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  1. I read that, too. Their updated line of drums are far superior to those hideous Remo knock-offs.
  2. 1. The corps that are actively keeping their members engaged with virtual rehearsals will have an edge in regards to music. Guard members that have been offered contracts should be keeping their skills up, as most of them do anyway. 2. The corps that have kept their members engaged with virtual rehearsals and have access to fields for learning drill during the winter when they resume in person camps will have an extra added edge. All of that will mean nothing if the schools say "there is no way we are going to house an organization of over 200+ individuals when we, ourselves, are trying to put things back together without risk." Things are going to be different in 2021 for drum corps and we all need to be realistic in the fact that not all the corps that we have now are going to survive. I really hope I'm wrong; but the reality is the pandemic has really shaken things up.
  3. The Blue Devils Premiers with the Yamaha stickers on them.
  4. This might be an unpopular opinion; but I would rather have the Blue Devils entertain the h**l out of me than win a title.
  5. I remember there was a show in Appleton during second tour and the Velvet Knights were there. They took the field with a skeleton corps as most of the members were on the buses with a severe case of the tour plague. I still remember seeing some of their members walking off the bus covered in blankets and puking.
  6. Blue Stars winning class A-60.
  7. I thought that was always reserved for the Madison Scouts thread...well, the fights part, anyway.
  8. I still think housing is going to be the biggest obstacle for the summer. Even if the coronavirus is near or completely under control come June; I can't imagine too many schools that would want to open their doors for a large group of individuals coming in from another state with some members, staff, and support staff possibly ailing from the tour crud.
  9. We could be in the midst of a nuclear war coupled with an invasion from our galactic overlords and the Blue Devils would still be thriving and carrying on like nothing has happened.
  10. Hopefully DCI is already working on action plans before all the corps begin move-ins. If there is going to be little to no housing for all the corps, this summer; what's the point of a tour?
  11. Every summer the great drum corps plague hits; it effects some corps more severely than others. If the Coronavirus is still floating around into the summer; I'm quite sure that will complicate things even more with the young men and women already down for the count with the summer tour crud.
  12. The powers that be will probably be monitoring the WGI and Winter Drumline events, too, to get an idea about what the summer might be like.
  13. The Blue Stars hornline is firing on all cylinders, again, with a powerful and sweet sound. I don't know how their percussion and guard are shaping up; but their hornline is sounding just as awesome as last year, if not more so.
  14. I just can't see The Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Cadets, Mandarins, and even Phantom Regiment having anything to worry about in terms of being knocked out of finals, this year; especially from the Madison Scouts. I can definitely see the Madison Scouts improving; but not 8th, 9th, or 10th place.
  15. So which corps are going to roll over and play dead so they can place 8th or 10th? I could definitely see them improving and making a push for the Top 12; but let's be realistic. They still have a lot of work to do before 8th or 10th place is even feasible.
  16. Does the corps still belong to Kevin Smith?
  17. Some of you need to lighten up and visit the "coffee shop." The mood is more laid back and humorous there.
  18. Well, considering how they were punished in the visual captions, last year, for too much drill and field usage; I wouldn't be surprised. It's all about less field usage, less movement, and more staging, now.
  19. I see La Crosse is getting a line-up similar to 2014. If it's a clear night, the fans in the stands are going to be treated to one of the most picturesque views at a drum corps show; especially as the sun is setting.
  20. So, is Colin and his crew out at Boston?