Because of family/real life issues I shall not be attending any regular season shows in the next 2 weeks OR DCA Finals in Scranton, which is a huge bummer, but I am glad that even in a summer of retirement, I got to see some hot DCA action multiple times and a huge thanks to all corps for giving me my money's worth. Apparently, this time of year is the time for nature to try to drown the East Coast; this isn't the first time that Kingston has been held in the rain (93 comes to mind as another inclement weather sho
  3. I am indeed. I bought a t-shirt and everything. It's tie-dyed, yet. I'm so proud...... :)
  4. I was originally going to attend the DCI Div. II/III show in Wayne, NJ today, as I had been made aware of it last week by Raiders visual guru Izzy Delgado. Unfortunately Wayne chose against being involved with drum corps at the last minute and I have psychically blocked the location of Leonia from my mind, as it is where my dad first moved when he left my mom. But enough psychoanalysis, we want drum corps! And so I hoofed it on down to New Brunswick, home of my old alma mater, Rutgers U. Actually, I lie; I only went there for 3 semesters and drank myself right out of a scholarship :(. Ah well.
  5. I dont think it was rude to beat Bush.This is a competetive sport,and sometimes someone wins and sometimes not.The better corps won.But,I think the crowd enjoyed EVERYONE. I think he was saying it as a compliment to the CV. I saw it as a "welcome to the big time, CV" type of thing. Mike Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Of course I'm gonna be a bit #####y if you beat my corps. Come on, I'm only human over here. If you want complete objectivity then read nothign but those threads where people are trying to come up with ranking systems that account for everything including the average humi
  6. Hmm, that's odd - Cabs haven't won the Grand Prix in Clifton since 1998. Jon, please be nice. We don't write stuff like this on DCP - save it for RAMD. 1) Has it really been that long? Remember, I had been marching in these things myself a long time and honestly I don't pay attention to who wins when it's not me. Which brings me to- 2) I'm sorry if I sounded nasty as that is entirely opposite to my intent, which was to emphasize just how much Cabs dominated last night. The very LAST thing I said in my review of Cabs was that no one else was in their league. I would like to imagine that t
  7. A beautiful night in northern NJ for drum corps, in historic Clifton School Stadium, for the 39th annual Drum Corps Grand Prix. How many grand prix is that? To put it in perspective, there were 8 of these bad boys before I was even born. There is maybe what you could call the oppressive weight of history in the air. For the record, I was sitting in Section C, row 32 (that's second from the top, pretty cool eh?) on side B of the field, around the 35 yardline. Therefore my perspective of musical sound, marching performance, etc. will necessarily be skewed. You have been fairly warned. 7:1
  8. Picks based strictly on seeing live performances: Cadets 1994. I'm biased as 2 of my best friends from h.s. were in the guard, but it's my personal fave for the corps. Cavies 1999. Best I've ever seen them and matched the show concept perfectly (disclaimer: I did not see Cavies at all in 2000 or 2001) Blue Devils 1996. Pure ###### gangsta color guard. Winter Guard: Emerald Marquis 1992. When I saw them during the season I thought the show was kinda "cold", but since then it's become one of my favorites. San Jose Raiders 1992. Escapade 1992-1995 Well, you know, um.......I have never EVE
  9. Well, if you had mentioned specific years, any one of a number of mid-80's Spirit guards would rank in there. As you did not, then it's all about Cadets. :)
  10. Mmmkay, some of my faves: 1994 BD, soprano tutti soli in "Night Streets" 1995 BD, full hornline (?) runs during "Caribe" 1999 Bush, the "trading fours" section of Putting It Together (disclaimer-I was in the baritone line) 1984 Garfield, a whole bunch of stuff during "America" Jon Bush 92-infinity