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  1. Can you please elaborate on what cheat codes BD probaly has?
  2. Lol luckily BD is heading East early this year so we don't gotta hear the West Coast inflation crap till mid July like past years. But i am sure some people will get their money's worth between now and the Riverside show a week from this Sunday.
  3. I thought the Scouts are doing this for the entertainment of the fans, and they don't care about scores and placements?
  4. BD's audio track for INK is now available on their website. Absolutely loving the music! Ballad is gorgeous.
  5. I could be wrong but i think BD took Guard in 2001 as well. I think that was their Awayday Blue show.
  6. Yes sir. You have a great weekend.
  7. Ok. So 2002 Cavaliers should be thanking 2002 BD and Cadets for their score. And 2005 Cadets should thank Cavies and PR.
  8. I don't feel bad for the Cadets cause i believe their hornets nest just got poked. Lets remember who the Cadets are. They are no different from BD as in when their backs are against the wall, and its that us against the world mentality you better watch out. Look at what BD has done the last three times they went home with silver. They came out the next year going undefeated and cracking the 99 barrier twice. They left no doubt who the top dog was. Cadets are no different and and they are going use what happened last night as motivation and fuel to push them this off season and heading into next season. 2015 everybody better watch out cause i have a feeling like BD, the Cadets are going to make a statement.
  9. BD was third in 06. Bluecoats was fourth and well over three points behind BD. And i could be wrong but i thought the fan favorite in 06 was PR with their show Faust. Again i could be mistaken.
  10. When we talk about scoring records, is that only scores from finals night? Cause during semis SCV finished 5th in 2009 with a score of 95.90. So since it was semis does the score not count? Not trying to being a smart***, i honestly don't know the answer.
  11. I agree 100%. I think some people believe that if there is a baby throwing/audience pleaser caption, than BD will sink to depths from which they will never recover. Sadly for those people that's not true. Cause one of the biggest complaints i hear about BD is they play to the sheets. So what do you think will happen if a baby throwing caption is added? BD's staff is going to acknowledge it, and then design a show that will max that caption out along with the rest of the captions. Not to mention your baby will end up on the 45 yard line of Lucas Oil Stadium.
  12. Wow. So you have any proof that BD paid the judges off? If so, please share with all of us.