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  1. 9 years seems like yesterday. Thanks for bringing this up again. I always get choked up when I see it. I went looking for the video DCI made showing America/O Canada over images of that day. Found it in the archives, so here's the link for anybody that wants it: DCI September 11 Tribute
  2. When I was compiling the list yesterday, I was surprised at just how many 11th place shows I like. Some great shows like Madison 2001 (What a great horn line!), Phantom 1974, Troopers 1986, Bluecoats 1997, Crown 2000, Glassmen 2007. Certainly not bad company to be in!
  3. Kudos to my BK brothers and sisters! Definitely my favorite show of the year, and also my new favorite 11th place show of all time! For reference, this show was the 4th highest 11th place score since DCI was founded in 1972. The only scores higher were 2005 Glassmen (87.7), 2004 Crossmen (87.425) and 2008 Glassmen (87.2) Number of times a corps has placed 11th Bluecoats: 5 Glassmen: 5 Carolina Crown: 4 Magic: 3 Blue Knights: 2 Bridgemen: 2 Crossmen: 2 Freelancers: 2 The Cavaliers: 2 Velvet Knights: 2 27th Lancers: 1 Argonne Rebels: 1 Colts: 1 Guardsmen: 1 Madison Scouts: 1 N
  4. I wasn't on the road, but its nice to be able to have reference for ones I missed. Enjoyed your comics very much!
  5. I've done this in the past (that's what happens when you work for your parents who happen to be audiologists: you get easy access to the toys!). The highest I recorded was 112 dB, but it was a mid-season show before full end of season dynamics were in and I was several rows back. I think 126 dB should be fine unless you're checking levels in the lot. If you do go ahead with your project, please report your results. I'd be fascinated to see what you find.
  6. I'm VERY impressed with the maturity of Teal Sound's hornline. Some great sounds coming from those kids!
  7. To my knowledge its not some "random Christian prayer" but rather the prayer that Pioneer prays before each show. In that regard, the prayer is entirely appropriate (in my opinion, of course) because its representing the corps on the field and what it means to them instead of a portrayal of Christianity as a whole.
  8. Its not great, but its NOWHERE near as bad as Minnesota. That was an awful feed at all sizes. I'm relatively impressed with the quality so far.
  9. Brandt Crocker has never announced in Ogden, so that's why you didn't hear him the last two years. As far as I know, he's still announcing in Indy. The announcer for Corps Encore in recent years has been Scott Miller, a Trooper (and BYU) alum.
  10. They named the town after an awful movie staring John Travolta and Christian Slater.
  11. You're right, San Antonio is closer, but not by much. I considered that; however, Revolution wasn't an option for me. In the end, it boiled down to parental support. It was much easier to convince my parents to let me march with an established corps that had been around for 45 years versus a new corps that had been around for less than 5. Regarding people marching the "BIG" corps: I was obviously talented enough to make the corps, so why wouldn't I shoot for Div. I? It was the next logical progression for me. Its not a horrible thing when someone wants to march at the top level of this act
  12. Blue Knights Housing Info for your list: Centennial High School 9310 Scott Rd Roswell, GA30076 July 30-31
  13. I'm from Far West Texas, and I marched in 2003. At the time, Academy was not yet a touring corps and Crossmen were still in the East. Closest to me? Blue Knights, 800 miles. Next up? Troopers, 910 miles. After that it was probably SCV and Blue Devils at 1200 miles and then Bluecoats and Glassmen at 1700 miles. So yes, I marched with the corps nearest my home. Trust me, I did my homework.
  14. I marched with the corps nearest me....800 miles away. I had to fly to every camp due to time constraints. "Travel" was a necessity for me to march drum corps.
  15. Already a thread on this show. Housing info posted here: Previous Thread