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  1. I wonder if Crown got some of their inspiration for this year from Blue Springs HS.
  2. Which part in particular? Because ... there's still a whole lot of awkward.
  3. I'm not sure the exact timing, but I want to say violins became legal sometime around the Baroque era.
  4. Not too often you only see 10 tubas in world class nowadays. Wonder if that was due to injuries or a conscious choice?
  5. Interesting stuff from the Colts. Last year's show is one of my favorites shows from the past several seasons, so this one will take some getting used to for me. Either way, solid start for them.
  6. Sometimes certain "observations" are best left to your inner monologue. Most people learn that pretty early on in life, the others are the ones who run around telling people they're just "outspoken."
  7. Fielding a show so old school in nature against some very progressive and much more challenging designs... that's a bold strategy, Cotton. If we were in the old top-17 semi's format, this show would get one viewing during finals week.
  8. After last year's show I was prepared to not enjoy the Cavies this season. I'm very happy to be proven wrong.
  9. Couldn't tell you the name. Just remember seeing an instagram post a long while back post-WGI about two of their snares joining Mandarins, which made sense given the Ike and Vanderpoel connection.