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  1. The truth is the average Chinese don't have a lot of time for drum corps and music. They are always studying for exams, working, playing video games and if they did have time for things like music, they'd prefer more mainstream things like rock bands, orchestral, guitar, drum set, piano or their traditional things. Much of the culture is locked into a certain way of doing things unlike here in America. The Chinese also don't have a lot of money and are usually lazy (this next generation of Chinese are).
  2. Some of the memorable moments I had is when we were camping on the countryside. The sight out there was awesome. And after practice around night, we'd just go running around in the forest.
  3. Yes, Mylar snare drum heads and very dark sounding bass drums.
  4. Yup, most of this would describe the time in which I marched. When I marched, it was a time in which the drum corps I was in had to work with what they had.
  5. Thank you, this is the exact information I was looking for. I'll put the word out in case there are students that want to march there this summer. I'll show a few past clips of the corps to some to try to generate interest! Sounds like a great opportunity!
  6. What are the Pioneers doing this year, how are they coming along, and did those who marched with the Glassmen take the Pioneer’s offer and decided to march with the Pioneers since the Glassmen will be inactive this year? Thank you!
  7. Here’s an analogical story that describes some of the logic and mindsets I find here in DCP with some people: Me: There’s a truck coming, watch out!!!! Response: It’s not truck it’s a Mack-Truck. Me: The truck is coming NOW!!! Get out of the way!!!! Response: It’s a Mack-Tru (before they could even finish the sentence) SMASHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Moral of the story: Truck or Mack-Truck, I was telling you that something was coming. So, you should have got out of the way!! And the question then becomes did it have to end that way? Was all of that arguing even worth it? ------ Anyway, back to the topic:
  8. I'm not a troll. Just asked an honest question. And frankly, I stopped reading and responding to those posts that don't seem like they're trying to answer my question and know what I'm talking about. It's just not worth getting bogged down with, it's a waste of time, it's kind of silly too - that's one problem with this channel. The Pioneer (or Pioneers) whichever you prefer. Obviously, there are those who know what I was referring to.
  9. That's ok. They knew who I was talking about. I don't get so bogged down with names and petty things like some people on here do. The Pioneers is actually one of my favorite corps for what they are and I was just wondering more about The Pioneers and what they're doing this year (especially since they're taking the Glassmen's membership). Did any of the ones who marched Glassmen or who were going to march with the Glassmen take Pioneer's offer? That's what I was wondering initially.
  10. I was wondering what is the Pioneers membership looking like this year? I saw their offer here for those who were going to march with the Glassmen, to go to the Pioneers. That’s one corps I would love to see go up further. I think they deserve to do well. I myself think it will be an interesting year for them and look forward to seeing what comes out from them this year.
  11. Well, I try to add diversity. I'll be the one to post from the perspective as someone who is always broke lol.
  12. It's ok. We're talking about band and music here, so it fits.