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  1. People thinking this is a "gift" to fans rather than a way of saving money by using uniforms they likely have stored away from the early 2010s for an unlikely 2021 season ... They'll be back to the current trends once the activity/organizations have recovered.
  2. Phantom 2008. There were guts on the field... guts on the podium... just a total bloodbath. That poor cleaning crew.
  3. I was aware Michigan used BOA sheets, but don't they adjust the scoring? I thought their calculation was something like total score on BOA sheets divided by two plus 50. So to achieve a 90 in Michigan, you'd need to achieve what amounts to an 80 on BOA sheets. If I'm remembering this fact correctly, that would mean Rockford's score of 94.325 would really be an 88.65 if not for the adjustment, or (88.65/2)+50=94.325. For comparison, Rockford scored an 85.525 in Grand National semi's. Not an unrealistic difference given how a lot of bands in the middle of the pack tend to drop in score at
  4. I don't think corps location matters anymore. In some cases, that's simply where their office/operations reside. You can slap any home location you want on a corps, but if a corps holds all their camps, move-ins, etc in another state, let's call it what it is. If I remember correctly, aren't the Blue Stars really basing most of their activity in Indiana, even though they're technically from Wisconsin? The same can be said about a corps like Boston, which made the move down to Florida in the late 90s while their offices remained in Boston. I'd be willing to bet there are very few New Engl
  5. Tilt was 2014 so conflicts with BD pick. Can we make an exception though? I really like this list... I dig that there are some really fun/light-hearted shows mixed in with some really dark/serious shows. Also, who the heck rated this topic 1-star??
  6. I don't know how accurate this is, but someone was telling me about 1997 Crossmen a while back. They said that They only had 40-something brass and at one point had to put a couple of bodies out there to field 52 members, several of which weren't brass players and only marched without playing. Can anyone corroborate?
  7. That total sounds correct. The three you mentioned (along with Shepherd Hill, Case, Oakmont, and Somerset-Berkley) attend championships each year. The ones that don't attend championships but attend the in-state US Bands competitions typically attend because they're held at schools that were all formerly NESBA host-schools, so the relationship and consistency of schedule is what drives them there. Massachusetts may not send a ton to championships, but in recent years the state has accounted for as many as four of the six open class champions. I wonder if the announcement that school open
  8. True, and that probably wasn't fair of me, especially without context or confirmation that it was actually happening. I've just always found myself frustrated with US Bands/USSBA, mostly stemming from how they run their fall contests and their selection of what they consider qualified adjudicators. I suppose that leads me to not feeling surprised by much.
  9. There are an awful lot of bands waiting on US Bands right now. If they're going to call it, they need to do it soon. Massachusetts has a 14-day mandatory quarantine for people entering from outside of New England/New York/New Jersey, so they could still technically make a season happen if US Bands operates, but I don't know how that would be deemed safe given any championship events in New Jersey would likely bring in bands from many other states that are on their quarantine list.
  10. I just want to make one thing clear about the video I posted that people are referencing. I didn't post that video with the intent to point out inappropriate behavior in the way he interacted with his students; I posted it solely for the reaction by the drum captain after that clip. While it's not exactly how I would provide feedback to a group of teenagers, there was nothing explicitly terrible about that clip. The drum captain's reaction after that scene is what I wanted to highlight. Given a lot of the claims that have been made via those other Instagram posts, the drum captain's reaction
  11. I remember seeing this video years and years ago, and the reaction by the drum captain when being asked about Ike was my biggest takeaway at the time. The drum captain presented himself in such a mature manner throughout the documentary, often encouraging other students while providing constructive criticism and remaining positive. His first deep breath when he went to answer the question, followed by carefully and reluctantly choosing his words, is quite telling of the atmosphere. "But things usually turn out well." No amount of reasoning can reverse the psychological effects by that point.
  12. I'm just going to leave this here. Start watching at the timestamp (5:40 if it doesn't work) up through the member's reaction after Ike is done talking. The member's reaction is kind of telling, and this is the drum captain.