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    Yeh yeh - I saw them in the blue stewardess uniforms. I have been reading a lot about how this year's shows are too deep, and people just want good colorguard. That's what Shenendhoah is. I like how they have those seats that move around the airport - and they look like the real 1960s or 70s -?? Is their show about Pan Am specifically? I actually thought all of IA was the best I have seen it in years. Not just Shen. After this regional, I made the decision to go to A Class finals this year which I rarely do. I also loved Scholastic Open this year - saw three of them this weekend and all were GREAT. Not sure why the scores are so low this year. Thought Mechanicsberg would be a high 80 and S Brunswick in the 90s.
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    Rude behavior at WGI

    Guys and Gals: Many years ago when I was teaching, I watched my students walk in the arena in the middle of a performace, find seats, and walk IN FRONT OF PEOPLE to get to them - in the middle of the show. When it was over, I calmly walked over to them.... verbally ripped them apaprt and then made them turn to EVERYONE is ear shot to apologize for their ignorance. They were EMBARASSED - humiliated. But they learned. Get the picture coaches????? And what I learned from that experience is that you need to TELL YOUR KIDS, on the bus, how to behave, what is expected and what the consequences will be if they miss the boat. Don't do what I did and ASSUME that kids have the knowledge. As for the rude adults..... do what I do..... publically call them out on it. It certainly worked well for me at this year's WGI finals. Once I started telling the crowd to "knock it off" "sit down" - everyone around me joined forces with me and BOY did we have one PLEASANT area! (Well, accept for the guy dropping the f-bombs - and you too know who you are). But seriously - Coaches - talk to your kids.
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    WGI 2011 Recap

    Darn looks like the page is down..... hopefully temporarily
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    WGI 2011 Recap

    The Shenendehoah tarp - can you post the pictures here? Was it hand painted?
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    Grab a bowl, It's time to dish: 2k11 Style

    Yep, I saw South Bruns last weekend too. They were the pink ones, right? I remember the beautiful uniforms more than I remember anything else from that day! I also like Shenendehoah a lot, but I actually did like the opener ofthe show. Made me feel a little dark and scary - in a good way. I think maybe I just liked that chick's voice screaming in whatever language that was. I also like Norwin in SW. I know they are not popping some huge numbers, and I sort of wondered if the scoring was a little harsh at this regional. So few popped a 70, and the consesus was that many deserved to. Ehhhh - early season I guess - judges don't know where to put anyone yet I guess. Anyway, if this regional was an indicator of what's to come for the season, bring it on.
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    Lake Mary's 2005 Music

    Was this the year that they did the chidren's story.... and the music was underlaid? If so - you can find that piece of music on the soundtrack to LOVE ACTUALLY and here is the name: Craig Armstrong - Glasgow Love Theme
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    The Dayton Drama

    Okay.... don't flame me... I'm just trying to think this one through.... It wasn't too long ago I was instructing, and always in the line of fire from parents. I have to say, there is a great deal of sensitivity around this issue and here's why..... Although what you were doing was perfectly innocent and you were intending to do a great thing for all of us spectators who can't be there, .....there ARE people out there who (let's face it)..... we don't want photographing our children. I wonder if WGI felt the need to make it a blanket rule, in an effort to keep away the "weirdos." ???? If so, I'm just sorry that it also keeps away the good work that you are doing in covering these events. If that's the case, WGI should put it in writing (if they haven't already), so that the policy is better understood and consistently upheld. What a world we live in when we have to be so vigilent. I'm sorry it hurts the review process.... :(
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    Posting prelims scores

    Ohhh yes, I arrived after Prelims while swarms of people gathered FESTERING over this issue. They were FURIOUS that their kids had to be sent to rehearsals missing staff people because they were left behind to WAIT for results until the classes after them had finished.
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    WGI Regional Reviews?

