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  1. The only thing that i would be happier with is if they would fix the sound levels on the live feed. it is horrible at times!!!
  2. Ok Since I have a good read on alot of the shows, and since the season starts tomorrow, I'll go ahead and make my last prediction for the off season!! 1. Carolina Crown - AMAZING Concept and, when August gets here It'll be well worth it!!! 2. Bluecoats - Even though I personally haven't heard ANYTHING from them - The Source music lends it to be a rocking show!!! Think they could contend with Crown for the title!! 3. The Cadets - Very interesting - not the typical Cadets show... 4. Blue Devils - Not a fan of it honestly.... but you cant put them out of the top 4. 5. Blue Knights - Let's see if they can crack the top 5 this year!!! 6. Santa Clara Vanguard - Very Interesting also... 7. Madison Scouts - HECK YES!! JCSS + GAGA!!! 8. The Cavaliers - WOW... Want to put them higher but it is going to be a blood bath 9. Boston Crusaders - Love the music!!! 10. Phantom Regiment - I dont think this will be a great vehicle for them 11. Blue Stars - Interesting choice of music.. Crossmen could be here also.. 12. Troopers
  3. Bluecoats 2016 Jose/ Before John 5 - Aurel Hollo Heat of the Day - Pat Metheny - Lyle Mays Raga Raja - Project Trio Udacrep Akubrad - Avner Dorman The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd Todo Tiende - Ojos De Brujo https://www.facebook.com/Bluecoats/ Video was posted about 15 mins ago
  4. My Predictions for the 2016 Season Top 3 in any particular order: Carolina Crown - Relentless Blue Devils - As Dreams Are Made On The Cadets - Stoned 4 - 6 in any particular order: Bluecoats - TBA Santa Clara Vanguard - Force of Nature Blue Knights - The Great Event 7 - 9 in any particular order: Madison Scouts - Judas Phantom Regiment - TBA Boston Crusaders - Quixotic 10 - 12 in any particular order: The Cavaliers - Propaganda Crossmen - Continuum Blue Stars - Le Reve 13 - 15 in any particular order: Troopers - Hero The Academy - Drum Corps Bride Oregon Crusaders - Hunted 16 - 18 in any particular order: Spirit of Atlanta - Georgia Pacific Crest - Union Pacific Colts - Nachtmusik 19 - 22 in any particular order: Madarins - TBA Jersey Surf - Ebb & Flow Cascades - O Pioneer - St. Joan of Arc
  5. 1. Crown 2. Bluecoats 3. The Cadets 4. Blue Devils 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Blue Knights 7. Phantom Regiment 8. Madison Scouts 9. The Cavaliers 10. Boston Crusaders 11. Blue Stars 12. Spirit of Atlanta 13. Crossmen 14. Troopers 15. Colts 16. The Academy 17. Oregon Crusaders 18. Pacific Crest 19. Mandarins 20. Jersey Surf 21. Cascades 22. Pioneer
  6. The Title of Spirit of Atlanta's 2016 Production is "Georgia" Heard The 1st Movement and the 3rd Movement on their periscope broadcast. Hopefully this will be a great program. They will officially announce the full production this week!!
  7. Spirit of Atlanta announced the title of their production on their Periscope broadcast today. They will announce the full production this week. The title is " Georgia"
  8. Turning by John Mackey is in for The Cadets. on the video after the announcement of the title change
  9. Spirits 2016 Tour Schedule is very much abbreviated from previous years. Not starting the tour until July 8. only 20 Events?
  10. I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express that is like 2 blocks from LOS. Really looking forward to it!! Heading up from Birmingham, AL on 8/10 and leaving Indianapolis on 8/14. Hopefully will be able to meet some awesome people!! Looking forward to seeing All of the Corps!! Message me if you're interested in Meeting up or hanging out!
  11. Hey Y'all!! I bought a Super 3 Ticket Package for 2016 World Championships!! Is there a recommended place to stay? Looking forward to enjoying Finals Week!!
  12. This show is going to be amazing!! Every Corps this year has completely hit the head on the nail with entertainment value!! I don't think there will be a show I won't like
  13. would kill to see the preview video if someone could FB me