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  1. But Madison is all about the experience- no need to be competitive.
  2. It’s a sad day In Madison when you can’t even retain board member’s son.
  3. Last time to say that. It’s time to go coed but I will miss saying “Men of Madison”.
  4. https://www.cressfuneralservice.com/obituary/322036/Jeanne-Beckman/
  5. My bad, I was getting my days mixed up. (senior moment)
  6. Thank you, I always thought it was the top 15 corps from prelims, in reverse order.
  7. The theatre times are up on the DCI web site for Thursday - I thought it was in the reverse order of prelims tomorrow. https://www.dci.org/events/2019-big-loud-live-from-lucas-oil-stadium
  8. So then the food truck is going to Indianapolis but just won’t be used?
  9. Jeanne Beckman passed away. She was a host to many out of town members over the years and had 5 sons that were marching members in the 1975 corps. She was the first woman to be on the board of directors for the Madison Scouts and she ran the souvie truck for a number of years. Also, her son Dave was drum major in then 80's too. She was a remarkable, loving soul.
  10. The crowds do love this show, I know it’s a bit outdated by today’s standards but from what I’ve seen on line, it’s been getting a few standing O’s from city to city. Also, the members look really, really young to me too.
  11. Congrats to the 2019 Troopers for besting the Scouts last night for the first time since 1973.
  12. My point exactly -see my original post.
  13. So did Elvord, his hornline won many titles in the 70’s.