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  1. And with that fact, Terri slots in just behind the Bluecoats at 68%. 🙂
  2. I would assume they're asked to sign waivers and show proof of insurance. If not, I think we probably would have heard of a few other cases with injured members, especially with situations like the BD colorguard member who broke her neck falling off a prop, and the Bluecoats drummer who had a season-ending injury from a speaker falling on him.
  3. 1. Bluecoats 2014 - Tilt 2. Carolina Crown 2015 - Inferno 3. Blue Devils 2011 - The Beat My Heart Skipped 4. Blue Devils 2016 - As Dreams are Made On -------------------------- 5. Bluecoats 2019 - The Bluecoats 6. Blue Devils 2013 - The re:Rite of Spring -------------------------- 7. Blue Devils 2018 - Dreams and Nighthawks 8. The Cavaliers 2010 - Mad World 9. Carolina Crown 2012 - For the Common Good 10. Santa Clara Vanguard 2017 - Ouroboros
  4. Professor Plum had an agenda. He was dating Miss Scarlet but caught her sneaking around with Colonel Mustard.
  5. I can understand your point, and while I may not necessarily share the same feelings, I know where you're coming from. What was difficult for me was seeing so much hate directed towards that poor member when others (like Session 44 and Wicked Games) were being praised. She did a fine job, and others were very inappropriate with their attacks saying she was incompetent, all because they wanted to hear Crown brass. With or without the singer, I still find that Crown production very enjoyable, which I feel puts me in the minority.
  6. The other 5% it was actually Professor Plum in the Library with a Candlestick.
  7. 3rd place shows were really difficult for me, since a lot of these shows are in my all time favorites. How do I change my vote? I voted Session 44, but after more consideration, I think Kinetic Noise takes the top spot for me. 1. Bluecoats 2015 - Kinetic Noise - Source music was spectacular, and even though Tilt was the show folks got behind as Bloo's "arrival," this one to me showed a ton of creativity in creating a sound landscape that they continued experimenting with. 2. Bluecoats 2018 - Session 44 - Just an incredibly well done and enjoyable production top to bottom. 3. Cadets 2013 - Side X Side - I'm a sucker for some Barber, and this show was a perfect Cadets for me. Just march and play with a visual theme to support the show. 4. Carolina Crown 2016 - Relentless - Love that Crown was able to establish a firm story line. If it weren't for the ultimate ending, I may have them ranked higher. 5. Carolina Crown 2017 - It Is - I was actually quite fond of this show, contrary to how others received it. I didn't mind the singing one bit and really appreciated this show. 6. Bluecoats 2010 - Metropolis - The show that I thought for sure was going to get Bloo to maintain top tier status. It was very fresh and I still listen frequently. ---------Big Drop off---------- 7. Cadets 2014 - Promise - A great musical and visual performance ruined by the voice-over, which was disappointing to see was relegated to recorded voice-over by season's end. Made it really awkward to know our narrator was "lip syncing." 8. Cavaliers 2011 - XtraordinarY - Can someone please help me find the melody? 9. Santa Clara Vanguard 2019 - Vox Eversio - I tried really hard to enjoy this show this year, but I had a tough time with this one. 10. Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012) - Nothing overly memorable about this show to me compared to other Phantom offerings around this time.
  8. In order of enjoyment: 1. Pacific Crest 2019 - Everglow 2. Colts 2018 - True Believer 3. Oregon Crusaders 2017 - EnCompass 4. Spartans 2019 - Experiment X 5. Spirit of Atlanta 2018 - Knock 6. Jersey Surf 2019 - FantaSea 7. Academy 2018 - Academic 8. Seattle Cascades 2016 - O 9. Spirit of Atlanta 2019 - Neon Underground 10. Gold 2018 - Through Our Eyes Honorable Mention: Teal Sound 2012 (CircO). It would have been something special by season's end.
  9. 10.12.25 (Cadets 2012) - Drum Corps Cringe. 9. Men are from Mars (Cavaliers 2017) - Drum Corps Cringe, Part Deux. 8. A Second Chance (Carolina Crown 2010) - I can certainly appreciate it, but the show didn't really grab me in any way. Haven't really given it a second viewing since the 2010 season. 7. Les Miserables (SCV 2013) - Very entertaining, but nothing overly memorable other than the solos for me. 6. Scheherazade (SCV 2014) - Only reason it isn't higher is because I am partial to the earlier 2000s version. 5. Beneath the Surface (Crown 2019) - I started enjoying it quite a bit musically by the end of the season, but I just wasn't loving the visual package, especially the guard. I just couldn't get over the lack of contrast. 4. Force of Nature (SCV 2016) - Masterfully designed show, very enjoyable to watch. Doesn't get as many replays as my top 3, but still very enjoyable. 3. Beast (Carolina Crown 2018) - Silly prop aside, I actually really enjoyed this show. 2. Rach Star (Carolina Crown 2011) - One of the most entertaining drum corps shows I've ever seen. The members sold the hell out of this show. 1. The Power of 10 (Cadets 2015) - Loved this show and was really disappointed to see it lose steam towards the end of the season. It's one of the few shows where I genuinely didn't care about the theme at all. I just enjoyed seeing a powerhouse Cadets type of performance with some terrific music and really impressive drill. In my opinion, we haven't seen one like this from them since.
  10. I know it's outside the 10 years, but the only one with Y i can think of is You Are My Star by the Boston Crusaders.
  11. BK 2019 is an easy choice for me, but the Cadets made me pause for a second. I actually really enjoyed The Unity Project. One of my favorite Cadets shows of the past decade or two, they just so happen to be going up against one of my all time favorite drum corps shows.
  12. BK's ending, when they unveiled the dots and tears were rolling down members' faces. I've never felt so emotionally connected to a drum corps show in my life.
  13. Blue Stars get my vote for sure. Such a sentimental and moving (heh) production. Boston was a very close second. The 2009-2012 era Crusaders put out some terrific and memorable productions.
  14. Agreed. My favorite of the bunch. And the featured male performer was phenomenal.