    Well I was there for Finals. I tend to reveiew more on the Scholasic programs snse that's my roots. That being said, I should mention a few in Independent that strood out to me... Blessed Sac - one of their more "deep" shows with some very intricate saber work (as usual) and some good flag moments. The show seemed to be about wanting to speak out on issues and being supressed..... or at least that was my interpretation. They had this interesting concept whereby a performer was on a small rotating platform, silent and still, and they seemed almost like a mannequin. It was a really interesting show and I look forward to how it will progress. Both Blessed Sac and St Brendans Independent A were a HOOT to watch. Neither were conceptual per say but they were outrageous perfromers with DIVA SABERS. I'd much prefer to watch a hundred of them than most of the Scholastic A Class. Speaking of which - I really enjoyed three of the SA programs.... Mineola won the class. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure they did their entire program integrated with chairs, making their show one of the more memorable ones of the day. Newtown HIgh School was chasing shooting stars. I expect them to continue to get stronger and stronger. THey have a lot of great moments in their show and it was one of the more clean, emotional programs, at least for me. I also kind of liked Bethel, who did a show about sailing. It started off with three really strong sabers. Then the rest of the guard joined in, who weren't nearly as strong in terms of talent but I couldn't help but appreciate what they were doing because those kids looked like they were 10 years old. Smooth show, cute kids... good for them. In Scholastic Open was one of my favorite guards of the day - Norwalk. Crystal clean, polished and lovely. High tosses that were flawlessly executed - it was nice to see after a day of early-season messiness. It was a well deserved win in the SO Class and I expect this group to do very well this year. THey already looked like it was the end of March! Shenendehowah was another nice group to watch. If not for the dropsey run, it would have been a more exciting show because at least it was a show with memorable moments and some complexity to it. I expect nothing less from a guard coming down from World Class. WIth some attention to detail and better hands, I expect to see this group again in Dayton. They were on one of their infamous velvet floors again, but this time with a pathway from one end to the other. I heard through the rumor mill that Jon Vanderkof designed this show so no wonder I liked the complexities of it, and no wonder this group felt "back". Bunell (Bunnell?) is a little tougher to review on because I think I may have witnessed just a very rough run. Kids had trouble executing the show which was compact with high tosses and major GE moments that couldn't complete themselves. They did the show "Ghost" which was a cool concept but nerves must have just gotten in the way. STick with it. The music was Unchained Melody of course with overlays of Ghost. In Scholastic World was my favorite of the day..... out comes Trumbull High School in their military greens and black war-time faces. One after another after another another - there had to be 30 of them. From the minute they walked out on to the floor you just knew, THIS was a different Trumbull than year's past. The show starts with two girls holding a hand stand for 20 seconds while the rest of the guard is silent and still..... chills..... as SILENT NIGHT rang out. The rest of the show does not disappoint. Look for them to be top 6 this year at Dayton. Trumbull has ARRIVED. They will be compared to the top groups this year because their show is extremely complex and the performers look like they were stolen out of Flanagan's war show of long ago (in a great way!). For me, this was the highlight of the day and the only time I stood up out of my seat and put down the popcorn. South Brunswick did a show called Reflections and it looked like they had pictures of their former shows and performers on the floor. Not a bad little show for their first year in the World Class. Some strong saber moments combined with strong performers was the difference between open and world class for this group. It was tough to have their only competition be Trumbull. I think if they stay the course and continue to build the show every week, it's going to be fun and exciting to watch. It's only February after all!
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    Cheshire Winter Guard

    I guess in addition to Shen, Chesire and W Orange, Stoneman Douglas is moving out of World into Open as well. World Class seems to spit 'em out faster than any other... too tough to maintain guards in that level unless you have full time staff, gyms and money! Jake!
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    setting new standards?

    OHHH YES.... Bravo on those editions. I especially thought those three were amongst the most memorable of guard shows I have ever seen.... and ohhhh have I seen more than my share. :)
  12. jakespin

    setting new standards?

    When I think of setting new standards, I think of that as being the responsibility of the World Class. Not too many really tried to step outside the box. Particularly in SW, I thought it was just a lot of "good colorguard." (Nothin' wrong with that!) However, like them or not, I give credit to Logan for trying. Their characterization and pageantry was over the top. I'm not looking to start a post on how many people loved them or hated them.... just answering the question "who set new standards"? No one tried harder than they did this year... just my opinion anyway!
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    WGI surprises and breakdowns

    Ohhh okay, gotcha - that sounds more like a regurgutation of the current rankings - not exactly a "surprise" if it goes down that way. Keep posting your reviews - Those of us in the mideast all like to read what's happening in the midwest. We can always count on you for the scoop. Thanks!
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    WGI surprises and breakdowns

    PrfctTimeOfDay.... elaborate please. You are talking about 2 of my favorites - Carmel and Shen. I should hope Carmel stays right at the top, as I think it's deserved. As for Shen... heard it's almost a whole new show and fab. Will be interested to see the rebirth by Dayton. Hope they are at an east coast regional soon so i can see it.
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    Ahhhh - I heard through the grapevine that half of Shen's show was going to be brand new. Glad to hear the changes were made and that they are coming back strong. Please consider writing that review for those of us not there - at least of the guards that stood out to you.
  16. I heard today through friends at the Salem Regional that the event was "bewitched". Can someone confirm? I heard attendance was way down and finding a seat in Finals was a breeze even during the World Classes. Is it me, or does anyone remember when this regional was a packed house? Back in the 80s and 90 - I know I am dating myself. I heard there was some major catastrophies too with guards. I heard King Philip Open and Shen World had catastrophic things happen to their shows when their tarps did not make it into the gym? Can someone tell me what happened? The groups must have performed because there are scores posted.... but judging by the Shen score, something bad went down. I'm looking for comments from someone who was there.... what went down in Salem this weekend? Congrats to my gals at S Bruns and Trumbull. Jake
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    Regional Predictions

  18. jakespin

    Regional Predictions

    I'm really disappointed in the posting. It has been hours since an update. If you get C-ville somehow, let us know as well as IW and SO. THANKS!!!
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    New Hartford Review

    (I have a habit of stealing clever phrases, sorry..... It's mine now too.)
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    New Hartford Review

    Where is the rest of the review? Curious minds want to the hear about the big guards in the East.... what about Gates Chili Open and Shen World? Is it true Shen has changed to a very spinny, aggressive show? "My sources" (as someone likes to say on theis newsgroup), tells me they are gunning for top 5 this year after just missing it in '08. And can someone post a more detailed review of West Orange, or, my babies (my personal favorite), Trumbull? When is Trumbull at a regional? I woud like to go see... Jake.
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    The Scoop Please :)

    My sources tell me EVERYONE is..... in the SW this year, it's step up or get out.
  22. jakespin

    2009 Shows?

    OK - I'll Bite. If they aren't going anywhere, why have they paid for registration into regionals and Worlds?
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    Good question. There must be a video because they were finalists in the A class that year but I can't rememebr if it was IA or SA - there was something weird with Shen back then and they were Independent - I think - ? What did Franklin Central do? I can't remember and don't have the SW video from back then but was in Dayton so remind me!