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    vanguard, phantom regiment, cadets, glassmen, blue stars, pioneer, crusaders
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    1996 phantom or 2004 scv
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    07 was fun to march

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  1. Just from what I saw in theaters and on youtube. 1. Bluecoats 2. Cadets 3. SCV 4. Blue Devils 5. Crown 6. Blue Knights 7. Regiment 8. Cavaliers 9. Boston Crusaders 10. Madison Scouts 11. Blue Stars 12. Troopers
  2. Honestly I marched for 5 years, 2 of those years being in a top 12 corps, and 2 a top 6 corps. A few years I went into camp being about 300 lbs at 6'3". I worked my butt off and didn't accept any excuses about my size. Lost about 40-50 lbs every year and would say that I could march anything given to me. Even had a drum major tell me for a bigger guy, I can sure as hell move. Size doesn't matter (within reason). You're attitude matters.
  3. Vanguard is this years '08 Regiment. They're led by a very strong percussion and great show design. They'll put in their real ending about San Antonio time and by finals will surge for sure. Crowns probably got the gold as long as they keep cleaning.
  4. 1. Crown 2. BD 3. SCV 4. Cadets 5. Coats 6. Regiment 7. Cavaliers 8. Scouts 9. Blue Knights 10. Spirit 11. Boston 12. The Academy 13. Xmen 14. Blue Stars 15. Colts 16. Troopers 17. Cascades
  5. I marched Glassmen who used straight, and SCV who used bent. Bent leg is definitely harder to clean and define, however once you understand it, it is way easier on the body. It's also a lot easier to play your instrument with bent leg... Way more natural.
  6. Can Vanguard break into the top 5, or even the top 3 with the show that they have this year? I've seen clips and lot videos and from what I can tell they have a top 3 drumline, a terrible brass line, and who knows about the guard (from what I hear the wind was terrible in Texas). I've also heard the design for the show has great potential. I personally think that if the brass pulls it together and SCV makes their famous "late season push" that they will be able to break the top 5. Thoughts?
  7. I honestly dont see Pacificaires winning gold. Probably top 3 though. Honestly they've only gone up 3 points in 3 weeks, whereas Spectrum has gone up 5 points in 3 weeks and scored a 91.7 at MYCGC finals last weekend and Orlando Visual has boosted 8 points in a month. I see it as a close race between spectrum and orlando for the gold and Pacificaires in 3rd.
  8. weird... I've marched with both dynasty tubas, yamaha, king, and jupiter... by far the lightest 2 were yamaha and king... maybe their old models were 29 lbs... they were very bulky.
  9. 5 years of contra. Its tough to get up in the morning due to the pain in my neck from the slightest turn of my head. My back pain comes and goes, depending on the day, if Ive stretched, etc... wouldn't trade it for the world :-)
  10. Ha, just watched all 3 of those... that's kind of bad on his part... I mean not even a little different.