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  1. Here is my email address pespanto@sbcglobal.net. For now I am interested in getting 2 Kanstul powerbore.
  2. Do you have the photos of these G Horns? Please email me your phone information and I will call you. I remember talking to you about 2 years ago.and I can't find your phone number for some reason
  3. Looking for 6 Silver plated Mellophones-Kanstul or Dynasty.
  4. Send me the pic. Thanks
  5. Send me a pic and I will get both of them. I will send email.
  6. I will buy it for $550.00 including shipping to southern California.
  7. I just sent you an email. I will buy it but I want to see the picture and tell how much is shipping?

  8. Hello Dennis.I am waiting for you to send me your payment instruction so we can close the deal. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the pic and as I said on my reply to your mail to please send me the payment information so I can send it to you on Monday.
  10. Please email me the pic. I am interested to give your Supermag4V a new home.
  11. I sent you my email this affternoon. I am very interested and please reply on my email.

  12. Hello there.... Can you give me the tracking number please. Both horns have now been sold.
  13. Waiting reply on my 2 private message I sent to you if Dynasty Eupho is still available.
  14. Hello there.... I just sent a private message and gave you email address. Please send me the pic.