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  1. If 1972 was the first DCI Championships, then wouldn't that make this year #41? 1. 1972 2. 1973 3. 1974 4. 1975 5. 1976 6. 1977 7. 1978 8. 1979 9. 1980 10. 1981 11. 1982 12. 1983 13. 1984 14. 1985 15. 1986 16. 1987 17. 1988 18. 1989 19. 1990 20. 1991 21. 1992 22. 1993 23. 1994 24. 1995 25. 1996 26. 1997 27. 1998 28. 1999 29. 2000 30. 2001 31. 2002 32. 2003 33. 2004 34. 2005 35. 2006 36. 2007 37. 2008 38. 2009 39. 2010 40. 2011 41. 2012
  2. What Phantom did was nothing short of incredible. Staff changes usually equate to a brand new building process that seems to always result in a drop in placement, ie. SCV from the mid-2000's until now, Blue Stars 2012. But what does Phantom do after getting a new brass caption head, arranger, and visual designer all in the same year? They achieve their highest placement since Spartacus, that's what! It's great time to be a Phan, as this corps gets keeps achieving new heights!
  3. I'm sorry but where the heck in the show does this happen? I thought the show finishes with the horn player and the guard member on the podium? Or are the cameras not showing the part you're mentioning?
  4. Hard to call this my favorite Phantom show ever but it's definitely up there! As a Phan of Chinese ethnicity, this show has a special place in my heart because of the relatability of some of the themes being portrayed musically and visually. I can't wait to show my relatives this show when I visit Taiwan later this fall, especially the beheading scene in Act 1! Thank you Phantom for another great year and another great show! Now go out there and own that field tonight! SUTA!!!!
  5. Ok, in all honesty, I am really hoping for a tie tonight between Carolina Crown and Blue Devils. Both corps are pushing Drum Corps and Marching Music into new boundaries but in very different ways. BD deserves to win on the all encompassing production design they have put together and Crown deserves to win for sheer difficulty and pushing the limits of what a brass line can accomplish in this medium. I'd hate to see one corps win over the other and as a result, discouraging further pursuit of the innovation of the runner-up simply because they didn't win. I think both corps deserve to be rew
  6. I wouldn't be surprised Cavies come back to win in a couple years because, well, they're The Cavaliers.
  7. Sorry to drag this thread up from the dead but I had a great time talking to some of you folks that were in the chat but I had to run without saying bye and I don't know who ya'll are on DCP! If you'd like, shoot me a PM and identify yourselves. Would be great to meet up with some of you SoCal folks at a future marching band drum corps show!
  8. The Blue Devils get replaced by the Stanford marching band ( ) and...nvm they'd still win because that'd be even more da da than their current show and GE would shoot through the roof.
  9. Dear DCP, Today OP Michael Boo delivered.
  10. Drum Corps is just a part of the larger marching music community, which includes winter guard, winter percussion, and marching band. In our activity/sport, DCI is the NFL and marching band is high school football. High School marching band is doing FAR MORE for Drum Corps as a whole than local community drum corps could've hoped. That's just the reality of it. So no, there's no massive difference between drum corps and marching band. Really, drum corps is the pinacle of marching band, just as Independent World groups are the pinnacle of the winter guard and percussion activity, which also hav
  11. Blue Knights takes us into the part of the show where corps are lacking a bit in energy, probably due to knowing they still have one more show to go tomorrow night. Having Phantom's Firebird from 07 fresh on my mind probably didn't help either. That said, it's a great show and I'm surprised it worked as well as it did.
  12. Looks like I was wrong... CONGRATS X-MEN on your FIRST FINALS in 8 years!
  13. Wow Blue Stars! I think you just earned a spot on Saturday night!
  14. WOW X-Men really brought their A-game! Their weakness seems to be Visual GE but man can that play! Now lets see if it's enough to jump BS...
  15. I may be wrong but IMO this show/performance would've made finals as recent as 2 years back. Just shows how much corps have improved and advanced from top to bottom!
  16. Holy... this is not the Glassmen of yesteryears.. loving this show!
  17. As someone who has also announced events and made his fair share of mistakes, it brings somewhat of a comfort that even greats like Brandt Crocker aren't perfect either!
  18. Dig that soft ending. Probably not my favorite Academy production but it's might be one of the better ones.
  19. Definitely the best corps PC has ever fielded, and it should be enough to earn them their highest finish in corps history!
  20. Just thought about this: A show about da da winning is un-da da.
  21. As much as how much I love BD's show this year and how much they deserve to win, a part of me wants to see Crown pull it off and finally take it all Saturday night! "CROWN WITH A LATE SURGE, IT'S GONNA BE A PHOTO FINISH!"
  22. Choreography is harder than marching. There, I said it.