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  1. Haven't we all paid attention to the other proposals this year? Limiting decibel output is also on the table.... (!!!!)
  2. I'm not sure I can answer your questions.. buuuuuut....... Anyone ever think of this chick in the movie Signs when Forestry Service Kathy is talking?
  3. Yokohama Scouts or the White Shooting Stars. Both amazing performances. Plus, no amps (not a thing with many groups in Japan, ironically), no frills while marching and playing their butts off. DCJ and JMBA designers still have it right and haven't caved to the sponsors/corporations. One of my favorites from this past year, White Shooting Stars:
  4. 1 Ticket available, Section 105, Row 31. This is the PERFECT seat for it all!!! $55, pick up at the stadium, let me know by messaging me!!
  5. Well..... it's better than Buffalo from a few years ago.................................................
  6. Section 105, Row 31, Seats 13 and 14. Dead on the 50. $107 total for both. PM me!!! :)
  7. This is so wrong it's not funny. There were entire electronic segments GONE, as in completely missing from the show. Maybe you just haven't seen them enough to really realize it. A friend of mine who works with Bluecoats said they had an entire electronics/effects meltdown. Some select mics were functional but nothing beyond that. Didn't you see the guy running to the right of the field back to the middle trying to get everything in working order? It went on the entire show. There was so much missing from tonight it was nearly unwatchable, including the build to the end, and the final sound effect of sliding down the ramps on the last note of the show. I felt terrible for those guys, I'm just so glad they still pulled through. I felt like the brass really ramped it up in response.
  8. The 2 tickets have been found!! Thanks!! Anyone else that may have 5 available (doubtful, I know), let me know!! Thanks.
  9. Sorry for the last minute request, generally I'm covered by now. But I am in need of 2 super premium Finals tickets! I am willing to pay top dollar. I also need 5 extra (decent) if available for kids, but we may just head to the Box Office for those. Thanks to anyone for their consideration. You'll be compensated!!
  10. I have 1 great seat left for tonight. Sect 140, row 18. Can meet at 6pm. PM please!