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  1. I've seen both BDB and SCVC and was wondering how many Open Class Corps you all think will break the top 20...or at least the top 22? I'm guess BDB fo sho in the top 20.
  2. just wondering what the drums will look like this up coming year....and the unis. anyone got pics....or can describe?
  3. CHEERS: 1. Madison Scouts - Back to finals with a force. They did the retro thing and it really worked. 2. Bluecoats - Gave everyone a run for their money this year. JEERS: 1. SCV - A show that put me to sleep (was that show seemed to be a total 8 to 5 drill). 2. XMen - 17th.....WOW, they need to figure themselves out. Glad they broke 80....
  4. can someone please explain to me what the judges are looking for in each of these captions? thanx
  5. Sorry, I love...LOVE...Phantom, but that drumline better tighten up. They look like a HS line with their drums all in different angles...tenors in an upward tilt. ....go the extra mile and LOOK THE BLOODY PART!!!!!! Phantom Phan
  6. All the drum nutz out there wanna know the drum colors for the 2010 season...anyone got info or pics!!
  7. Cavies now have the MAC.....every drummer will be runnin there now
  8. just want to put some faces (uniforms) with the name.
  9. This topic might be somewhere else, but I was wondering what the sizes (perc, brass, and guard) were for the Open Class guys this year. Thanks
  10. Well excuse me, not current on burried open class topics.
  11. I noticed that Tom Aungst is on staff with the Spartans. Wow, this is huge for them. Will he be going on tour and teaching too, or just writing?
  12. This could be a very bad idea. Some students out there may audition for another corps and leave the Colts "late" as a back plan. I don't mean everyone, but some will do this. That means there could be a possibility that higher level talent may go else where. Also, can the Colts achieve more, with everyone's cuts? I know this may not happen, but I'm just thinking outside the box.